What Are Toilet Seats Made of?

If the toilet seat in your bathroom is splintering, broken, or simply uncomfortable, than it might be time for a replacement. You may wish to choose one from our list of the top 10 toilet seats. Today, toilet seats are made from either plastic or wood and choosing the right one will ensure that your bathroom is welcoming and comfortable for years to come. To figure out which style of toilet seat is right for you, let’s take a look at the differences in these two styles of manufacturing.

Plastic Toilet Seats

Plastic toilet seats are designed for comfort and are made from molds. Due to the construction process, plastic toilet seats are also incredibly versatile and flexible, meaning that they can feature cushioning, decorative insets or coloring, and even heating elements that create a more pleasant bathroom experience. There are three main types of plastic materials used to make toilet seats: thermoset, thermoplastic, and resin. Thermoset plastic seats are made from resin powder mixed with a hardener.

This mixture is compressed in a mold. These molds are heated which causes the thermoset to get harder and more durable. Once cooled, these thermoset toilet seats are incredibly easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Thermoplastic toilet seats are made from ABS, PP, or polypropylene plastic resin that is injected in a mold. Once hardened, these seats are unbreakable but aren’t scratch-proof. Traditional resin seats are poured into a mold and are durable and clear.

Because of this transparency, toilet seats made from resin normally feature coloring, designs, or objects embedded in the seat. The benefits of plastic seats are that they’re durable, light, and can withstand years of use. Still, they’re not totally impervious to damage and can show signs of wear and tear depending on how roughly they’re handled or how it is cleaned.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Toilet seats can also be made from wooden materials. The most common wooden materials used to manufacture toilet seats are MDF, solid wood, and bamboo. Each of these materials offers their own unique benefits. A MDF, or medium density fiberboard, toilet seat is made from molded wood that is fabricated from a mixture of resin and recycled wood that is then poured into a compressing mold. These seats are the heaviest of the three wood toilet seats but are also the most affordable.

Solid wood toilet seats are built by gluing together individual wooden board pieces together. It is then shaped into the familiar circular or U shape that is common in toilet seats before being moisture-sealed. For the eco-friendly, there is also the bamboo toilet seat. Bamboo is a sustainable material that is used as a popular alternative to precious wood materials.  The toilet seats are molded from bamboo powder into the U or circular shape used for a toilet seat.

The major benefit of wooden toilet seats is that they are more stylish than shiny plastic seats. This makes them great for homeowners who are looking to achieve a certain aesthetic feel. The drawback is that these seats are heavier than plastic toilet seats, causing their slow-close feature to fail over time. Also, while sealed against moisture, these seats have a shorter lifespan since the moisture and dampness of a bathroom will cause wooden toilet seats to chip, warp, and splinter over time.

What is the Purpose of Elevated Toilet Seats?

Besides the material used to manufacture the product, there are also other options to choose from when it comes to toilet seats. One common style of seat is called the elevated toilet seat, also referred to as the raised toilet seat. Elevated toilet seats are used to increase the toilet’s height. By raising the height of the seat, you have less distance to travel when sitting down on the toilet. This means that it’s easier to sit on and get up from.

This makes them a great safety feature for people who are elderly or injured and are prone to falling when using the toilet. There are various brands offering elevated toilet seats but the main thing that separates them is how they are attached to your toilet. Cheaper models simply rest on top of your toilet seat instead of clamping on. These models are less secure since it’s easy for the elevated seat to fall off of the toilet.

Other models feature clamps which can be attached to the underside of your toilet bowl.  These are typically more expensive but offer users much more safety and security though, due to the way that they are attached, these toilet seats are a more permanent solution which might not be ideal if multiple people are using the same toilet.

What are Bidet Toilet Seats?

Another popular option is the bidet toilet seat. This modern alternative allows you to enjoy the washing ability of a conventional bidet without installing a standalone bidet in your bathroom. Bidet toilet seats replace your traditional toilet seat and offer a variety of features at the press of a button. These seats offer programmable wash settings, seat heating, and adjustable nozzles. Users enjoy the fresh feeling of washing after using the bathroom plus they’re helping the environment since using a bidet toilet seat means that you’ll be using less toilet paper.

How Do Self-Closing Toilet Seats Work?

Sick of the toilet seat slamming down onto your toilet with a bang every time you close it? Then you should look into purchasing a self-closing toilet seat. Self-closing toilet seats are made to slowly lower your seat and lid in a controlled, automatic movement. They close in seconds and will never clang down onto your toilet bowl. Self-closing toilet seats are designed with a slow-close hinge that uses either a spring or a miniature air cylinder.

This hinge allows the seat and lid to lower onto the bowl softly and without any noise. Plus, it’s a great sanitary benefit since you never have to touch the toilet seat with your bare hands, reducing your exposure to bacteria that are known to thrive on a bathroom’s toilet seat.

Between construction materials, height adjustments, bidet features, and self-closing features, there are a ton of options when it’s time to replace your toilet seat. By considering each of these options, you’ll be able to find the perfect toilet seat that meets your needs in terms of aesthetics, function, and durability.