What is a Good Gaming Desk?

A good gaming desk is one that is made from solid, water resistant material. It needs to be the correct height in order to accommodate you and your chair comfortably. It should allow you to keep your monitor at an arm’s length away from you. This is the best starting distance for your monitor and should not be closer to you than this. The purpose of a gaming desk is to safely and neatly store all of your gaming accessories so it makes sense to purchase one that has enough storage space for things like speakers, consoles and head phones.

A desk that enables you to elevate your pc box up off of the ground is ideal for keeping it clean and dust free. It allows you easy access for cleaning and dusting. Desks with a hammock or swing attachment beneath them are ideal for storing your wires and cables out of sight for a neater and safer appearance.

If you are good with your hands you could easily build your own customized gaming desk just the way you want it. Take your time and do some research when on the hunt for a gaming desk to ensure you find the perfect fit for your dream gaming station.

What is a Good Gaming Desk for 2 Towers?

A computer tower is the enclosure that contains most of the internal components of a computer. These towers, or cases are usually constructed from steel or aluminium and sometimes plastic or glass. The size and shape of a computer tower is determined by the motherboard which is usually the largest computer component inside the casing. A case designed for an ATX motherboard and power supply may take on a few forms such as a vertical tower which is designed to sit on the floor beneath your gaming desk.

Full-size tower cases are typically larger in volume than desktop cases because they have more room for drive bays and expansion slots. Tower cases are often categorized as mini, midi, mid and full size towers and are defined by the manufacturer. The size of your computer tower or casing will tell you more about the type of gaming desk you will need or vice versa.

There should be enough room for the tower underneath the desk, with room around it for easy access when dusting and cleaning. If you plan on placing your tower on top of your desk then you need to make sure your desk can handle the weight of your monitors and towers together.

Which Top Gaming Desk Can Hold a lot of Weight?

The Arozzi Arena Gaming desk is by far the best desk if you want something that can hold a lot of weight. Its 5.3 inch width easily allows for up to three full size monitors. A 2.7inch depth gives you an enormous field of play with enough space for all of your gaming accessories. The desk load capacity is a whopping 176pounds when evenly distributed making this an excellent option for heavy weight gaming.

Since the Arena is designed for easy transport, you can take it anywhere as long as you have a helping hand to carry this monster. The feet adjust easily for even more stability when fully loaded and the screws can be loosened to adjust the table height. This desk comes with 14 square feet of water resistant, machine washable mouse pad surface.

Three cut-outs in the desk and mouse pad surface allow you to hide all of the stations cables in a net hammock underneath the desk for a tidy set up. The last thing you want is for your gaming rig to come crashing down on you mid mission so invest in this heavy duty yet low maintainance monster table.

What is a DXracer Gaming Desk?

A DXracer gaming desk is a relatively new and very welcome development in the gaming industry. This desk dedicates 4 holes through which you can thread your cables for a tidy cable free look. The table surface measures 47.3” x 31.5” and can easily accommodate a single large monitor or two small sized monitor along with the usual accessories. This gaming desk slopes down at a 10 degree angle which makes everything that sits on the table more ergonomic.

It is a stable desk made from durable materials such as wood for the surface and ABS plastic for the main structure. The legs are steel rods and help add extra stability to the frame. This truly is a table that addresses all of the annoying little problems that we face as gamers. The Dxracer is a solid and ergonomical desk which looks the part of a top notch gaming desk. For an extra comfortable gaming experience, you could match your DXracer with an equally impressive DXracer gaming chair.


As the world of gaming grows, the need for proper gaming equipment and accessories does too. With so many kinds of gaming desks to choose from it’s important to know more or less what you are looking for and what benefits and features will suit your gaming set up the best.