irobot roomba 690 with remote phone

Roomba 675 Review & Buyers Guide

Who has the time to clean their home these days, we’re always on the go, or working, or taking the kids to school and to their hobbies? Even if we have free time, we’d rather spend it in a better way than tackling our household chores. Fortunately, for the modern busy person, Roomba vacuums are an absolute lifesaver! Roomba vacuums are small little robot vacuums that vacuum for you! Using smart navigation, dirt detecting technology, and intelligent sensors the Roomba 675 can easily negotiate around your households surfaces and furniture to leave you with a sparkling floor and none of the hassle!

The Roomba 675 has all the essentials of any great vacuum including WI-FI connectivity, an edge sweeping brush, and an auto-adjust cleaning head which makes it great for using on multi surfaces. You’ll find this Roomba 675 has loads of great features, but we thought we’d just give you a quick overview of all its essentials. Overall the Roomba 675 just has everything you need.

You’ll find this robot vacuum cleans carpets, hard surfaces and also cleans tiles perfectly. This is undoubtedly thanks to its auto-adjusting cleaning head which adapts the height of its bristles to suit whichever floor it encounters.


Dual Multi-Surface and 3 Stage Cleaning system: This enables the vacuum to pick up both large and small particles of debris whatever the size.

Direct Detectors: We know we already mentioned this one but this feature it just so good we had to mention it twice! The Roomba 675 will use its sensors to find where the most dirt is in your home and use its power to tackle this area.

App Power: With this Roomba’s Wifi connectivity you’ll be able to download the iRobot Home app on any device, laptop or phone and it’s even compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This means you’ll be able to schedule and customize your vacuum’s cleaning and view cleaning map reports from wherever you are.

Dual Mode Wall Barrier Control: The Roomba 675 can tell where objects and walls are using its sensors meaning it won’t waste any battery time trying to negotiate your home’s space.


May Damage Some Hardwood Floors: We noticed on some hardwood flooring the Roomba occasionally left a little mark where it had tried cleaning dirtier surfaces. To avoid this, we’d recommend making sure there’s no dried on dirt on these floors as it can confuse your Roomba.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Roomba 675 is really suitable for everyone but works particularly well for those with a busy life schedule. If you’re on the go 5-6 or even 7 days a week, you clearly have very little time to clean up your house. But thanks to the wifi connectivity and intelligent power of the Roomba you can schedule some vacuuming time from wherever you are. All you need to do is grab your phone and open up the app, and the Roomba 675 will do the rest.

Why We Like It

We loved this vacuum model as we thought it was great if you own pets. No matter what mess your pet creates, whether it’s from their dirty paws or their fur balls the Roomba will be able to pick to it up. The suction power of this vacuum combined with its modern design makes it perfect for sucking up even the most stubborn of pet furs.