DIY Popcorn Machine Recipes


Popcorn, one of the most popular snacks around. It is simple to make and thanks to the popcorn popper you can now make it easily and without any mess. Popcorn can be made with oil or air and even butter to get that lovely theater type popcorn everybody loves to pop into their mouths.

How to make Movie Theater Popcorn with Popcorn Machine?

How to Make Movie Theater Popcorn with Popcorn MachineSo you have the DVD, your friends are there and all you need is your popcorn. You want the theater style popcorn with that distinctive taste to make movie night at home a hit. Everybody has their own recipe for their theater style popcorn, however, the only thing that really changes is the seasoning you want to use, and the quantities of ingredients you use, depending on the size of your popcorn popper. So what do you need to get that perfect theater style popcorn?

  • You will need a popcorn popper or a kettle style popping machine.
  • You need some great popcorn kernels. There are many brands out there so pick your favorite.
  • You will need coconut popcorn popping oil. Most of your movie theaters use popcorn popped using coconut oil, it is one of the things that give it that great taste and smell when popping. A note here is that coconut oil is similar to lard in that it can be in a semi-solid state. This is actually great as it makes it easier to measure out when adding it to your popper. Again there are many different brands, so pick your favorite and have it ready.
  • (optional). Take some butter and put it at the top of your machine in the slot for butter to allow it to melt into your popping corn giving it that lovely buttery flavor.

Finally, you need your flavoring. Flavacol is the salt of choice to get that theater taste from your popcorn. The amount you put in will vary depending on taste.

Now for how to go about making the popcorn. Take half a cup of kernels, This is if you are using your 4-ounce popper, if you have a larger popper you can add more kernels, just remember to leave enough room in your kettle for the kernels to pop properly so don’t overfill your machine. You will need about two tablespoons of coconut oil, you don’t want to put too much in as then it will just be very oily. Finally and most importantly, you will need about a half teaspoon of Flavacol.

This will depend on your own taste, of course, you can put more or less in depending on you like your popcorn flavored. Heat your teapot up first, this is an important step to get the taste you are looking for. Once the machine is heated, turn it off. Once you have turned it off you can add your coconut oil first, followed by your kernels and finally your Flavacol.

Once all the ingredients are in the still hot kettle, turn it back on. Let the smell of that perfect theater style popcorn permeate through your house and make your guests mouths water. Finally, sit down and enjoy your movie night with theater-style popcorn to snack on.

How to make Buttered Popcorn in a Popcorn Machine?

How to make Buttered Popcorn in a Popcorn MachineSome of the best popcorn machines will offer a slot at the top in order for you to add butter to your popcorn as it pops, ensuring that buttery taste we all love. As the butter melts, it will drip through the slot giving your popcorn good even coating. It is best to not add a huge blob of butter in this slot, but to add a few thin slices, this will aid the butter to melt quickly and permeate through your popping popcorn.

You can also try to soften your butter in a microwave before you add it to your machine, this will ensure that the butter melts completely as it seeps through to your popcorn. If however you popcorn popper does not offer the slot for butter then you can always add the butter after you have finished popping your popcorn.

Often, however, this may lead to soggy popcorn, there is an easy way to get buttery popcorn without the sogginess though. That is the bag shake technique. First, melt the amount of butter you want to use. Then take your popped popcorn out of your popcorn popper and put it in a paper bag, only fill the bag about halfway.

Drizzle your butter along the sides of the bag letting it line the bag nicely. Close the bag up and shake vigorously. All that is left is to pour your popcorn into a bag, season to taste and start snacking.

Popcorn Machine Recipe Coconut Oil

Ever wondered what gives that theater style popcorn its unique flavor, besides the Flavacol spices they use? Well, the secret is out, coconut oil. Not only is coconut oil great for the taste of your popcorn but it is a very healthy alternative to the other oils on the market. Making your popcorn with coconut oil is as simple as making it with normal oil.

You can use coconut oil when using a popcorn popper or on the stove top depending on what you like to use. First, take about 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Coconut oil comes in a solid state as it is very much like lard in texture and consistency. Then take about a half cup of popcorn kernels and add it to the coconut oil, you can add more depending on the size of your pot or your popcorn popper, this is just a guide if you are using a 4oz popper.

Then let the heat of your popper or stove top pot do the rest. Be sure to stir or shake your popper or pot while the corn is popping. Add melted butter if you want to once your popcorn is popped for extra flavor and of course salt.


There are so many recipes out there for making popcorn. Essentially if you have a popcorn popper, some form of oil, butter which is always optional, and flavoring of your choice, you can make one of the most popular snacks around and the best one to have while enjoying a movie.