The Vibrating Plate Exerciser Guide


A vibrating plate is a great tool for exercising. These machines offer whole-body vibration which is a training method proven to increase bone density and build muscle strength and flexibility. The vibrating platform vibrates at predetermined frequencies and amplitudes, set by the user, that vibrate the body anywhere from 30 to 50 times per second. As you stand on the vibrating platform, your muscles will instinctively contract and relax in an effort to maintain balance.

Because of this, your body undergoes higher muscle activation than if you were simply standing on stable ground while performing your exercise routine. In this article, we’ll be covering some of the great weight loss exercises that can be performed on a whole -body vibrating machine as well as taking some time to explain exactly how these devices work.

Vibrating Plate Exercises for Weight Loss

Performing exercises while standing on a vibrating plate actually increases the intensity of the exercise. This is because the plate’s movement tricks your body into thinking that it is falling, causing your muscles to tense and relax repeatedly, boosting muscle activation. Because of this, exercises performed on vibration plates actually can be performed quicker than conventional exercises, meaning that you can cut down on your workout time while revving up the metabolism. In fact, most weight loss workouts done on a vibration platform shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes.

There are several exercises that are great for promoting weight loss and toning the body. But some of the best weight loss exercises that you should definitely add to your routine are planks, squats, calf raises, short bridges, and push-ups. Planks are a fantastic core exercise. But targeting the core muscles is difficult because they are located deep beneath the abdomen. With a vibration platform, these muscles are more engaged since they are already stabilizing your body, making the plank even more effective at toning and strengthening your core.

To do a plank on your vibrating platform, first place your forearms on the plate and put your toes on the ground. Straighten your body until it’s in a straight line while tightening your core. Try to keep your back for arching while holding the position for a minimum of 30 seconds. Then relax your body before repeating the movement another 2 or 3 times. Squats are already known as one of the best exercises out there but doing them on a vibrating plate only increases this movement’s effectiveness.

The vibrations of the platform are already causing the muscles in your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads to contract rapidly, causing increased muscle activation during the movement. To perform a squat, simply stand on the plate with your feet shoulder-width apart while tightening your core and allowing for a slight bend in your knees.  Then, as if you are sitting down on a chair, lower yourself into a squat while making sure that your knees never go in front of your toes.

Pause at the bottom of the movement before lifting yourself up with a squeeze of the leg muscles and buttocks. Calf raise performed on a vibration platform will engage the calf muscle, toning it and giving lower leg that ideal shape while tightening your core muscles as you stabilize yourself on the moving plate.  To perform this exercise, just place your feet on the platform shoulder-width apart and, while making sure that you are nice and steady, lift your heels off the plate, squeezing the calf muscle.

Hold the movement at the top for up to 30 seconds before lowering it back down. Repeat this movement for as many times as you can, gradually increasing your number of repetitions. Short bridges are great for toning the muscles of the back, buttocks, and hamstrings and, with the added benefit of a vibrating machine, will boost weight loss goals and promote improved muscle tone. To perform this movement, lay on your back on an exercise mat with feet touching the platform.

Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the vibration plate. Keeping your arms at your side, simply lift your hips until they’re off the floor and then lower yourself back down until your body is flat on the floor. Repeat this movement as many times as you can. Performing push-ups on a vibrating plate will boost the movement’s ability to define and time your arms, chest, and shoulders.

To perform this movement, place your palms flat on the plate at about shoulder-width assist and, with your toes on the ground, straighten yourself into a plank position. Then, bend at the elbows without arching your back to lower yourself until you barely touch the ground and then push yourself back up. Since this exercise can be taxing on the upper body, see how many you can perform in a given amount of time instead of worrying about completing a specific number of reps.

Do Vibrating Exercise Machines Work?

While many people might think of the old-fashioned vibrating belts that were popular decades ago, the technology and science behind whole-body vibrating machines has come a long way and is now an incredibly effective way of boosting the effectiveness of basic strength training and callisthenic workouts. The reason why these machines are so successful in helping people reach their exercise training goals is because of the physics behind the vibrating motion.

The device’s platform vibrates in three different planes, horizontal, vertical, and side-to-side. This action creates a base of instability which causes the muscles of the user to involuntarily contract and release as often as 50 times per second since the body naturally wants to keep itself steady. These contractions naturally strengthen and tone muscle, promote healthy circulation and improved flexibility in the joints, and even improve bone density.

When coupled with basic exercise movements like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and planks, the effectiveness of the machine is further enhanced. This is because the muscles are being activated in two different ways, through direct training and through the vibrations of the platform. This double activation means more muscle fibers are being activated and that targeted muscle groups are performing double duty as they go through the movement’s range of motion while also working on keeping the body stable.

This double duty means more calories are being burned and the user’s metabolism is increased. Because of this, exercises performed on a vibrating machine are more effective than those performed on stable ground meaning that workouts will have better results and can be performed in a fraction of the time.

Do Vibration Plates Work If You Just Stand on Them?

While vibration plates are incredibly effective at ramping up the results of exercise routines, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of delivering some results simply by standing on them. In fact, whole-body vibration machines are one of the most popular exercise devices for individuals who can’t perform calisthenics or strength training exercises.

This means that people who can’t exercise such as elderly individuals or people who have suffered an injury that prevents them from making a variety of demanding movements can still enjoy the benefits of strength training thanks to these devices. Just standing on a vibrating platform causes the muscles of the body to contract and release as the body instinctively tries to maintain perfect balance.

This means that even though no additional movements are being made, the muscles of the body are activating. Muscle fibers are being used which means that not only are muscles being strengthened but calories are also being burned off. This is why many experts recommend that people who can’t perform regular exercises spend around 20 minutes daily standing on a vibrating plate so that they can maintain body weight and flexibility, improve posture and core strength, and increase bone density.


Vibrating plates are one of the easiest ways to increase the effectiveness of any workout routine. This small machines are simple to operate, safe to use, and don’t take up much floor space, making them perfect for any home. And since they increase the effectiveness of any exercise that most people already perform, they are a perfect way to get a past a stubborn training plateau or add a little more resistance to any training routine.