Why Should I Get a Tablet Stand?

Over the past few years, tablets have grown to become one of the most popular electronic devices around. These lightweight devices have become trusted gadgets loved by anyone looking to boost their productivity, make their life easier, or simply have some fun. They allow you to stay connected, work from anywhere, play games, tackle projects, read books, and even stream a movie or television show. But the one disadvantage of using a tablet is that constantly holding the device can be inconvenient, impractical, and uncomfortable.

That’s where tablet stands come in. Tablet stands are a welcome solution to anyone who has tried to multitask at the office, cook in the kitchen, or even lounge in bed or on the sofa while using their tablet. In the office and home, productivity drops when you are forced to keep a steady grip on your device while following a recipe, writing a report, or tackling a project.  When relaxing on the couch and reading a book or browsing the web on your tablet, it’s inconvenient to always have to latch onto your device when you’d like to eat, use the remote control, or take a sip of a beverage.

And in bed, nothing is more annoying that trying to watch a movie or read a book and feeling your neck cramp and your fingers and wrists go numb from trying to balance your tablet. But a tablet stand eliminates all of the problems that we just mentioned.  There are several styles of tablet holders available such as desktop, mountable, floor, multi-legged, and cushioned tablet stands. While each style has their own pros and cons, the one thing that they all have in common is that they eliminate the need for your to hold on to your device, transforming the use of your tablet into a hands-free experience.

This means that productivity is increased since you can tackle various things and multitask while using your device since your tablet is now resting securely in a stand.  And as important as work is, it’s great to know that your downtime will also be more enjoyable since you can now relax and browse the web, stream a video, read a book, or play a game without having to keep a firm grip on your tablet.

Relaxing in bed with your tablet will be more comfortable since your hands won’t go numb and you can feel free to move and shift on your bed or couch without shaking your device or having to put it down. Plus, your neck will no longer feel achy since you can adjust the position of your tablet to the most comfortable viewing angle.

And if you’re prone to accidentally dropping, or worse—breaking, your tablet because you fell asleep or simply lost your grip, you can rest assured that your new tablet stand will keep it safe, scratch-free, and secured. Plus, since most tablet stands are adjustable and can securely hold devices measuring from 4” to 12” in size, this means that you can use some stands with other devices such as your smartphone, eReader, Nintendo Switch, MS Surface, and even books.

Can You Get Folding Tablet Stands?

If you’re looking for a tablet stand but don’t want it to become a permanent fixture in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office, there are several great folding tablet stands on the market today. Offered in both mountable and desktop styles, these folding stands allow you to enjoy hands-free use of your tablet or other electronic device while allowing you to fold up your stand when you’re not using it.

While you might expect folding stands to be flimsy and cheap, there are tons of options out there ranging from inexpensive plastic holders to sleek and stylish aluminum stands that look stunning in any room or office. And since the holder is foldable, you can even pack it up and take it with you when commuting to work or going on an extended trip.

Are Flexible Tablet Stands Better?

Flexible tablet stands allow you to angle your device in practically any position you wish. Most flexible stands are designed with a gooseneck support arm that has a clamping base on one end and a device cradle on the other. You simply attach the base to a solid object, secure your device in the holder, and position the arm to the angle and orientation that’s perfect for you. This makes flexible tablet stands great for people who don’t want the limitations of a desktop stand and would rather have a wider angle and positioning range available.

This makes these stands perfect for mounting on your headboard, nightstand, kitchen cabinet, end table, or desk. You can tilt your tablet’s screen to the ideal angle and adjust the height of your tablet so that it’s always at eye level. This makes them one of the most versatile and popular styles of tablet holders on the market.

Can You Get Swivel Tablet Stands?

There are also several great tablet stands on the market that offer the ability to swivel. A swiveling feature is incredibly useful for adjusting the angle of your screen, switching from horizontal to vertical viewing modes, and tilting your tablet towards your work area. It’s an incredibly helpful feature that makes your hands-free use of your tablet even more comfortable and enjoyable and with many models offering 360-degree swivel action, you have quite a few options out there.

Swivel tablet stands come in a variety of styles including desktop stands that have a swivel axis located at the joint of the device cradle, floor stands which allow your tablet to hover over your lap or right in front of your face, and mountable stands that offer a fully-articulated swivel that lets you adjust your tablet to the optimum viewing position.

To decide on the type of swivel stand that is best for you, simply consider where and how you’ll be using your holder, whether you want it to be portable and compact, and if you’d rather have your tablet stand resting on a flat surface, mounted from household and office objects, or bound to a large, wheeled floor base. Once you take these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to decide on the tablet stand that is perfect for your needs.