Vibration Exercise Machine Before and After


Vibration Exercise Machine Before and After Vibration exercise has become increasing popular in both gyms and homes but you might be wondering about the before and after results of vibration exercise. Are these trendy machines really as effective as people say they are? While celebrities and even NASA have embraced vibration plate training as an effective way to improve overall health, you shouldn’t just take their word for it.

You should look into how these devices work, what they’ve done for others, and what they can do for you.The idea behind vibration exercise training is that you can tone and define muscles faster through vibration. Because of the frequency of the plate’s vibration, your muscles are effectively performing double-duty, going through the range of an exercise’s movement while also being asked to keep your body stable.

This means that not only is exercising on a vibrating platform more effective than working out on stable ground but that the duration of your workout can be reduced, freeing up time for more important things. Before we explore the what’s and how’s of vibration plate training, let’s take a look at some of the dramatic results that people have achieved through this popular method of training.

Are Vibration Machines Good for You?

Vibrating plates are an intriguing prospect for many people who are looking to get in shape. After all, they promise to deliver a leaner, more toned body in as little as 10 minutes a day. And the idea that you can literally just stand on the vibrating platform and get in shape sounds a little too good to be true. So it’s only natural that you might be wondering if vibrating plates are good for you. The good news is that the answer, for most people, is yes. How effective a whole-body vibration machine will be depends on how you use it.

If you decide to use this training method, you need to customize your workout routine based on the fitness goals you are hoping to achieve. The good part is that it’s easy to customize your workout based on your specific needs, meaning that a vibration plate is great addition to anyone’s health regimen. For instance, a person who wants to lose weight and tone their legs and core won’t achieve optimum results simply by standing on the platform.

While they’ll certainly see results, since these muscles are used by the body as it attempts to keep itself balanced, if they want to see dramatic results, it’s advised that they add some isolating movements into their routine. They’ll need to stand on the plate and perform basic strength training movements like planks, squats, and calf raises in order to directly target those muscle groups. Likewise, a person who wants to build muscle in the upper body can’t just stand on the platform waiting for these results to happen.

Instead, they’ll need to perform push-ups and can even use straps that come with many vibrating exercise plates to help them perform arm curls and shoulder raises with the added dimension of body oscillation resistance. And for people who simply can’t perform a variety of exercises but are looking to tone up and lose some weight, these machines are an invaluable tool as well.  Simply by standing on the vibrating platform, leg and core muscles are activated since the body is trying to keep itself stable, causing up to 50 contractions per second.

This means that these machines are great for people who can’t exercise but are looking for a way to work their muscles and joints. The great thing about vibration plates is that most models have large platforms that allow you to perform a variety of exercises on them. This means that they are perfect for a variety of goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, strengthen and tone muscles, or improve bone density, these devices allow you to customize your usage so that you can achieve your desired results.

Who Shouldn’t use a Vibro Plate?

As great as whole-body vibration training can be for a variety of individuals, due to the nature of the vibrating motion, certain individuals should avoid this training method. In particular, people who are pregnant, have cardiovascular disease, are prone to seizures, or have hernias, blood clots, or retinal detachment should avoid using these devices unless the use is approved by their attending physician.

What does a Vibro Plate Do for You?

Vibration plates are machines that increase the intensity of a workout by using vibrations that stimulate the body’s muscles to contract and relax. These platforms vibrate in three different planes, vertical, horizontal, and side-to-side, keeping the body unsteady and causing the muscles of the legs and core to automatically contract between 30 to 50 times per second.

This means that while performing strength training exercises on stable ground is incredibly effective, your muscle fibers will enjoy even more activation if these same movements were performed on a vibrating platform. This translates to faster results in less time. Because of this, you can get the results you’d expect from a 60 minute strength training workout performed on steady ground in less than 20 minutes on a vibrating plate.

What is the Best Vibration Exercise Machine to Buy?

One of the best vibration exercise machines on the market today is the Merax Dual Motors Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine – click here to see the full guide. This model is one of the most popular models around for a number of reasons and, priced at around $250 on Amazon, it’s an incredible bargain. Unlike some other models, this Merax vibrating platform runs on high power 2000 watt dual motors.

This means that the plate will vibrate in all three directions, vertical, horizontal, and side-to-side, improving the machine’s overall effectiveness. This vibration exercise machine also offers 4 different preset programs and the ability to easily adjust the speed range and massage vibration of the plate from its easy-to-use console.

This model also comes with tension cords that will allow you to perform upper body exercises during your vibration training so that you can enjoy a true total body workout. Designed with sturdy construction, loaded with features, and boasting one of the most impressive motors in its class, the Merax Dual Motor Crazy Fit Vibration Platform is one of the top picks today.