The 10 Best Gaming Mouses To Buy in 2019

best overall rating
  • Stylish
  • Accurate in movements
  • Highly responsive
premium choice rating
  • Highly customizable
  • Comfortable to be used
  • Weights can be adjusted
great value rating
  • Very low in price
  • Gives you precise movements
  • High speed and performance

Here’s our guide to the best gaming mouse for this year in 2019. You will find the best mice within your budget, in accordance with your usage and requirements in our top eleven list. Let’s get started and have a look at these top-sellers. Do you ever feel annoyed with the uneasy scroll of the mouse? If yes, then you really need to rethink your mouse. Although it is one of the smallest hardware we buy for our gaming and computer setups, the mouse is one of the key components for making work and gaming much better.

It may seem to be a small device, but the way it works and the comfort and ease of controlling it gives to the user, it can be all worth the money. Nowadays there are many gaming mice and the number of manufacturers has significantly increased.

Selecting the right one is not just a matter of choice anymore, but also comfort, performance, and design. However, as with all other hardware, there is no perfect mouse for every gamer. Since, everyone has a different preference, comfort level, and feature requirements.

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best overall rating

1. Logitech G900 PC Gaming Mouse

Logitech G900


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A beautiful, techno gaming mouse which gives you the accurate performance. This mouse is also said to have the ‘Best Gaming Mouse sensor’ by the pro gamers all over the world.

If you need a professional mouse, then this Logitech G gaming mouse has a high speed and comes with a lag-free feature. The mouse is as good in movements as any other professional wired mice and is the best for high-speed movements and games. The battery is rechargeable and gives you over 30 hours of use on a one-time charge.
Another feature of the mouse is the RGB lighting which you can set as per your preference. The lighting can be set in about 16.8 million color options. The brightness, light patterns can also be set as you prefer by the help of the Logitech Gaming software.

Left-handed, as well as right-handed people, can comfortably use the mouse. Moreover, the ‘click' is highly precise, comfortable, as well as controllable for the user. This one is compatible with the Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and windows 10 versions.

So, while you are focused and deeply engrossed in a game, you will find the performance of this one far superior to all other kinds. The all-rounder mouse is a winner and the number 1 preference of gamers all around the world.

This mouse is a good all-rounder for all gamers, laptop/desktop users, and for the home as well as office set-up. Stylishly designed for the gamers and with the most accurate movements, this one is the best wireless gaming mouse for all users.

Why We Like It
  • Stylish
  • Accurate in movements
  • Highly responsive
  • Highly reliable with a 32-hour battery life
premium choice rating

2. Logitech G502 12,000 DPI Gaming Mouse


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One highly professional looking mouse, this one gives you the best tracking through its optical sensors. Manufactured with the highest quality and completely customizable, you can set the weights and balance for ensuring the top performance. The sensor can also be set and tuned as per the surface it would be used on, to ensure a better gaming experience.

Best for precise movements at the top-speed, there are eleven buttons for programming the mouse as well. This Logitech G502 wireless mouse is low on the price spectrum and gives you a great response on all types of surfaces.

The mouse can be completely personalized to your preferred mode to give you the most comfort even during the longer hours of play.The eleven buttons can also be customized; there is a memory control feature, which memorizes whatever function you assign to each of the buttons. So that you get the mouse to respond best just at the right time.

For most accurate movements and top-class gaming perfection, the mouse is everything you’ll ever need.

If you are looking for quality, at a low price, then this one will be just perfect to complete your gaming hardware. The mouse is very high-tech in looks as well as features and is used by various gamers all over the world.The weights work great, as do all the other buttons and features. This one is bound to become your favorite!

Why We Like It
  • Highly customizable
  • Comfortable to be used
  • Weights can be adjusted
great value rating

3. Razer DeathAdder Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chroma


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If you have a budget constraint, then here’s the cheapest mouse with all the features of a professional one. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma comes with an optical sensor which gives it a speed of 200 inches per second.

As other Razer mice, this one works the best for high-speed gaming and is designed to give you a great grip while playing. So, as you indulge in an intense gaming session, this one will give you the most comfort and controlled movement for the precise results.

You can also keep the mouse on the glass-top table or at any other surface and feel the same great movement every time. This is actually a great feature for most gamers, as when the game gets intense, every tiny movement including the lift-up is felt by the mouse and it responds accordingly.

You can customize the chroma lighting as you like too. The Razer logo and the scroll wheel both can light up in your preferred color giving it a nice, personal touch.

Built to give you the smoothest and fastest movement, this one is sturdy, well-designed, and also has textured rubber along the sides to give you a better grip, during the intense, sweaty moments during the game.

The mouse is very affordable and has a strong optical sensor, making it the very best for gaming. It has a speed of about 300 inches per second and gives you the most precise movement. All in all, cheap mouse, recognized for its high performance amongst gamers.

Why We Like It
  • Very low in price
  • Gives you precise movements
  • High speed and performance
  • Customizable light color options

4. Corsair M65 Wired Gaming Mouse

Corsair Gaming M65


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Once you bring this one home, it won’t be long before everyone starts asking where you bought the beauty from. A cool looking mouse, designed to meet the gamers’ standards in both looks as well as performance.

With a 12000 DPI sensor, the mouse is amazingly smooth and gives you the accurate tracking movement on various surfaces that other gaming mice fail to support.

Made from the top-quality aluminum material, this one is lasting, light weighted, and stylish. Available in the white and black color options, it also gives you the flexibility to set the balance and adjust the weight as required.

You can also program the buttons as per your performance and set the color and brightness level of the RGB light as desired. Overall the mouse is very smooth in movements and makes the gaming the most comfortable and least frustrating for all users.

You can also add a personal touch to the mouse by setting the RGB lighting according to your preference, configuring the double macros, etc. It includes eight buttons that can also be customized to make it all the easier for you. So, this one is one of the best gaming mice, highly reliable for the long gaming sessions.


This one has just the ‘cool’, a good gaming mouse should have and is available at such a low price. The movements are very precise and the reliability remains unaffected even by the change in the surface of the mouse. The mouse is made from the aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it really long lasting and of the top quality.

Why We Like It
  • Great for all types of surfaces
  • Amazing design
  • Durable frame
  • Can be programmed with double macros and other features

5. Logitech G602 Gamers Mouse

Logitech G602


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Another professional quality, serious looking and one of the best wireless gaming mouse. This one gives you about 250 hours of use over a single-charge. With highly precise movements, you can use this for Windows 10, 8, 7, windows Vista, as well as Mac OS X 10.6.8 above.

Bring home this beauty and no matter which game you set out on, you will definitely be a winner. The mouse also offers the most comfort and speed; so you will always get the same performance, no matter how long the gaming session is for.

The Delta Zero sensor technology makes it a great performer and keeps it ever ready for moving in accordance with the hand movements of the user.

Totally lag-free, with eleven customizable buttons, top wireless technology, this one is the need of the hour for most gamers today. The buttons can easily be configured using the Logitech software; you can assign any command or action as per the convenience to the buttons.

One of the most amazing things about this one is, that it will give you the same exact movements, no matter how intense or wild the game gets. It has been built sturdy and to handle such factors so that the efficiency remains unaffected throughout.


This wireless mouse has a long battery life, and also comes with the performance and endurance modes. You can easily switch between the two during the game to get the best performance. Also, you can set the DPIs for the best results, especially during tricky turns and drills.

Why We Like It
  • Can handle stressful/pressure moments with ease
  • Very stylish design
  • Customizable 11 buttons
  • Very durable

6. Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse

Redragon M801 Mammoth


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Another low-priced option for the gamers. This one comes with nine buttons that can be programmed as required. The mouse is highly customizable, once you explore all the features.

Best mouse for gamers, it has very high DPI sensors and works at a high speed to give you the precise movements throughout the course of the game.

You can also set the light from amongst the five color modes, for each configuration setting, to enable you to locate the setting with ease. The mouse gives a smooth movement, whereby ensuring the control always stays with the gamer. The weights can also be adjusted as preferred.

There are millions of combinations for the memory function of the mouse, and it also includes the Amazon's warranty and comes with the return policy. So, in case, it does not reach you safely or is returned unopened within 30 days, you are entitled to the money back.

Very durable and high in quality, the mouse is able to interpret the movement and signals with the most accuracy and high speed. It also includes the software driver CD and the weight tuner, as part of the package.


A wired, yet high performing and customizable mouse. This one gives you the top gaming experience through its memory functions and ease of use via the configurable buttons. Low priced and durable, it is highly recommended for the not-so-serious gamers.

Why We Like It
  • Highly customizable
  • Very fast
  • Long-lasting

7. Razer Mamba Professional Grade Wireless eSports Mouse

Razer Mamba RZ01-01360100-R3U1 Professional Grade


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This one has a very accurate sensor making it able to track and act on the slightest movements and on all surfaces. In fact, it is said to have the ‘World’s most Precise Gaming Mouse Sensor’.

It allows a better movement, flexible maneuvers, and personalized ‘click' feeling, with its Adjustable Click Force Technology.

Built to match the professional gamers’ levels and requirements, it is indeed one of the highest quality that can easily follow each action accurately and promptly. Also, for more ease, you can set the click feedback at high or low. This feature is the best suited for the level of intensity of the game.

For instance, if it is a game full of pressure moments and things could get wild, you can set it on the lower level, to make the best out of the mouse and movements. The Razer Mamba eSports mouse gives you the maximum control over the movements so that you can have the best gaming session.

There are 16.8 million options for setting the Razer chroma lighting colors for your convenience and style. So, bring home this beauty and make winning as easy as can be, with the instantaneous actions this one takes!

This is one highly responsive and precise moving mouse. It also allows customization and gives you complete control over your movements. The accurate and reliable movements, make it a winner for all professional gamers, who are looking for immediate action from this product.

Why We Like It
  • Unmatched accuracy with the most precise gaming mouse sensor.
  • Includes Adjustable Click Force Technology.
  • Gives the maximum control to the user.
  • Very reliable and fast.

8. SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 700


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vailable in nine colors, this sleek and stylish mouse gives you the best grip, no matter how big or small the hands may be.

A great feature of this one is that it gives ‘tactical’ alerts during the intense moments of the game. This takes the gaming to an entirely new level and you can get an actual feeler of the situation. Also, you can completely set up the alerts just the way you prefer!

There’s a clear OLED display on the mouse and you can place anything, from your name to an animation on it to add a personal touch to your device.

You can set the vibration alerts duration, and patterns too to get the best experience. However, rest assured, these vibration alerts will not affect the performance of the mouse in any way.

The Pixart 3360, this beauty gives you a great movement tracking and the smoothest feeling all through the game. The cable wires can be changed as per the required length for all the more convenience.

Also, this product comes under the Amazon’s return policy and can be returned for a refund if it doesn’t arrive safely or is returned before use, within a month of purchasing.

A subtle and stylish looking device, it gives you a nice and most noticeable OLED display on top. This can be personalized as desired, and also looks rather appealing. Further, the ability to give tactical alerts through the game, enhance the gaming experience like no other.

Why We Like It
  • Available in nine color options
  • Reliable and smooth tracking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a great grip

9. Mad Catz RAT6 Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz RAT6 Wired Laser USB LED


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The Mad Catz RAT6 mouse is ergonomically designed to help you perform your best in all kinds of light and intense gaming sessions. Very stylish, vibrant, and energetic in looks, the mouse is capable of staying perfectly balanced on all surfaces. It also gives a great grip, to all types of light or bulky hand types.

Built from the aluminum material is it quite light in weight and quite easy to get used to. It gives three lighting zones for RGB and lets you customize it as per your preference. You will find it to interpret and act in accordance with the movements swiftly and reliably.

You can customize the buttons as well as sensors to get the gaming experience just the way you want. There are eleven buttons that can be configured to your requirements for a higher performance as well. So, you can adjust all the major features of the mouse to suit your requirements and have the very best gaming experience every time.

Moreover, the palm rest and grip are just perfect. Just imagine, you can even adjust the length to make it fit your hand most comfortably. Very powerful and giving the most precise movements, this one is one of the most beautifully designed product.

Very stylish, efficient, and high performing, this mouse gives you a comfortable gaming experience. With the ability to adjust according to the length of each individual hand, it is most comfortable, has a great grip for support, and can be customized for easy access to various commands during the game.

Why We Like It
  • Includes three illumination zones
  • Highly precise
  • Includes 11 macro buttons to enhance the gaming experience

10. Razer Naga Hex V2 Gamers Mice

Razer Naga Hex V2


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Built for the professional gamers, this Razer Naga Hex Chroma is built to give you the most efficient performance every time. No matter how long or extreme the gaming session gets, this one will never disappoint you.

There are 7 buttons on a grid, which actually make it very easy to select the right one. Unlike the other gaming mice, where you may accidentally press the wrong button, this one is much easier to operate.

You can customize and configure each button for a specific action to make it all the more enjoyable. Also, the design ensures that it fits all types of wide or small sized hands, without causing any strain or pressure, even during the longer gaming hours.

The Chroma gives you 16.8 million color options and you can personalize it entirely as per your unique wishes. The thumb has a sweat-resistant rubber grip, and the laser sensor makes it fast and accurate in movement and the tilt click scrolling also makes it able to track each movement with precision.

Built for the MOBA gamers, this elegantly styled mouse gives the highest performance and control over all movements.


A sleek and elegantly designed gaming mouse, this one is one has been built for the MOBA gamers in particular and performs most accurately. With a great grip, the mouse gives the user a great control and enhances the gaming experience for the users.

Why We Like It
  • Buttons on the grid make access easier
  • Suitable for all hand sizes
  • Customizable features
  • Accurate tracking

11. Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament PC Controller

Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Edition


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A beautifully designed mouse, built for the professionals. Bring this beauty home and you will love the design and color, which make it really appealing and perfect to be used with allotherclassy and trendy gaming equipment.

The mouse has a great sensor to enable precise movements and also detects all types of swift movements. There are also four DPI settings that can be customized. This gaming mouse has been made light in weight, to make it easier for use and also has an adjustable height feature that makes it great for use by the smaller or wider sized hands.

There are 9 macro buttons that can be configured for commands for making the gaming better. The mouse gives you three modes for programming and gives the precise tracking for movement. Best for the most professional gamers this is a stylish and feature packed option. Also, another great feature is its ability to sense the surface it is on and make the necessary changes to give you the same best performance.

Moreover, it is also resistant against dust and lighting and the height for lift-off tracking can also be customized as you prefer.

A beautifully designed mouse, available in four color options. This one gives a great gaming experience and has a unique, vibrant design. The mouse has a great on-the-fly calibration and the user can also adjust it as preferred.

Why We Like It
  • Superb design
  • On-the-fly sensitivity that can also be adjusted
  • Precision aim mode enables the most accurate performance
  • Can configure 27 commands

Fully Buyers Guide

The hunt for best gaming mouse doesn’t necessarily end up at the same spot for everyone because it is an individual decision and varies from person to person. What you prefer to see in your gaming mouse may not essentially be your friend’s preference too.

While choosing a gaming mouse, there are a number of factors that need your attention, which include features, style, design, the performance of the mouse, and of course the level of comfort while using it. And the huge variety of gaming mice’s availability in the market also adds up to your confusion of choosing your perfect gaming mouse.

Ensure you purchase a mouse-pad to suit your new device. Find out full review of the top gaming pads.

So, the question that’s probably going on in your head right now is that which one is your ideal gaming mouse and what else you need to look for while searching for one. Well, that’s what we are here for, to get you out of your confusion, and to lead you towards the right track because everything you need to know is given right here.

Specialized or All-Purpose?

If you are a gaming buff then you’d already know that the controllers that come with proper gaming consoles are just ideal for playing all sorts of games, whereas, when you switch to PC games, the scenario is pretty much the opposite of it.

The reason is that the regular mice are not meant for gaming and so they do not give you a satisfactory performance. Even if you can get your hands on a pack-in gaming mouse, you’d still not be content with your gaming experience with it.

Even though good gaming mice are a bit on the expensive side but once you get one, it is going to prove to be a worthy investment. For selecting the perfect one for you, you need to look for the one as per your style of playing, your pocket, and your predilections.

Secondly, you might want to have a look at the specialized mice in case you use your PC for particular genera like FPS and RTS. Specialized mice work well with their own specific genre. However, there are some all-purpose mice that can also work well with some categories as compared to others.

For the gaming enthusiasts who are very conscious about every tiny detail, there are some professional quality premium mice as well that are specially optimized for them. These mice are quite expensive and can be quite useful for beginner contest players and professional gamers. But, if you are not a professional player, it wouldn’t be a wise option to go for these.

Types of Gaming Mice

The most important thing that you need to know about gaming mice is that no matter how the product is introduced, it is just a myth that certain peripherals are compatible with only a single genre. The best gaming mouse for you is the one that makes you feel at ease and that is it. Therefore, an FPS mouse can be used by MMO players and vice versa.

If you have a nice mouse, you’ll no doubt need to upgrade to a gaming keyboard.

The best way to figure out which mouse works best for you is to try playing with more than one type. Even though you would find mice that would be precisely designed as per your requirements, you should still try other types for versatility.

So, what are the different kinds of gaming mice that you can get your hands on? – Below is the list.

  • All-Purpose Mice

The most common type of gaming mice all over the market is the all-purpose gaming mice. Among that, Razer Mamba is the one which is enjoying the major share of the market. All-purpose mice come in various sizes and designs and being all-purpose, they have to be compatible with almost all of the genres available.

Also, because of being compatible with just about every genre, these mice do not share any mutual design concept. So, if you love to play more than one type of games and are looking for a mouse that is good enough to be used with them all then this is your go-to mouse.

  • MMO Mice

MMO mice are bulky in size and are loaded with buttons all over them. This abundance of buttons makes it ideal for handling the most complex firing scenarios while providing you accurate precision. Some gaming desks allow the laser to still function, click here to see which ones work. There are even more advanced forms of MMO mice that allow you to assign substitute button maps, which can be accessed in a snap of your finger.

An MMO mouse is perfect for games like Final Fantasy, Star Wars, or any other game that requires multiple players. MMO mice from Logitech are great at their job and are a worthy investment in the long run.

  • FPS Mice

FPS mice are famous for their special sniper button that is located under the thumb, which results in slowing down the DPI for lining up the challenging shots. So, if your favorite games include Battlefield Quake, CS, Call of Duty or any other game that lets you be a gunner, then you should get yourself an FPS mouse.

Although an all-purpose mouse and an FPS mouse have a lot of similarities between them, but what makes the FPS mouse different is that distinguishing sniper button that we talked about. No matter how you play your FPS games, Logitech gaming mice for this genre are sure to give you a wonderful playtime experience.

  • RTS Mice

RTS mice are used for real-time strategy games. So, if you are looking for a suitable mate for your StarCraft, then you should get an RTS mouse. However, there aren’t many RTS mice that are very impressive so you can also go for an all-purpose mouse if you fail to find one as per your likeness.

  • Customizable Mice

Customizable mice are the most premium mice in the world of gaming. They might be super expensive and gaudy but their performance makes them worth it all. If you are aprofessional level player and have also got a lot of money lying around then definitely go for some fine customizable mouse.

These mice let the gamers personalize each and every little thing about them, from the resting angle of your hand to the way their buttons feel.

Different Types of Mice Grips

Choosing the right mouse can be quite a headache because you have to look for so many aspects to fully satisfy your needs, which include the shape of the mouse, the weight, the design and the size of the mouse; all of which contribute to the grip of the mouse as a whole.

However, no matter how many gaming mice there might be, there is no single one that can be ideal for everyone because of the varying requirements by people. Every gamer has his/her own style of playing and prefers a specific grip over other types of grip.

While playing games, you have to be completely contented with your grip on your mouse or you will have a compromised performance. Comfort should be your top priority while choosing your gaming mouse, which is why; you must pick a mouse that provides you ideal grip as per your requirement.

Generally, there are three types of grip that gamers follow, which include the palm grip, claw grip and the fingertip grip.

  • Palm Grip

The most famous and common type of grip that is used by more than half of the total gamers all over the world is the palm grip and interestingly, it is not confined to just gaming.

The reason why this grip is so popular is because it lets you naturally rest your hand on the mouse with maximum support and contact area. Mice that are made according to palm grip are generally bigger and broader than the other regular mice.

These mice also have a vertical arch on their backside for providing full support to your hand. Although these mice are very comfortable and don’t let your hand get tired but they aren’t very appropriate for games that need recurring quick movements. However, they are quite fitting for the precise gliding control.

  • Claw Grip

Claw grip is not as popular as the palm grip but it has been gaining some popularity for a little while now. Claw grip is specifically getting prevalent among the gamers that prefer RTS and Action RTS types of games.

Just as its name suggests, in a claw grip, your hand is placed in form of a claw with amuch lesser contact area on the mouse. The mice that are made to fit the claw grip are usually small and shorter with a much softer back arch as compared to the mice that are made to suit palm grip.

In comparison to the palm grip, the claw grip mice are quite suitable for the games that need quicker movements because they glide pretty fast and are much more responsive. You will get a strong control feeling across the screen while using this type of mouse.

  • Fingertip Grip

Fingertip or just tip grip is the most uncommon type of all three. And it is also the most extreme one because of having very nominal contact area on the mouse’s surface. It goes without saying that its name suggests exactly what you are thinking, which is: this type of mouse only lets you use your fingertip on the mouse.

Though this type of mouse provides least contact points with no support for your hand, it still doesn’t put much strain on your hand because of its insanely quick movements. Mice that are designed to suit this grip type are generally very small and light in weight with little to no back arch at all.

Fingertip grip is all about speed, so the mice that go with this style are specifically designed to be extremely fast. Nevertheless, the lack of contact points and support in these mice make it difficult to make slow and precise gliding movements in case of need.

Other Gaming Mice Notions You Must Know About


The “DPI” (Dots per Inch) or “CPI” (Characters per Inch) number in the mouse represents the mouse’s sensitivity. Whether it says DPI or CPI, both of these terminologies are used for indicating the same thing which is: the number of sensor measurements of the mouse per inch the movement of your hand.

DPI or sensitivity of the mouse is customarily computed in stages of 100 and it can range anywhere between a couple of hundreds to a few thousand. As a general rule, if the DPI number is higher, it means that the movement of the mouse across the screen is faster, contingent upon the resolution size of the screen. Andsimilarly, the case with lower DPI is the opposite of it.

The speed of the mouse also affects the DPI and so it holds quiteasignificance. If the speed of your mouse is too slow then it would not be fast enough while moving across the screen. Different types of games require different levels of speed for swift or slow movements on screen. But, whatever the case may be, too high sensitivity can be useless and can even be damaging to some extent.

There are a number of different manufacturers now that offer high DPI settings, which they usually attain by making certain variations in the software and hardware of the mouse. This results in creating compatibility issues with certain PCs because of generating a fabricated escalation in the DPI rate.

Moreover, the performance of the mouse’s sensor can also get a detrimental influence due to high DPI settings. Therefore, sanity calls for looking for the gaming mice that have ideal DPI settings for your favorite games while avoiding the manufacturers that promote their mice based on high DPI settings. Also, you should search for the mouse that best covers all the basic settings that your games require.

In the same way, the settings of the OS along with the mouse’s own software and the adjustable DPI settings in the game; all of these collectively affect the sensitivity of the mouse. Therefore for themajority of the players, the settings within the game work best and they can easily speculate the exact movement of the mouse.


Acceleration is the speed of the mouse’s movement across the screen in relation to the speed of your hand. The measuring unit for the speed of mouse is G, which is equal to 9.8 m/s. The acceleration is barely noticeable in the players that have higher sensitivity due to the lesser motion needed for screen movement. Likewise, the acceleration is highly noticeable in the players with lower sensitivity.

The acceleration basically falls into three categories, no acceleration, positive acceleration and negative acceleration. The movement of the cursor at a given speed by a given mouse movement indicates no acceleration. A quicker movement of the cursor caused by a normal motion is positive acceleration. And a slower movement of the cursor caused by a normal hand motion indicates negative acceleration.

Since gaming mice are already designed for moving quicker on the screen as compared to the speed at which you move them, therefore, it is completely useless and somewhat unfavorable to go for a mouse with high acceleration.

It is crucial for the acceleration to be consistent as per the speed of the mouse. If acceleration is too high in a mouse, the precision that is needed for competitive gaming can get adversely affected.


Just like every gadget is getting smart these days, gaming mice have to follow their footsteps too for fulfilling all the requirements of their users. Prediction, also known as angle snapping, is software which comes built-in in many of the recent gaming mice, which helps to avoid erratic hand motions.

Although prediction plays a positive role in most of the cases but it isn’t always very helpful for your gaming because it can greatly reduce the precision during your playtime.

Polling Rate

The polling rate of the mouse refers to the rate of data transfer and response between the mouse and the PC. The measuring unit for polling rate is hertz. Being peripheral, the data sent to the computer by a gaming mouse initially gets processed before any action plan is determined for it.

The polling rate is directly proportional to the responsiveness of the mouse, so, the higher it is the more responsive the mouse. Polling rates generally range between 250 to 1000Hz.


Gaming mice use two types of sensors, optical and laser and there has always been a never-ending debate on which one of them is better, but it’s quite difficult to tell which one is because both of them have their own perks.

The optical LED in the optical sensors doesn’t scatter through the edges, which is why optical sensors are well suited for the most uneven and rough surfaces. On the other hand, laser sensors provide a better performance on smooth and reflective surfaces. Also, due to faster response time, the laser sensor also delivers exceptional natural DPI.

Programmable Buttons and Profiles

A major difference between a normal mouse and a gaming mouse is the presence of programmable buttons on the gaming mouse that makes them both visually different and easily identifiable. You will find a lot of buttons on all the best gaming mice. These buttons speed up your gaming actions if you program them into hotkeys.

Every game calls for a dissimilar number of hotkeys and every gaming mouse is built differently while keeping varying purposes in mind. Some mice offer many programmable buttons for some particular purposes, whereas, some mice offer various layouts to those programmable buttons for enhancing the compatibility of the mouse with several other gaming categories.

Along with the programmable buttons, the majority of the mice also offer profile setting options. With this option, you can change the characters in any game along with specifying separate actions for the buttons. You can even move across different games and genres with the same mouse quite smoothly.


Weight plays an important role in the precision while competitive gaming. For many mice, you can’t do anything about their weight as they don’t offer you any other option, so, you just have to adjust with what you have got.

On the other hand, some mice come with adjustable weights like the G502 Logitech gaming mouse. Through adjustable and removable weights, you have the liberty of fine-tuning the mouse that helps you in achieving the comfort level while playing and it also helps you in making anticipated mouse motions.

Lift-Off Distance

The lift-off distance is the maximum height at which the mouse can go before the sensor’s capability of tracking the mouse movement starts to diminish. Quicker lift-off and landing of the mouse is usually involved in competitive gaming.

It is preferable to have lower lift-off distances because theyput a stop on the mouse tracking and hence put astop to the cursor movement during that lift-off period. On the other hand, high lift-off distances in mice result in continued mouse tracking which eventually results in unnecessary movement of the cursor.

The software and sensor quality of the mouse are usually responsible for determining the lift-off distance. If you want the best gaming mouse then it is preferable that you go for the one that offers you adjustable lift-off distance.

A good lift-off distance is widely considered to be less than 2 mm, whereas, an average lift-off distance is considered to be between 2-2.5mm. And anything that goes beyond 2.5mm is considered to be high and may end up affecting your gaming in a negative way, especially if you have the habit of frequently lifting the mouse.


Should I Choose a Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Both wireless and wired gaming mice have their own pros and cons, which you must keep in mind before making any decision. Which one of the two is best has always been a debate that’s been going for years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the near future.

Let’s start with the wired mouse. The first and foremost benefit of getting a wired mouse is that it is relatively cheaper as compared to the wireless one. Though the difference is slight, but it’s still there. Secondly, you do not need to worry about the battery life of your gaming mouse when it is powered directly by the PC. This also makes wired mouse even more pocket-friendly as you do not have to change batteries over and over again.

Another noteworthy thing about wired mouse is that it provides you increased sensitivity. Although, the difference isn’t as striking as it used to be some years ago, but there is still a little bit difference of DPI in some wireless mice as they experience lag issues in comparison to wired mice. And lastly, wired mouse provides you a one piece solution. Just plug it in and you are good to go.

Coming towards wireless mice, the biggest advantage they have over wired ones is the level of comfort they provide you. You can take them anywhere and you don’t have to worry about their wire getting all tangled. They are very handy and can easily be fit into your handbag while traveling.

Secondly, wireless mice let you enjoy your game from a good amount of distance, unlike the wired gaming mice in which you have to stay within a foot of your computer. Though a few companies have tried to compensate this feature by providing longer cords with their mice, but that still can’t beat the real deal and not to forget, too much cord is too much of a hassle.

In the end, you can see that the dissimilarities are there but they don’t make much of a difference. So, it’s solely upon your own preference to select either the wired mouse or the wireless mouse. However, we’d suggest you go for a wireless mouse if you like to keep moving around.


What are the Benefits of a Weight Adjustable Gaming Mouse?

Many gamers do not realize this but the weight makes a lot of difference in your game play. It is responsible for the level of feel and controls you get during the game play. Adjustable weights are a recent new trend that can help you modify the weight as per your requirement.

A weight adjustable mouse provides you better precision through fine-tuning. So, it is always a wise option to pick one of these.


Should I Choose a Gaming Mouse with Programmable Buttons?

Programmable buttons can make your gaming experience more thrilling because they can also be turned into hotkeys for quick implementation of in-game actions. And likewise, you can do a lot of things with these programmable buttons, which we discussed above in detail.

But whether you should choose a mouse with programmable buttons or not, it solely depends upon the types of games you play and the types of mice needed for your game requirements. And ultimately, it all depends on your own preference. But, if you like to see more features, then go for it.


Alright, we have come a long way to reach all the way to the bottom and what we have learned through all that sea of information is that there isn’t any single mouse that can be termed as the best gaming mouse because what you consider best for you might be the worst one for someone else.

Although there are lots and lots of options to pick from, once you have set your priorities straight, you would have only a few options left to select from. So, think and choose wisely. For any other information regarding gaming mice, you can simply go to this forum.