What is Natural Breast Enhancement?


Prevention is better than cure as they say but do natural breast enhancement methods really work and can they really keep your two bosom buddies perky and firm without having to resort to surgery? There are a few ways to keep the girls in good shape and the sooner you start, the better the long term results will be. Here are five natural ways to help you keep your best breast forward!

Massage for Breast Enhancement
Performing a twenty minute breast massage every day can promote healthy blood circulation and an overall improvement in skin tone and breast size. You can do this massage in the shower before work or any other time you find yourself standing around in the buff. Cup your hands over each breast, making sure to spread your fingers so that both breasts are equally supported. Slowly but firmly begin to roll your breasts in a circular motion.

Roll your hands inwards towards each other and then out and away. Repeat this movement making sure to use slow even strokes for at least twenty minutes every day. Massage is one of the best ways to improve blood circulation and the breasts are filled with hundreds of tiny blood vessels. Nutrient and oxygen rich blood flowing through these vessels will ensure that your breasts remain perky and rejuvenated.

This one is for the all the gym bunnies out there who already know what the benefits of exercising are. (For those of you, who don’t care, resort to the first method.) Incorporating Dumbbells into your regular arm work out will help to tone the muscles underneath your breasts and give them a more firm and perky appearance. There is no muscle mass inside your breast which is why they tend to be more squishy than firm. Breasts are largely composed of fatty tissue, glands and blood vessels.

This fatty layer is what gives the breasts their rounded shape. By developing and toning the muscles, your breasts will be slightly bigger due to the muscle not being flabby and limp anymore. Imagine what cup size you could be wearing if you toned up those sneaky under arm boob areas?

Herbal Remedies for Breast Enhancement
Cleopatra probably tried and tested some of these herbal remedies herself and since she brought us the amazing milk bath, we think it might be worth looking into. India is famous for the herb called Fenugreek. This stinky plant acts exactly like the hormone oestrogen and also stimulates prolactin production which naturally encourages breast growth. The recommended dosage is 500mg of Fenugreek capsules three times a day.

Fennel seed capsules also have estrogenic properties and apart from being used to increase breast milk, it can also increase breast tissue growth. More breast tissue means more breasts. For best results, take 480mg of fennel seed capsules three times a day. This is great for when you are breast feeding, but make sure you can store your breast milk for your baby with the help of reliable and strong breast milk storage pouches.

Victoria’s Secret
If you need bigger better breasts in a hurry, then there is one secret weapon you can and must consider – Wonder bra’s new Miracle Bra. This is the fairy Godmother of all bras and a must have for any underwear drawer. Manufactured form Diaplex Memory Foam, Marshmallow Foam and a Fibre filling, this bra means business.

This bra is not in your average granny panty price range but it sure is worth it in the end. You cannot put a price on a good looking cleavage and if you look good, you feel good. While we are on the subject, make sure you purchase the correct bra size or you could end up with bulges in all the wrong places.

Lotions and Potions for Breast Enhancement
You might be wondering what breast enhancing pills and creams would be doing here on a list for natural breast enhancement? In an effort to make life so much easier, all of the herbs and other natural ingredients needed for breast enhancement have been combined into one pill. Most manufacturers recommend using a breast enhancement cream for the best results.

Not too worry though because these creams also consist of all natural ingredients. You do however need to do your research and make sure you purchase these products from a reputable manufacturer.

Is it safe to take Breast Enhancement Pills?

Breast enhancement is something that has crossed almost every woman’s mind over the course of her life. We all want a quick fix for gravity and nowadays there is nothing strange about going in for a quick boob job. You want to lift them or enlarge them but there are a few non- surgical methods to consider before going under the knife.

Do Breast Enhancement Pills Work?

In a world where there seems to be a magic pill for everything, it’s no surprise that there would be a pill available which is capable of breast enhancement. Now before you go skipping off to your nearest pharmacy you might want to take a few minutes and read the following tips on how to get the maximum results from your breast enhancement pills. Drinking these pills on their own is quite useless according to experts.

They should always be used in conjunction with a breast enhancement cream of gel. Used in conjunction these two products really do deliver results but you should avoid caffeine in any form because of the effect it has on our hormonal balance. Excess caffeine can actually render the treatment totally inefficient in the end.

Studies have shown that ladies who restrain from eating a carbohydrate rich diet are much more likely to see results when using these two breast enhancing products. Protein is the building blocks of your body so it makes sense to indulge in more protein to assist the absorption of the enhancing ingredients. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction to the letter.

Drinking more of the pills or using extra cream is not going to give you bigger boobs at a faster rate. You wouldn’t drink three sleeping pills would you? Stick to the dosages unless otherwise instructed by a professional medical practitioner. When used in the correct manner, breast enhancement pills can make a noticeable difference to your breast size.

Do Breast Enhancement Pills Affect Periods?

Hormone fluctuations trigger all kinds of changes in a woman’s breasts through her monthly cycle. Estrogen and Progesterone are mainly responsible for the heavy and achy feeling a woman has on and around her period. One of the main PMS and coincidently pregnancy symptoms is breast tenderness.

Some studies show that the hormone mimicking ingredients found in most breast enhancement pills can actually help to even out the fluctuating hormone levels and symptoms associated with PMS. These pills might help to alleviate breast tenderness but they might also have an effect on your actual menstrual cycle.

Your usually regular period might show up early and can even be late in some instances. Some woman might suffer from spotting or breakthrough bleeding during their monthly cycle. If you are already suffering from irregular periods, you should ask consult your doctor before using breast enhancement supplements.


As with any other medication, it is extremely important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines even if it is a natural remedy. People tend to think that if something is natural or herbal then it is a weaker form of medicine when really the exact opposite is true. Herbal medicines can pack quite a punch and should be taken with as much care and respect as their pharmaceutical counterparts.