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1. White Floating Secretary Desk with Storage


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On the top of our list of the best secretary desks, we have this wonderful space-saving White Floating Desk With Storage. It comes packaged with a Prepac metal hanging rail system that you can put at any level that suits your house (or the person using the desk). There is leeway for a laptop, stacking space for books or a printer perhaps, and various little compartments for your miscellaneous items like phone chargers, stationery and more. The cable and wire management system that the desk works with is in place to help you to keep your surface clean.

Because this is a floating desk it can be mounted at waist height to use with a chair, or if you want to make it a rather different arrangement you could even mount it at chest height to work at it standing up (it sounds strange, but if you don’t need to work for long periods of time it could save you a ton of floor space!)

There are two specific side compartments which have removable shelves which would be great wonderfully for a 2.1 speaker system to play music, and you could always use them for extra filing area if you don’t use speakers. This product is proudly manufactured in North America, so if you live in the U.S. you will be supporting the local industry as a bonus.

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This floating desk can be mounted at any height; this is a unique feature that none of the others have, and it certainly appeals to those of us who like to fill our home with different interesting pieces. This is a great area saver and can add an exclusive touch to any room in your house.

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2. Monarch Traditional Secretary Desk


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he next desk is a Traditional Secretary Desk by Monarch, and it is a quaint four-legged table-trend secretary desk. The construction of this desk is solid, and the overall appearance of the model would easily fit with most modern décor. It has some good space on the tabletop for a laptop computer or set of files, and there are three moving drawers that you can stow your valuables in. There is one large drawer underneath the desk that can hold your laptop or some accessories, and two smaller single-handle drawers on either side of the desk that you may also want to fill up with useful goodies.

Four smaller dividing spaces allow you to stack mail, magazines or paper; this is really helpful if you want to organize your home finances and put the bills in one and the personal mail in another – but that’s up to you! On the right-hand side of these dividers is a slightly larger space that you can utilize for folders and larger books. This unit is made entirely from wood and painted with a matte white finish, so it should last a lifetime if you take care of it by avoiding spills and collisions with other furniture (or pets!).

We can imagine this table being a family centerpiece after a few generations because it just has that classic timeless appearance. You will need to assemble some of the parts, but instructions are included and are straight-forward to follow.

The traditional classic appearance of this secretary desk has a real staying power in our imagination, it’s got a sleek design and a good amount of space to stow away all of your important papers or documents. It is also made 100% from wood, which we absolutely adore.

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3. Monarch Ladder Style Office Computer Desk


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This Ladder Style Secretary Computer Desk by Monarch is another simple but great looking secretary that will fit in well with just about any existing décor. The shelves are in a “ladder style” because they extend further at the bottom and slowly get smaller toward the top – quite simple really, but it creates a dynamic effect on the furniture that really brings it to life. There is a closed storage door that could hold a selection of books, your laptop when you aren’t using it, or any other knick-knacks you want to keep safe.

This door folds down to become a writing or working surface that you can prop your laptop up on. The bottom shelf is very roomy and has a small backing to prevent your items from rolling off the back and seem messy. The top shelves have less surface space, but they also have a backing to keep your things safe, for example, glass bottles or candle holders which might crack or smash if they fell behind the desk.

This is convenient for small spaces as it stacks upwards, and you can fit it in a corner or a hallway without making the rest of your space seem cluttered. The materials that this piece is made from include particle board, melamine and MDF – if kept indoors and treated well this could be a long-lasting piece, but in time it may warp slightly from moisture and age because it is not solid wood.

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This product is simple for a secretary but shows off many ingenuities, such as saving space by building upwards and using the storage door as an optional desktop. We like that the materials are affordable and that they will fit in with most pre-existing furniture suites.

4. Monarch Specialties High Ladder Bookcase with a Drop-Down Desk


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Another good looking ladder design office secretary desk by Monarch is the Specialties High Ladder Bookcase with a Drop-Down Desk. This one is similar to the last in most respects from a construction perspective. It is made from particleboard, melamine, and MDF, and it features two small half-backed top shelves and one larger half-backed bottom shelf. The hutch or storage door works in the same way, but folding downwards when needed as a workspace, but it otherwise can stay closed and hide away your secret treasures.

This model is slightly different because it is painted with a white finish, and this would be better to include in a room that has a brighter natural atmosphere – with color or light tones on the walls, bright bedspreads, etc. One problem with the white paint on this laddered design is that it does – at least in our eyes – limit the places that would be suitable for it to live. If you’re working with darker hues like grey or burgundy, putting a bright white secretary desk in would probably throw off the composition of the room.

Regardless of this potential speed bump, we still give the high ladder bookcase two thumbs up for design and space-saving. This would fit in a corner or hallway very well, and we think it would be fantastic in a kitchen with a lighter design. Assembly is required for this item so be sure to read the instructions carefully in order to put everything together in the right place.

Like the previous Monarch ladder design, this is a fantastic space saver and a fresh modern looking piece to add to your house. The hutch is very useful and makes the desk functional when you need it, and keeps it looking neat and tidy when you don’t need it.

5. Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire, Antiqued Paint


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ou may be looking for something a little larger and more impressive, and if so you would be well served by buying this Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire, constructed with an antique appearance and painted with a quality finish. This cabinet design secretary desk can hold more than a typical single desktop as you can imagine, with two doors worth of. You can use the lower drawers to store office supplies if you keep your desk in the study, or clothes and toiletries if you keep it in the bedchamber, but no matter which way you use it you will find that you are saving so much space.

There is a slide-out surface, a keyboard shelf as well as a printer shelf – everything you need to house your desktop PC safe and sound. There are two adjustable shelves that go along with this unit that you can add or remove depending on your needs, and this customizability is nice to have because not everyone has the same needs.

These large cabinet fashion units are perfect for replacing an old desk and other inefficient furniture, and they seem impressive at the same time. If you like the old-school or antique fashion this will fit in well with your decorating scheme. They might cost a little more than smaller ones, but they will last for generations because they are hardy.

The concealed computer desk is a nice way to hide your valuables and cover up an unsightly workspace that you might keep in your lounge. The customizable shelves also allow for the personal touch, which the standard ones do not.

6. Bonvivo Designer Writing Desk


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Next up we have a rather different product from Bonvivo, called the Massimo Modern Secretary desk. This sleek design is perfect for modern workspaces, with a clean glass working surface and a deep storage tray to hold all of your supplies or paperwork. This would fit wonderfully in a modern home or office setting, and the overall minimalist appearance of the unit has a wide appeal. The tabletop of this modern secretary desk is made from shatter-resistant tempered glass, and the tray underneath is made from lacquered MDF.

The entire table doesn’t weigh too much, however, because the legs are made from genuine tough bamboo. We can imagine this working as a proper secretary desk at small home business or private salon that has a need to limit space usage and still have a reception area. Likewise, it could look great as a home office item for a bachelor flat, which always has limited available floor space.

This item qualifies for free shipping to avoid those annoying hidden costs, so what you see is what you pay for! If you need to return the desk for any reason the shipping back is free for the first 14 days after the purchase, but you can return the item at any point within 30 days of your purchase date. You’re going to have to get the tools out and assemble this one yourself, but it is not too complicated to put together.

It has a modern appearance, and a clever construction from glass, MDF, and bamboo which makes it very strong and hardy. This desk will suit anyplace from a bachelor flat to business and comes with a good warranty as well as free delivery.

7. Coaster Home Furnishings Secretary Writing Desk


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This writing desk by Coaster Home Furnishings is a truly beautiful piece of furniture, in dark walnut and black metal construction. This secretary desk is comfortable and casual, but at the same time, it has an air of class and sophistication about it that would improve any room or hallway with ease. The top is made entirely of wood, while the bottom is made from strong black metal to provide the proper support.

There are two smaller storage areas underneath the raised top of the desk, which are no doubt best put to use for stacking paperwork and documents, and then there is also a large open space in the middle of these two which could be used to stack books. The storage on top of the raised back of the desk is rather limited, but there is room for some decoration or stationery if you need it. For the placement of this secretary desk, we would suggest a homestead style environment, inviting and warm, perhaps in a hallway or bedchamber.

It would be the perfect place to sit down and do some typing on a laptop, use your sewing machine, and the surface looks rather roomy to fit a desk light and perhaps even some speakers. Unfortunately, this secretary desk does not ship to international countries, but you’ll find that any national shipping within the U.S. will be fast and easy!

This secretary desk has a wide surface for working on, and it has such an inviting gaze to it. It certainly looks very pricey even though it really isn’t that expensive to buy, so it will impress guests every time they come over to visit. The metal legs and solid wooden top are a good indicator of quality too and would be perfect for any office location.

8. OneSpace 50-JN1301 Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk


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A different option for a frosted glass-topped desk would be the OneSpace 50-JN1301 Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk with Drawers. The plus side of this product compared to the previous one is that although it is glass-topped, the drawers are hidden from sight when you are on the other side of the table. That way any belongings you stow in the drawers are hidden and safe. The table itself is ergonomic for all users, particularly offering good legroom for taller individuals, and a comfortable fit with tempered glass side panels too.

The modern feel to this product makes it ideal for a young adult’s room, a small business or other contemporary interiors. If your children are looking for a new desk that makes them feel like an adult, but you don’t want their room to end up looking like they’re sitting in the oval office, one of these ultramodern computer workspaces would be a great fit.

The bare top surface does take us slightly further afield from traditional secretary workspace, but that means that it doesn’t appear to be dated or antique if you are looking for something more modern. It also means that you can arrange and stack anything you like on the top without being confined to small storage pockets or dividers which you may not need.

With concealed storage your items are kept safe from prying eyes, and the modern aesthetic of this desk means that it can fit in with most contemporary décor schemes. The glass is also very strong and appears appealing because it has been tempered and frosted.

9. Winsome Wood Office Writing Desk


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This is a cute and classic honey-coloured wooden writing desk from Winsome. You can’t beat the simplicity and clean lines on the honey stained beech wood build here, because it doesn’t quite scream vintage but it also isn’t a product right out of the information age. Having a total wooden construction gives us faith that this is a lasting bit of furniture that you won't need to replace any time soon. This secretary desk would suit simple everyday houses as a side-table to a bed, a small phone table for the kitchen or even an entrance hall piece to stow your keys and mail safely.

The storage options with this desk are drawers and a single cubbyhole, but you can also order an optional computer desk, corner table, printer stand, filing cabinet or bookcase if you want to expand your range with the same expression. It is a smaller desk than others on this list, but this is also a plus because you might be very short on space and need to fit it into a tight spot. Assembly for this unit is required, but as you can see it is very little you’ll have to do before you’ll be able to prop it up in your preferred area.


The overall feel of this product is great – simple but functional, and made from 100% solid wood. It will last a long time, and we also enjoy the fact that you can add to your selection of Winsome products with a bookcase or computer desk if you want something larger as a companion piece.

10. Sauder Computer Armoire


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This secretary desk is more of a cabinet as the name suggests, but the Sauder Computer Armoire with Cinnamon Cherry Finish is a really stunning bit of art. We say art because it doesn’t just seem good, it appears authentically crafted for quality. When the doors are closed you wouldn’t guess what was inside, and it wouldn’t matter – it looks great either way. This stately piece of furniture would fit in with opulent décor schemes, rooms that really exude a type of high living attitude.

The space-saving that this armoire offers you is a no-brainer because you’ll be able to fit your desktop computer, a scanner, printer, and a whole range of books and accessories on the storage shelves. Speaking of which, there are three adjustable shelves that you can play with to find the perfect spacing for your things, and there is a slide-out shelf for your keyboard that glides smoothly on metal runners.

With all this convenience, you will be surprised to hear that this purchase even qualifies for replacement parts, which is a big bonus if you’re used to dealing with in-store shopping. The Sauder armoire would seem lovely in an office or lounge, and would certainly give any room that you put it in a feeling of splendor. If you pair this item up with a comfortable office chair and you will have a convenient and relaxed place to work from home, and nobody need even guess it when the armoire doors are closed.

This item is huge, at 31 inches wide and 60 inches tall and it will replace all the old side-tables you’ve been juggling to keep your computer equipment on. The closing doors on the armoire are a nice security and design feature that hides away your electronics, so that all people see is a wardrobe.

11. Dar Living Genius Desk


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The most practical and work-oriented item on our list has just got to be the Dar Living Genius Desk with Hutch. This secretary desk is multifunctional: it can be used at home for an office desk or it could be taken straight to the office to manage that desk clutter. A magnetic metal post board is included on the backing so that you can pin up notes and reminders that you can keep an eye on as you work.

The filing trays are made from hard steel so that they won’t strain under pressure – and let’s face it, most of us have so much paperwork to do that these trays had better be able to take quite a bit of weight! There is more than enough space on the table top to place a laptop and mouse, and there is even a hutch that you can use for safe storage of small items. Cleaning this unit up is also easy because it is made from synthetic materials and metal, so all you need to do is grab a cloth with a bit of water or surface cleaning spray and have at it.

We think that placing this in typical office space would be the best use of it, but it works rather well in home environments too if you find that it fits in with your décor. In rooms that have clean white walls and wooden floors, this would look great. You will need to assemble this desk, but as with all the other items, there really isn’t too much to put together.

This is a solid working secretary desk, and it has all the features that a working person needs. The attention to convenience with the hutch and magnetic board are also additions that make life just that little bit easier when you've got a lot on your mind. The construction is solid, being made mostly from metal it sure won’t let you down.

Guide to Buying a Secretary Desk

There may be things that you haven’t considered – such as where you can actually put it, whether you need an armoire or a floating desk, and what a hutch is. It is good to know what you’re in for when shopping for furniture, especially where size and pricing come in, so do be sure to take a read through our guide and let us know which style of secretary desk you think is the greatest. We’re here to give you some interesting information and help you to make the right choice, because after all, these are designed to make your life easier and your house prettier!

What is a Secretary Desk?

They used to be found in homes across the world, and they would hold all the stationery such as ink and paper that people would need to write up their letters and accounts. They got the name “secretary desk” because they have an optional working space, and storage spaces either below or above, or both. They are not just a plain surface desk to write on, they have little compartments and often can be closed or locked up to protect the contents inside.

The most common type in the past were the armoire style, otherwise called the ‘secretary and bookcase’ or ‘bureau and bookcase’ as in European countries. These are much larger than the image you see on the left, because they are used to store much more than just writing utensils and paper. You could find an entire selection of classical works in one of the older armoire office design of secretary workspaces, because they really were that large!

The materials that these workspaces are often made out of include:

Wood – ranging from particle board, laminated wood and solid mahogany, you will find different grades of quality in the woods used. If it is a more traditional looking piece it is likely that a hard wood like teak or oak would be used, and for a more modern look you can expect a particle board which is made from compressed wood chippings. This would make the modern style easier on transport and construction, as they are lighter.

Metal – several worktops will have metal fixtures on them, particularly those in the modern style. These fixtures are strong and easily replaceable, and that gives them a good advantage over solid wood constructions. It is much easier to machine a new metal leg than to carve out an intricate antique style wooden leg. Cleaning metal surfaces is easy too, because they don’t need to be treated with any special oils like wood might. On the down side, they do look a bit industrial, and so would most likely suit contemporary decor, not traditional or conservative styles.

Glass – two of the items on our list have glass tops, tempered glass to be exact. These are strong and visually appealing, but also lean quite heavily toward the modern aesthetic. They are bright and sometimes see through, and most of them offer some type of shatter resistant or shatter-proofing within them to provide that extra peace of mind. Glass is very easy to clean as well, but it does pose a significantly higher risk of breakage if sharp or heavy objects are dropped on it.
They’re are helpful because they are designed to give you a place to work and a place to keep your most needed items – pens, pencils, electronics etc. They can be a quaint addition to your entrance hall or the most striking piece of furniture of your lounge. Guest houses and hotels could also benefit from placing a secretary desk in the hotel room or reception area to have pamphlets about the area, a guest book to sign in to, or simply to hold some tea and coffee.

For writers and home office designers, the secretary desk might not only be a space saver: homes which have a dedicated work desk that takes all the heavy lifting may also have a secretary desk as a luxury item. They seem stylish, and can really bring an area to life if placed in an eye-catching area. Who cares if you already have a desk in your room? The secretary desk is inherently personal, it allows you to show off your eye for design, and the fact that you actually know a bit about the desk too. Because these are not as widely used anymore they are also rather rare items, and you will find that people will soon be interested in being just like you, and buying their very own secretary!

Where is the Best Place to put a Secretary Desk?

They are great put into small spaces between other furniture, corners or hallways, because they are compact and save on space. Let’s glance at where you should be thinking about situating your desk by the design we have on our list:

Plain standing – these can fit just about anywhere in the house, and because they are the smallest type of secretary desk that we find. Entrance halls, guest areas and living rooms would be ideal for these because they don’t usually need to hold more than a few convenience items and provide a nice flat workspace for you or your guests. As you can pick them up and move them around they are the most versatile, and we recommend that you try having them in different spots around the house until you really find the ideal place for them.

Ladder – the ladder secretary desks are not as versatile as the floating type, but they can still fit in a variety of locations. Some nice ideas are in the kitchen for magazines or cookbooks, in the bathroom for toiletries, in the hallway for décor and storage, or in a guest room as a budget desk. We would even say that the darker ladder style can be used in a garage, to hold tools and woodworking books, but it is mainly meant for household use.

Floating – we suggest that a floating secretary desk is ideally mounted in an area that isn’t too cluttered, such as a bedroom or study, as they do tend to take up more permanent wall space than other workspaces. Because they must be mounted on a bracket they cannot be moved without a lot of extra effort, so using them as a permanent fixture in the corner of your guest room or underneath your study window would be a great way to give them a suitable position.

You could also mount the bracket above a low dresser so that it can be used while standing, which can save even more room. If you hang a mirror against the back of the floating desk you could also use this as a make-up station in your bedroom or bathroom – the choice is yours!

Armoire or “bookcase” – these could fit well in bedrooms, studies and living rooms. In a hallway the armoire would be overbearing and take up a lot of space, where in a bedroom it can be used to store clothes, books, a desktop computer and a whole range of other things. In the study they can replace an unwieldy flat top desk that doesn’t have any room to stack books, so they can end up saving some floor space while looking great at the same time. In your living space might also seem pretty great, because some armoires are fully covered by doors and simply look like a wardrobe or T.V. cabinet. These can add a nice centre piece to the living area that has a vintage style – and black dark woods are in!

The last thing to say on this topic is that placement suggestions are not the only way to decide where to show off these secretary workspaces, you can try your hand at Feng Shui and put it in an unlikely place to liven up an area. The choice is yours, and you should have fun with finding your new desk a proper corner, bedroom, hallway or whichever type of floor space you choose.

What is a Floating Desk?

A floating desk is mounted to the wall and does not touch the floor at all. It is “floating” because there are no anchor points that reach the ground. These are usually found in bedrooms or studies because they stay put, and offer quite a bit more shelf space than the smaller standing units do – apart from the armoire designs which are the largest.
The floating desk gives you a good amount of leg room, and tall people absolutely love these, because they don’t have pesky cross-bars that get in the way of their legs when they try to stretch underneath the table. This means that there is also place to put other things underneath a floating desk if you don’t need the extra leg room, like a stack of books or a computer tower.

They work well to replace a flat top table in children’s spaces, and they can function as an all in one station for their school books, computer and electronics. School time can be a breeze if your child has a floating desk to work on, and there should be more than enough space for their books in the many compartments on the sides and top that they can use. Even when it’s holiday time, your kids will need somewhere to watch series on their laptop, and you really don’t want them to be sitting in the lounge with their speakers blaring endless re-runs of Glee.

You could even use a floating desk as a make-up station (similar to a vanity mirror) if you wanted to, and place a mirror in the cubby hole space in the middle. The cubby hole is simply the space between the left and right storage areas, where you would usually put your computer or books. The different compartments would be ideal to house your cosmetics, curling or flattening irons, towels, and various toiletries. No longer would you have to look around in the bathroom for where you left that tiny eye pencil that’s been evading you for days. Organising is easy and looks great with a floating desk.

They arrive disassembled in the box, so you will have to put them together by yourself. Installing a floating desk is a big task because not only do you need to put together the actual desk design, but you also have put in the mounting brackets and make sure the desk rests comfortably and safely against the wall. When you begin the process you must lay out the components on the floor and check that you have everything you need to start assembling it. That includes the metal mounting brackets, screws, wooden boards, and any other fittings that go along with it. If you miss out a screw in a vital load-bearing area you can say “goodbye” to your floating desk. The last thing you want is to mount it on the wall, call over your family to have a glance, and force them to watch your hard work fall apart in front of you. Take your time, and follow the instructions. If you’re unsure about something, always ask for a second opinion from a friend – or call dad!

If you’re the adventurous type, you may even want to try and make your own floating desk. This will cost you a lot more time and money in terms of labour and tools – designing, drawing, a saw, drill, sandpaper, glue, paint, steel and screws. If you don’t want to go down this time consuming route you should really purchase a pre-designed floating secretary desk that you just need to assemble and put on to the wall. If you do insist on building your own, this video below shows off a project undertaken by How-To, taking the floating secretary desk design from scratch to finish!

As you can see it’s probably more effort than it is worth for a regular customer, but it does add a personalised story to the desk which a store bought piece of furniture just won’t have. It’s not impossible to make your own floating desk, but it does take a special kind of person to take on a project that big when we’ve got some top quality products just waiting for you to put into your shopping basket.

What is a Desk with a Hutch?

A desk with a hutch can be closed up by a hinged or tracked wooden door, so that you can store items inside. A hinged door like the one on the ladder style desk the hutch or storage cabinet will fold down to become a flat writing surface, which can then be used to hold a laptop, papers, and more. The convenience of having an optional workspace that you pull out when you need it is great. You can have it open when you need to, and closed when you do not. For example, if you don’t have enough space to buy a proper flat top desk to operate at, you could purchase a hutch desk instead so that you get the benefit of having a workspace as well as a bookcase, and your guests wouldn’t even know it.

Ladder style shelves with books and foot lockerSome hutched desks even have a lock built in to them so that you can hold some rare special items inside – think 30-year-old whiskey or your new electronics. It is nice to be able to lock things away in an unassuming place, and because doesn’t look like it isn’t a safe or a lock-box, people probably won’t think to try and break in to it. We wouldn’t recommend placing priceless items like family heirlooms or expensive diamonds in these, however, because they can still be broken into if someone is determined enough. Save your most important items for a nice solid safe.

Besides security there is just the convenience of having a clean house. The hutch is a saviour for people who need to stow away their messy work station for later without actually cleaning it up. We won’t judge you! If working in your own environment is what gets you to be productive then all the more power to you. You might want to cover up when guests arrive, though, so a hutched desk would be great to allow you the freedom to work in a mess and still look like a class act when friends or family arrive for dinner.

These can be a perfect addition to your entrance hall if you want a place to keep your car keys near the door without leaving them in plain sight on a hook or a bowl. They sit great in hallways and barely take up any space, so you can definitely be assured that the hutch desk will suit your needs.

Where to buy Secretary Desk?

Well that’s easy – right here! We have done the browsing for you so that you don’t have to go to several shops and measure everything one by one. Amazon is a convenient place to shop from for that reason, because all of the product dimensions are right here at your fingertips. You can look through and make a decision in just minutes compared to walking around antique shops and being disappointed by high prices and varying quality. With our selection you know that you are getting the very finest quality products and delivery services, because we search through brand after brand so that you don’t have to waste your time or gas driving around.


When you shop for a secretary desk from other vendors you might have to pay much, much extra for shipping, but Amazon has some great deals on shipping because they deliver internationally. If you purchase items over a certain amount of money or have a premium account, you might also qualify for free shipping!

Be aware that some items do not ship internationally, so you will need to check that the item you want it available if you live outside of the U.S. Supporting local industry is a good idea if you are a U.S. citizen, though, so don’t be afraid to use ‘local shipping only’ as a chance to give something back to your country while you pick up a brand new secretary desk.

Once you have your delivery there might be some assembly required, so the first thing you should do is to check your packages for all the screws and pins you might need to work with. Once you’ve arranged those together you should take a peek at the instruction manuals, to see which pieces go where, and what the first step in construction should be. If you need help, you can always treat it as a family event and get your kids involved in holding legs in place while you line them up.