Best Weekender and Travel Bags for Women in 2019

best overall rating
  • Spacious and Versatile
  • Quality Materials
  • Stylish and Elegant
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  • Best Value for money
  • Available in two color options
  • Very practical
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  • Very high in quality
  • Original Louis Vuitton
  • Light in weight

A great weekender bag is considered one of the most important accessories for women, whether traveling or planning a weekend trip with friends, they are essential for the female traveler. Some offer good space, others offer great style and durability, and still, many others give you the best of both worlds. In our complete travel bag guide for the top ten canvas and leather weekender bags for women, we have listed travel fashion accessories that are best for packing all your necessities into, and getting you all set for the perfect getaway trip!

Nowadays you can get women’s travel backpacks and travel weekender bags with antitheft features to create the perfect travel pack, these are also known as antitheft bags or antitheft travel bags. If you are looking for great gifts for women click here. Whether you are a working woman, a housewife or a student, many of you are going to need a few of these items every now and then.

But the question is, which one you should go for? – Well, that certainly depends on many factors that we have covered below. But before that, we have compiled a list of all the very best travel luggage bags for female travelers available on the market in 2019. So, sit back and have a look!

Best Canvas & Leather Weekender Bags for Women in 2019

best overall rating

1. Vintage Handmade Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

Vintage Handmade Leather Canvas Messenger Bag


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Vintage Handmade Leather Canvas Messenger Bag is a product manufactured by Aaron label. You may use it to carry personal items including computer or laptop to work or school. You may even carry it on your weekend. High-quality standards are enforced throughout the manufacturing process. The bag has the following features: The Vintage Leather bag comes in a dimension of 14.5"(W) x 11"(H) x 4"(D).

It has enough compartments and zippered pockets where you can neatly organize your pens, business card, mobile phone, and laptop. In case you have any other valuable item that a woman may need to take along while traveling on the weekend, pack them in your Messenger bag. The padded laptop compartment fits 13" laptop .it has extra cushioning to ensure that your gadget is safe.

The bag has a briefcase handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. You can carry it comfortably anywhere anytime. The handcrafted product bag is made of durable canvas and superior Cowhide crazy horse leather. The sturdy metal zippers and antique brass fittings give the bag a classy finish. The buckles stay put after you have buckled them.

The bag has a briefcase handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. You can carry it comfortably to any destination. You will love the neutral color of this eye-catching bag. Whether you are carrying it to work, school or you are going out for a casual weekend; you will look stylish and fabulous.

Thanks to Aaron label for such a beautiful and affordable product which is a must buy for any classy and outgoing woman.

Why We Like It
  • Spacious and Versatile
  • Quality Materials
  • Stylish and Elegant
premium choice rating

2. Tumi Voyageur Just In Case Weekend Bag for Women

Tumi Voyageur Just In Case Travel Duffel


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Not only is this one of the best travel bags with all the style and convenience of carrying. Available in the black and khaki colors, to match your attire and style, this Tumi Voyageur is made purely from nylon material.

The bag is about 18.5” wide and offers sufficient space for you to keep your makeup kit, cell phone, wallet, and still leave space for a lot more. The carry handle makes it easy to hang it over the arm for traveling in style and without troubling the shoulder with the weight.

Very practical, light in weight and casual enough to be taken anywhere, this bag is strong and gives you the most value for its price. When not in use, just fold it up neatly and pop it into your closet. So, instead of carrying your wallet, a makeup kit, or a separate bag for your important documents or other essentials, make life easier with this travel duffel.

There’s also an add-a-bag sleeve, for better organization and more space! Take it with you whether you travel by air, or are out on the roads, the bag is suited for all types of occasions, trips, and even while you step out to explore the city or take a shopping trip.

If you want the style, space, convenience, and a quality weekend bag, and that too at a great price; then, this one is the best bet!

Why We Like It
  • Best Value for money
  • Available in two color options
  • Very practical
great value rating

3. Louis Vuitton Turenne MM M48814 Womens Weekend Handbag

Louis Vuitton Turenne MM Monogram


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For all the Louis Vuitton fans out there, here’s a perfect one for your trip. An original Louis Vuitton handbag, with the complete money-back guarantee and made from the highest ever quality say a lot about the bag.

Not only is this light in weight, but also includes a shoulder strap that can be adjusted to suit your length and make it very convenient to carry. The product is 100% original and comes with the original Louis Vuitton purchase receipt.

The top-quality beauty is sheer elegance and is also available in three sizes. So, you can select the best one to suit your needs. It also features a nice and sleek adjustable strap for the shoulder which can also be removed if not needed.

The bag has a monogram coated canvas and is also lined on the inside. The zippers and other clasps are made from the golden brass metal which makes it all the more classy and chic.

On the inside, it has a wide space, good enough for you to keep your cell phone, wallet, makeup, and other essentials organized in the smaller pockets for easy access.

An original Louis Vuitton with the most superior quality and highly chic appearance. There are three size options for you to select from. The smooth exterior and the style, make it a head turner, wherever you take it.

Just the brand Louis Vuitton speaks a lot about the quality. Try it you’ll fall in love with the style and wouldn’t want to part ever with it.

Why We Like It
  • Very high in quality
  • Original Louis Vuitton
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with a money back guarantee

4. ZipperNext Duffel Weekend Overnight Bag for Women

ZipperNext 20 inch Leather Duffel Bag Travel


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If you want a sleek, stylish, sporty bag, then the ZipperNext duffel offers about everything you need!

Handmade from the genuine leather, this one is just great whether you want to travel, or take it to the gym, or to any other sports arena. It has just the right space and allows you to carry your sports apparel and other gear inside with ease.

This leather travel bag is large sized and is about 20" in length. It also includes two separate zippered pockets for keeping your shoes, phone, gadgets, badminton racquets and other items you want easy access to. Very strong, yet portable, it is also the perfect size to be taken on board with you on your flight.

The bag is available in two color options of brown and red and has a soft, padded shoulder strap for more convenience. The shoulder strap can be removed or adjusted to suit your height and convenience as well. Or you can also carry in through the handles for a better support.

A very decent sized bag, at an amazing price, and at the best of quality. If you are a fervent sports player or gym enthusiast, you will definitely love it!

A well designed, sporty, and a roomy duffel bag. You can take it with you to the gym, for badminton, tennis, and even on board the plane. It is compact enough to be carried with ease, yet provides good space for you to keep everything.

So, for a nice weekend trip around town or for your daily sports/gym routine, this trendy bag gives you the most convenience, comfort, and class. Also, it can be carried by men and women both with the most style!

Why We Like It
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Spacious enough to accommodate all essentials

5. Iblue X-Large Leather Overnight Weekend Bag

Iblue X-Large Durable Gym Tote Genuine Leather


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Genuine leather has always been loved and most preferred due to its looks and long life. The Iblue X-Large Leather Overnight Weekend bag is one of the most appealing and attractive duffels we've seen. The dark brown color further enhances the style and gives it the most genuine look.

The overnight bag also comes with a year-long warranty, to give the maximum advantage to the user. On the inside, the bag is lined with the strong and heavy cotton material. Very appealing and classy, this one is suitable for men and women,both. It is spacious enough to incorporate about the entire weekend apparel and other necessities with ease.

More of a casual, yet classy overnight bag for women, it can be taken along on the flight, for a business trip or even for a fun getaway. The zippers and clasps are made from the high-quality steel as well to match the quality and style of the bag.

You can easily carry the bag by its steady handle or the adjustable shoulder strap, made from the strong canvas. The design also features side pockets for keeping all the necessary items within reach.

Just the right size for keeping ALL your essentials you need for a weekend. Made from pure leather it looks an all-time classy and perfect for all business meetings, casual meet-ups, and other get-togethers. The size is not too large and neither too small, making it just perfect to be carried as a handbagas well, no matter where you go.

Suited for all situations, this is the best leather travel bag for taking on all your escapades and even for carrying it on a day to day basis to the office, gym, or other avenues.

Why We Like It
  • High quality
  • Spacious interior
  • Stylish and classy

6. Po Campo Midway Weekender Travel Bag

Po Campo Midway Weekender, Sky Stripes


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Are you looking for a quality tote bag that looks elegant and is roomy enough to keep all your necessities?

If yes, no need to look anywhere else! The Po Campo Midway Weekender travel bag is the perfect all-rounder. This one can serve as a tote bag, a shoulder bag, and even the best travel bag for you, just according to the situation and need.

Made from the pure waxed cotton canvas material, it is laminated with pure polyester. The bag features a separate bottom compartment for keeping your shoes, or other essentials separate from the rest in the magenta colored pocket.

The elastic straps in the front help keep your jacket, mat or other essentials in place; particularly useful while boarding the plane. The shoulder strap can be attached or removed and can also be adjusted to the perfect length to carry it with ease.

The exterior surface is water-resistant, and in the case of stains, can be wiped with a soft, wet cloth. The bag can also be handy for the gym or other sports arenas. With a size of 16" X 13" X 7.5", it can fit your clothes, shoes and other essentials with quite ease and still have room for other items.

An all-rounder classic weekender bag, available in the ‘sky stripes’ and ‘mosaic’ design. This one, can be easily carried and also includes separate compartments for keeping all your essentials in place. Also, it is water-resistant and is large enough to accommodate all your essentials.

A great all-rounder bag, perfect for the weekend trips, and spacious interior to keep all your stuff organized and stored perfectly. Distinct compartments for better organization and the polyester lamination on the outside make it a winner in terms of style and utility.

Why We Like It
  • Chic and stylish
  • Very easy to be carried
  • Looks great everywhere
  • An all-rounder classic

7. Kattee Womens Luggage Rolling Duffel Bag

Kattee Luggage Rolling Duffel Bag Leather Trim Canvas Wheeled Carry-on


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One great option if you are looking for a duffel, is this luggage rolling duffel bag. Available in three decent and subtle colors of black, dark gray, and army green, this weekender bag is made from the high-quality canvas and pure cowhide leather material.

The top handles are made from leather as well and it also includes an adjustable shoulder strap which may be removed if not needed. The most eye-catching feature of the bag is its trolley handle, which can be retracted if not being used. This allows more convenience as you can even drag the bag if you want with ease.

The zippers and other clasps are made from the antique brass, to give them a nice, elegant look, and the main pocket has a two-way zipper, strong and lasting made from the finest quality.

You can easily put all your stuff inside the bag and in the wall pockets, for a better organization and ease of access. All in all, a nice, compact, roomy and stylish rolling duffel bag, which offers enough space to keep all your essentials.

One very convenient and decent duffel bag. Unlike most other duffel products, this one can be placed on the shoulder and conveniently be taken wherever you go. Spacious enough to keep all your shoes, clothes, and other accessories, this is just the right travel bag for women.

A tote, shoulder, and trolley bag, all in one. The size, material, and the design all make it one perfect item to be taken for all trips.

Why We Like It
  • High Quality
  • Long lasting
  • Available at a great price

8. FlyingNeedleGallery’s Burgundy Floral Medallion Carpet Bag

FlyingNeedleGallery's Burgundy Floral Medallion Carpet Bag


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This beautifully hand-woven floral bag is designed with the intricate detail. You will just love the burgundy tapestry design and would keep it with you 24/7. The best thing about the color is that it goes with ALL kinds of attire and colors.

So, no matter what you wear or get ready for, the medallion carpet bag will always enhance your look. Manufactured in the USA, the bag has leather handles, made from the soft material to make it easier for the hands.

On the inside, there are four separate pockets or compartments for keeping all your stuff organized and within reach at all times. The main pocket has a magnetic tab for closing which further enhances its appeal.

Also, for more convenience, there is a back pocket; especially useful for keeping your cell phone, plane tickets, and other essentials.

Just the best designed end of the week bag with all the space, compartments and style. The bottom of the bag has brass feet to keep the fabric from getting stains or from tearing. If taken on the plane while traveling it can easily be stowed under the seat as well.

One of the most artistic travel accessories; it is one of the most convenient and decent weekender accessories. Stylish, elegant, and classy, this one is most recommended whether you wish to take it with you during traveling, or as a daily wear bag.

A creatively designed handbag with the most detailed touch. This one has the right number of pockets, is a perfect size, and looks amazing no matter where you take it.

Why We Like It
  • Very artistically designed
  • Durable
  • Can be used as a handbag

9. Reisenthel Allrounder L Weekender Bag for Women

Reisenthel Allrounder L


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This vibrant, stylish, and colorful overnight bag is bound to add life wherever you take it.Available in six special designs and prints, the weekender bag has six pockets on the inside for giving you a better organization and storage.

You can even take the bag with you to your office, college when you go out for a shopping trip, or while traveling; it serves as a great on-the-go handbag as well! The bag is water-resistant and has a slight padding along the sides and the base to make it soft and comfortable.

There are carrying handles as well as a strap with special padding to make it more comfortable. The bag is made from the supreme quality and polyester material. The maintenance is super easy as well; just wipe with a wet cloth and you are good to go!

Spacious, high quality and lasting, this weekender bag will give you a nice, sporty, and non-serious look. No matter where you go, you'll love to take it with you.

A stylish, funky, and lively bag, to make your end of the week trip ever amazing and filled with colors. There are six different designs available for you to choose the right one for yourself. No matter where you take it you will love the convenient size, space, and the shoulder strap for carrying it with ease.

A fun and handy weekender bag made from the high-quality material. It has a good number of pockets for keeping your wallet, cell phone, keys, and other essentials just within reach whenever you need. Overall a perfect every-day-wear bag.

Why We Like It
  • Durable
  • Can be used on a daily basis
  • Vibrant and lively colors and designs
  • Six pockets for a better organization

10. Nicole Miller Sharon City Duffel Bags

Nicole Miller Sharon City


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This cream colored beauty comes with loop handles and an adjustable shoulder strap for the most ease of carrying. On the inside, it has an animal printed the main pocket.

So, if you are looking for an elegant and expensive looking duffel, there’s no better option and that too at such an affordable price.

All the zippers and clasps are colored in gold to give it a rich look and it also goes with the overall appeal of the bag. Another color option for the bag is in Navy blue. Both the shades are equally elegant and perfect for completing your sophisticated look while traveling.

The bag is just the right size and can be stowed under the seat or in the overhead compartment when traveling by air. It can also be taken with you if you plan a picnic, a road trip with the buddies, or even for keeping the basic essentials for a baby or toddler along with your own stuff.

One classy, affordable, and neat weekender bag for your trip. It is spacious enough to keep all your essentials, clothes, and other necessities with ease.


The subtle and simple design makes it a great end of the week accessory. It can also be used for keeping your daily wear accessories if you carry it around through the day or for other baby stuff if you need. Overall, a nice elegant design and at an amazingly low price!

A decent, simplistic, and subtle accessory. The price makes it very appealing to buy especially if you are a frequent traveler. It has the right size and space to keep all your stuff with ease.

Why We Like It
  • A nice, subtle, and elegant looking product
  • Very appealing in looks

11. Roxy Wake The World Shoulder Ladies Handbag

Roxy Women's Wake the World Shoulder


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One funky, casual, yet stylish as ever option for making your weekend getaway every exciting. The Roxy Wake the world shoulder weekender bag, has the unique, fun design on the exterior. So, make your weekends ever more lively and fun with this affordable and stylish weekender bag.

Made from cotton and polyester material, the bag has an external pocket with a Velcro closure. The main pocket has a zipper and a metallic plate for its logo.

The pattern on the outside is made from the strong polyurethane material, which keeps it safe and protected from getting faded or getting stains. If you wish to keep your essential documents or say your passport, ticket, and wallet handy when traveling by air, you can keep it in the front pocket. That way it will be easier to reach and in one place to take it out when needed.

A very durable yet one of the most affordable overnight companions, this has all the space, style, and convenience of keeping your essentials in place while traveling. You can also use it for your daytime affairs, such as shopping, at the office, or anywhere else.

This one has a sufficient space to keep all your essentials and gives the value for money. Can be used for all the casual trips and events and the small size makes it easier to carry without putting much stress on the shoulder or arms.

A great weekender bag if you have a limited budget and are looking for a compact, attractive, and on-the-go option. You will love the size and will easily take it with you no matter where you go.

Why We Like It
  • Very Affordable
  • Stylish and colorful
  • Compact size
  • Can be taken anywhere

Buying Guide

Weekender bags for femalesWhere ever ladies go, they go with style and suave. When you carefully select all of your belongings, from your clothes to jewelry to shoes to cosmetics, then why not the items that are going to carry all of these things in them while you travel?

Yes, that’s right, these items specifically for female travelers are a thing now and every lady needs to own her own set of travel accessories. Travel-bags are among the most practical and useful assets in your closets as they hold your precious and day to day items while keeping them safe from any kind of damage.

There used to be a time when there weren’t many options available, but now the options are more than ever before with so many different color combos and types and price range, that every woman can easily find something that fits her needs and preferences.

Once you decide to get a bag, you are going to watch a sea of various options available in the market that you might end up completely lost. To avoid getting into a situation like this, you must initially be clear on a number of things which we have mentioned in this article in complete detail for your convenience. So, read ahead and find it all out.

Basics to be Considered

First of all, before jumping on to checking out the various types of women’s messenger bags available in the market, you first need to know a few things that will help you decide better that which type is going to be perfect for you. What are those basics? – Read below.

  • The Intended Purpose

First things first, why do want to purchase a bag? Do you want it for longer traveling plans or for your day to day social meet ups, or you just want something to carry with you everywhere in which you can keep all your travel essentials?

Since these products come in a wide variety, they can be used for several purposes, depending on the type of the bag. Therefore, you need to be completely clear on your intended purpose.

  • The Required Size

The size of the bag generally depends upon the length of your stay outside. The longer your trip the bigger the bag you are going to need. Not only this but it also depends on your own personality and your inclination as some ladies like to use bigger accessories, whereas, some ladies like to move around light so they prefer smaller items.

  • Storing Options

Lastly, you need to ask yourself that when you have purchased your bag, what storing options do you have available for it? – If you have a lot of storing space available then you can go for any kind of bag. However, if you have limited storing space available and you opt of a hard-sided bag then you will have atough time finding a suitable storing space for that.

So, if that is the case, then you should consider going for a soft-sided bag, which you can easily squeeze and fit into limited space as well.

Types of Women’s Bags

Female travel luggageWith the luggage world flooding with various old and new types of traveling accessories for ladies, the one you need to buy majorly depends upon the nature of your travel and the way you use the bag.

There are specific travel bags for every occasion but a smart lady would know that she can transform any type of bag into the one she wants.

Traveling ladies know very well that there are specific requirements for you to keep your stuff organized while going to various travel destinations. In this case, your clothes, shoes, your travel essentials, your makeup and more, really should be kept safe. It’s awful when you arrive at your destination with bronzer powder dusted everywhere… Hands up if you’ve ever experienced that dreaded moment!

Before making up your mind on which bag you are going to buy, you must know about the types of women’s travel fashion accessories that you can choose from. Here we have given a list of all the types of women’s travel purses that every lady of you must know about. Read below to find out.

  • Bags for Garments

There are some specific travel fashion items for keeping your formal clothes in their neatly packed and pressed form. These types of accessories are ideal for female travelers who need to extensively travel because of work. These travel purses come in various different sizes and can be fit into your other luggage items while traveling.

  • Overnight

Overnight bags are the ideal choice for taking along with you for your overnight or one-day trips as they only have enough capacity to pack your travel essentials for just one day. These items are made from several kinds of materials that include leather, faux leather, cotton, and nylon.

An overnight bag can also be used as a gym bag or a bag for travel i.e. during a flight, or it can also be taken to the beach for a small picnic or a day out.

  • aLeather Travel

Leather travel or messenger bags come in multiple sizes according to your requirement and need. These accessories are perfect for every kind of traveling purpose. The bigger ones can carry about all of your required stuff including all of your basic things.

On the other hand, the smaller ones can be used for carrying your laptops, your cameras, your books and other important accessories. These leather travel bags not only have a very traditional and formal look but they are also pretty durable to go on for years to come. You can get faux leather alternatives, of course.

  • Tote

Tote Bags are usually small sized carry-on travel purses for women and are quite popular among the ladies who are travel buffs. Travel Tote bags, with their lateral straps and a zipper on top, display a very elegant and chic look along with providing you a very practical hands-on usage.

Tote Bags are perfect for overnight outdoor trips and are spacious enough for you to carry all your travel essentials in it. These sorts of accessories are very comfortable to carry and their wide opening makes it very easy for you to conveniently access all your stuff inside it.

They are made of various materials like leather, faux leather and tweed and can be easily squashed into a smaller space. Travel Tote bags aren’t just ideal for traveling but are equally good for carrying as an everyday bag to your workplace or anywhere else.

  • Travel Backpack Purse

A travel backpack isn’t just trendy and stylish but it also gives you the freedom of moving around with your hands completely free. Backpacks have always been in vogue and women carry them to make their own style statement.

A backpack purse comes with double straps that are worn over both shoulders with the bag hanging on your back. Backpacks are extremely comfortable to be taken everywhere.

Backpacks usually have enough capacity to carry your camera gear, laptops, and even your clothes and shoes for an overnight trip. Some of the travel backpacks even have zipped pockets as well for keeping water bottles.

  • Crossbody Bag

Every woman must own a crossbody travel bag because of its extreme level of comfort and usability. A canvas or leather crossbody travel bag lets your hands free and gives you the freedom of exploring things on your trip without having the headache of constantly carrying a piece of luggage on national and international travel.

Whether you are shopping, sipping a latte at the street or commuting on a train, you can take a leather crossbody travel bag with you everywhere. If you are one of those females who tend to forget their stuff wherever they go, a crossbody bag is going to be your best friend.

  • Weekender

A weekender bag is perfect for weekend getaways. The leather or canvas weekender bag is ca large bag that can be used for numerous purposes and you can unfold it to make it double in size. A canvas or leather weekender bag is perfect for your end of the week plans as it has enough space to easily fit your items for the trip, you can usually find them easily in canvas fabric, leather fabric and even faux leather.

A weekender bag can be described as a traveling handbag, that almost every female traveler owns because of its usability. Not only weekend trips, you can also use these products as your gym bag, baby and a carry-on wheeled luggage that you can keep under your seat during a flight.

If you are flying, be sure to check out our top 10 flight socks to prevent DVT!

ideal choice.

  • Shoulder Bag

Woman carrying yellow backpackOne of the most common types of handbags, which is prevalent among the ladies, is the evergreen shoulder bag. A shoulder bag is easy to carry with either single or double strap to be swung on your shoulder.

Shoulder accessories come in a wide variety in terms of their looks, sizes, materials and color combo’s. They are neither too big nor very small and contain enough space for carrying day to day stuff.

Shoulder bags are generally separate compartments in shoulder accessories for you to keep your things well organized.

  • Wristlet

A wristlet, as its name suggests, has a little band that is worn on your wrist and it is one of the trendiest and stylish travel purses available for women. A wristlet is pretty small in size and not bigger than an evening clutch, so it can only be used for some special occasions.

With its tiny size, all you can keep in it are your cards, cash and a couple of lipsticks. A wristlet may be small but it gives you the liberty to keep your hands free and move around easily with your bag dangled to your wrist. So, they are the ideal options if you want to go out but are not in themood of carrying your heavy shoulder bag.

  • Duffle Bag

There are several different variants of duffle-bags when it comes to their sizes and storage capacity. Duffle bags are a very popular choice for travel items among women. The best thing about a duffle bag is that it cannot only be used for traveling but can also be used for numerous other purposes along with using it as a Saturday and Sunday bag.

You can use a small duffle bag as a gym bag or as a carry-on bag while traveling in an airplane or you can use it for keeping your clothes and stuff for a short trip, or even a night out. On the other hand, a bigger duffle bag with more space would be sufficient for taking on a longer trip.

If you are looking for a larger sized duffle bag, then you must ensure that it has enough capacity and is easy to carry with wheels at the bottom and a soft but durable holding strip. And if you like to keep your hands free then go for the one with bigger straps, so that you can easily swing it over your shoulders.

  • Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are swung over the shoulders and are famous for their unique crescent-shaped design. Hobo bags are generally made of soft and stretchy materials, like leather and faux, to give them the slump look they have.

These items are quite spacious and have enough room to keep ample of your possessions and makeup stuff and they have a zipper at their top opening.

  • Sports/Athletic Bag

Sports bag, just like its name, is used for keeping your sports gear and you can also use this bag as your gym bag.An athletic/sports bag is usually large and roomy and you can either dangle it like a cross body bag over your shoulder or you can carry it like a regular handbag.

These cross body day bags contain just a big center compartment and few of them also come with some tiny side zippered pockets, and sometimes even credit card slots. You can find a lot of variety of such accessories from renowned sports brands like Nike and Adidas.

  • Muff Bag

A muff bag is made of warm material like fur and velvet and hence it is designed to be used in colder areas. This bag has the look of a purse with zippered sections along with lateral openings for you to keep your hands in them in order to keep them warm.

This bag generally has a double lining with leather on the outside and the warm fabric on the inside. A muff bag isn’t very roomy and is about the same size as a normal handbag so you cannot keep more than your basic stuff in it.

  • Saddle Bag

A saddle bag is a well-structured leather travel bag that has multiple small compartments for you to easily carry all of your required things. Saddle bags are specifically very prevalent among the youngsters and are considered highly trendy, as well as doubling-up as the ideal camera bag.

A saddle bag is an ideal companion while riding a horse or bike and can be placed in various ways, like in front or back, while you ride.

These are also known as messenger bags, and they prove to be the perfect travel day bags. They have great street style for female travelers, and you will be able to fit all your summer travel essentials in it. Although the perfect traveling handbag, messenger bags also double up as the perfect camera bag. Make sure you get a canvas messenger bag with a zippered pocket for weekend getaways or just to keep up with women’s fashion.

  • Makeup/Cosmetics Bag

Every woman owns a makeup bag in which she keeps all of her beloved cosmetics stuff which she can take with her anywhere she wants. A cosmetic bag is usually compact in size so that it can easily fit into your bigger bag which you normally carry around with you while moving around.

A makeup bag contains various small sections for you to safely store your different sized cosmetic items. The basic purpose of this bag is to prevent your makeup stuff from spilling into your traveling handbag and to avoid any harm to the other contents of your bag.

  • Barrel Bag

Barrel bags are big items with a single large compartment and they have adequate room to carry your possessions and they have a barrel like design. A barrel bag has a stretched strap and is swung over your shoulder.

A barrel bag is very stylish and complements your casual look very well.

  • Beach Bag

Weekend bags for womenBeach bags, just like beach attire, are very colorful and vibrant looking carry case and are made of very uncommon materials like jute and straw.

Beach bags go very well with your complete beach look. For easily carrying all of your beachwear, these accessories come in pretty large sizes.

Beach carry cases are not just for taking to the beach but they can also be used for a casual look or can be taken with you on a picnic. They are becoming pretty popular as fashion totes, and to be honest, we can’t be happier about this. Beach totes are super easy to carry and store items in – with no zippered pockets to worry or faff about with!

  • Daytime Clutch

A clutch is a stylish and elegant small bag for ladies that can be used on several occasions as well as in everyday routine. However, you should always keep separate clutches for daytime and evening time. A daytime clutch is a great choice for keeping your daytime accessories and stuff so that whenever you have to urgently go somewhere, you just need to grab your clutch and go out.

A daytime clutch must be spacious enough with multiple compartments so that you can store more than just a compact or a lip gloss. A perfect sized clutch is the one which has enough room to safely store all of your travel essentials.

You can even carry your clutch in your bigger handbag that you carry to your workplace. For a daytime clutch, you don’t have to go for very expensive ones. Just look for the ones that match your style and are sufficiently durable. Make sure you grab a daytime clutch purse with credit cards slots for convenience.

  • Evening Clutch

About every woman owns at least one separate bag to carry to some special occasion. Evening clutches are generally your go-to option for weddings, parties or some formal meet-ups, so they need to be trendy, classy and a bit fancy.

There are far too many varieties of stylish evening clutches that you can choose from, which range from plain satin materials to white pearls to even gold and silver sequins. Try to choose an evening clutch that can be used on several occasions and doesn’t limit you to only use it on some specific sorts of events.

One major reason for that is because an evening clutch is something that you can keep for years as they are expensive and not very frequently used. So, a design that is timeless is going to be a perfect and

Other Factors to Consider

  • Material

One of the most important factors to consider is the material of the bag that you are going to purchase. About all of these bags are available in different materials with varying quality. However, it’s only you who has the exact knowledge of how you are going to use your bag and how much weight are you going to put into it.

You are going to need something durable if your use is rugged and rough. Generally, leather and hard-sided accessories are more on the durable side.

  • Straps Quality

The second most important thing to check in the bag is the quality of its straps. Make sure that the crossbody straps are wide enough and are well sewn into the bag and are capable of carrying a good amount of weight. The straps of these are made of various different materials which also affect the level of comfort while carrying the bag.

So, make sure that the straps of the bag you have chosen are not only very sturdy and long lasting but are also very comfortable and easy to carry. For the backpacks, go for the ones which have foam lined straps, as they will give you more comfort and wouldn’t put extra strain on your shoulders. The length of the straps must also be adequate and adjustable.

  • Seller’s Reputation

Seller’s reputation is also of prime importance. There are numerous well-known brands that are popular for their luggage items specifically for ladies. So, whatever you choose, make sure that the brand is at least of some good reputation, if not highly known.

A way of figuring out seller’s reputation is through the customers’ feedback on their products. That can help you greatly in figuring out if the seller’s name is worth investing for.

  • Price

Lastly, sort the products according to their prices and then decide. If you are running low financially then you must look for multiple options and note all of them down along with their complete features. And then you should choose the one with the most renowned seller and the highest number of positive attributes.

However, if you do not have any budget constraints then you can go for the renowned brands in which you won’t have to worry about the quality.

How to Store the Bag?

Proper storing of your bag holds a great significance. Once you decide to give your bag a little break then firstly you need to take out all of your stuff from the bag. Clean the bag and make it completely dust free. You are free to turn your bag inside out if you need to, for cleaning it.

Once you are done with that, you need to stuff the bag with papers and plastic sheets or anything that won’t leave a smell inside. The reason for stuffing your bag is because your bag won’t lose its original shape that way and it won’t get any lines or wrinkles.

For preventing any sort of moisture from coming into contact with the bag, put inside some silica gel capsules. After that, cover the bag in some soft cloth bag or isf you have the bag’s original box then use that and then keep it in a dry and airy place.

How Do You Care for Leather Bags?

If you are good with your leather bag and know how to take decent care of it, then you will have it as a summer travel companion for years. Though leather is considered to be one of the most reliable and long lasting materials but you have to be very meticulous with its care.

Leather has the tendency to be easily tainted or wrinkled. So to avoid these sort of things from happening to your bag, don’t let your bag get wet and if it accidentally does get wet then immediately take all of the things out and stuff the bag with papers so that it retains its original shape. For cleaning the bag, use a mixture of water and alcohol.

While storing, make sure to store the leather bag in a dry and airy place because humidity can result in the discoloration of your precious leather bag. For making your bag look like new, you can even polish your bag, but make sure that the polish that you buy is of good quality and it doesn’t leave any color on your clothes.

How to Take Care of the Bag While Using it?

It’s always a difficult task to keep your bag clean and new while it’s in your use. However, it is not impossible if you are careful enough. So, firstly, you need to keep all the makeup related stuff in separate bags and then put those bags in your main bag.

Secondly, fill the bag up to its limit and don’t stuff it more than it can handle. This can be fatal to your bag in the long run and it can also destroy the lining of the bag. Thirdly, avoid putting your bag on the dirty and dusty floor and while walking be careful with accidentally bumping its corners into the walls.


Gone are the days when travel accessories used to be a general item and there were no specific choices for the ladies. In today’s modern age, where women have everything separately, travel-bags are no exception.

With a number of fashionable and stylish choices available in women’s fashion luggage today, there is everything for all of you now. All you have to do is know what exactly you want and look for it at the right place.

With all the information we have provided above, along with the list of the top most preferred women’s fashion products, we are sure that you can easily take your pick without having to look much further. And we hope that your next expedition gets more interesting with your new travel partner.

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