What is a PopSocket?

This is a very good question and the answer is more complicated than it would seem. PopSockets are a new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Essentially the PopSocket is a way to secure your tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad and any other smart device, e-reader and even a GoPro in your hand or used as a stand for your tablet. Although its uses encompass so much more than just merely this.

A patented design that was named “coolest tech you have to see at CES 2015” by USA Today. The PopSocket also won the wired.com fuelling innovation contest and was called “pretty cool” by Steven Henn from NPR Morning Edition.

PopSockets and Grip

The PopSocket provides a grip for you to use no matter how large and cumbersome your device may be. PopSockets are about 6.3mm thick when not expanded and 38mm in diameter. They are designed to attach to the back of your phone or any smart device and allow you to secure it in your hand. This is done by placing the PopSocket in an area of the phone you usually wrap your hand around and gives you something to latch onto securely.

Are They Expandable?

The PopSockets are expandable, so they will grow in height when you “pop” them out, this means that they will cater for even the biggest of fingers. It also means that they can make perfect stands for your tablet or smart device. Just pop them out and rest your tablet on them. This allows you watch your favorite video’s hands-free. PopSockets offer a number of different types of grips such as the photo grip, video chat grip, tablet grip and of course texting grip.

It also has the media stand and cord wrap features which are designed to make your life easier. Made from Polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane. The custom PopSockets contain PBT. They are waterproof as well so can be used in your bathroom, kitchen or even attached to a GoPro and used underwater for extra grip.

How to Move a PopSocket

You can move your PopSocket from place to place on your phone depending on your needs, and the advanced adhesive used will last up to 100 moves per phone. Regenerate its sticking power by rinsing it off and letting it dry again before reattaching. You can expand and collapse the PopSocket up to 12 000 times so it is extremely durable.

PopSocket Different Designs

PopSockets come in many different designs, from the plain and simple pure black to the bright colorful and cheerful designs such as “turtle love” and “Hawaiian”, you can also get designs that show your love for a particular sport such as baseball. There is even one with a Musical.ly design the options are truly limitless when it comes to the look of your PopSocket. They can also be customized using your own chosen picture, pattern or design. So the PopSocket is not only practical, it will add a little bit of pizazz to your phone, tablet or any smart device if you let it.

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