NATURELO Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Adults Review


Rarely do you find daily multivitamins that have zero artificial ingredients? You should be cautious when buying supplements considering the rising trend of diseases caused by harmful chemicals. Unlike drugs, dietary supplements are not regulated by the government regulatory authorities unless the product is proved unsafe for human consumption. Therefore, it is much easier to find yourself caught up between supplementing your diet and causing detrimental effects to your health and personal care. However, some trusted brands like NATURELO put your interests first before profit maximization.


This is a private company that has been in existence for more than five years to offer you products made from natural ingredients. Their belief that nature provides a more feasible solution to your health, personal car and dietary concerns than lab chemicals gives them a name that competitors only dream of.

NATURELO utilize Mother Nature’s gift of fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs in manufacturing products that will help to improve your health and personal care. Unlike the norm set by most companies in the industry, NATURELO has never compromised standards for profit maximization.

The company makes vitamin and mineral supplements with antioxidant additives. The combinations guarantee you a positive outcome. They also offer you a 30-days warranty period if you are not pleased with a product or its results. One of their primary products is Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Adults which we will look at.

Vitamin Gummies

This NATURELO Whole food multivitamin (berry flavor) is an all-natural product that has 29 natural ingredients in a single package. NATURELO understands the adverse impact of artificial additives and sweeteners. According to an article published in NCBI, the artificial ingredients found in most supplements are known predisposing factors to a brain tumor, bladder cancer, and weight gain to mention a few.

The NATURELO Whole Food multivitamin for women and men is intended to protect you from the inconsiderate manufacturers. The organic multivitamin retains the natural taste of raspberries. The multivitamin will deliver results above your expectation. Something worth noting is that this can be considered a prenatal vitamin if you’re running a little low!


Boost your immunity

naturelo-image-4According to Harvard Medical School, natural vitamins A, B6, C and E boost your body immunity. The Whole Food Daily MultiVitamins have all these ingredients derived from natural products like broccoli and acerola cherries. There is no single ingredient in the natural vitamins supplement that is prepared synthetically.

Vitamin A is an essential element in the prevention of reproduction infections and reduces the effects of heavy menstruation. The vitamin reduces the effects of common diseases on your body. The nutrient also prevents you from contracting skin and eye disorders like cataracts, glaucoma, psoriasis, and eczema to improve your general eye health.

The vitamin is found in the natural vitamins supplement as natural beta-carotene. According to U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), vitamin B6 is essential in the manufacture of antibodies in the body. The antibodies are used to fight several diseases. They act as standby soldiers against attacks. NATURELO have enhanced the Vitamin Gummies with pyridoxal-5-phosphate which is a natural compound that contains the element.

According to NLM, vitamin C is used to prevent some diseases like cancer and arthritis. The nutrient is also essential in hastening wound healing, thus preventing anemia. Organic acerola cherries supply the supplement with this vital vitamin. Vitamin E in the product is a crucial nutrient in the prevention of heart conditions, brain disorders, and pregnancy-related problems.

Organic rice bran is one of the richest sources of the vitamin. NATURELO have included the element in the product to boost your resistance against these conditions. There are also minerals like selenium, zinc, and copper which will enhance your body health. They are vital for your brain development too. Zinc is an essential element in the prevention of diarrhea and stunted growth.

WebMD claims that zinc is also crucial for boosting your immunity against common cold and stubborn ear infections. You should note that zinc is needed in small quantities in the diet. The one daily MutiVitamin gummies contain the amounts recommended because each serving has 3mg only. Copper is found in the supplement as natural amino acid called chelate. The mineral is essential for prevention of brittle bones and hastening of wound healing.

The mineral is also vital in the prevention of your body against its deficiency and probable anemia if not enough in the body. Selenium enhances blood sugar levels and flow in the body preventing infection of heart diseases. It is also known to reduce the symptoms of asthma and relieve stress.

Increases your Body Energy and Heart Health

Are you feeling degenerated and unmotivated for any activity? Then maybe you need an energy booster, and Food Vitamin Gummies for Adults will sort you. The natural supplement contains magnesium which is used to break down glucose into energy. That means if you have a shortage of the mineral your glucose intake could be limited.

The supplement supplies your body with magnesium from natural citrate and algae to boost your energy and heart health. People with low magnesium in the body will experience fatigue due to low glucose increasing the heart rate.

Weight control

Most food supplements will cause you to gain excessive weight through exaggerated appetite or boosting intake of proteins. However, the chewable gummy multivitamins from NATURELO are meant to regulate your body weight. The organic multivitamin has organic sweeteners from stevia leaves which do not put you at risk of adding weight like synthetic sucrose. Most dietary supplements sacrifice the health of their customers and use artificial ingredients for profit maximization.

The supplement is enhanced with calorie-free fruit and vegetable extracts. Therefore, the product puts you away from the risk of contracting weight-related conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Stress Relief

If you want to relieve stress or reduce fatigue, then antioxidants are essential compounds for you. The NAUTRELO Organic Multivitamin chewable gummies contain lycopene which is extracted from tomatoes to rejuvenate your mind. The effects may be felt several days after supplementation, but they are significant after a month according to Science Daily.

Each serve of the supplement contains 240mcg of lycopene derived from real tomatoes. It is essential to note that the element is critical for your eyes, brain, and heart. It enhances your vision and reduces the probability of contracting heart disease.

Body Growth

The vitamin elements contain vital elements that help in the development of muscles and bone health. The nutrients include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and boron. These minerals are found in their natural form without any artificial contaminants. The supplement contains 133mg of calcium per serving which is essential for maintenance of bone health and teeth health.

The same role is played by phosphorus which is found in the product as natural d-glucarate. Boron is a crucial element in facilitating uptake of minerals which are used for development of bones and general bone health.

Potassium which is found in the Vitamin Gummies as a natural chloride is essential for muscle contraction.

Ingredients used

All the 29 ingredients in this product are obtained from natural elements which make the supplement stand out. You will not compromise your health with artificial sweeteners, colorings or nutrients. The manufacturing process is keenly monitored to ensure that the companies keep its promise of 100% pure products. Here is a list of the ingredients in the Vitamin Gummies and their sources.

• Vitamin A from natural beta-carotene.
• Vitamin C from organic Acerola cherries.
• Vitamin D3 from a lichen element called cholecalciferol.
• Vitamin E from organic rice bran which is also a good fiber.
• Thiamin from natural benfotiamine.
• Natural riboflavin.
• Niacin extracted from natural niacinamide.
• Vitamin B6 from natural pyridoxal-5-phosphate.
• Folate extracted from broccoli juice.
• Vitamin B12 derived from natural methylcobalamin.
• Natural biotin, choline, and pantothenic acid.
• Natural calcium which is found as d-glucarate.
• Natural phosphorus and boron.
• Iodine extracted from natural kelp.
• Magnesium from algae and natural citrate.
• Zinc and copper obtained from chelate which is a natural amino acid.
• Selenium and molybdenum from natural Krebs complex.
• Manganese from natural sulfate.
• Chromium from natural action.
• Potassium from natural chloride.
• Lutein and zeaxanthin extracted from marigold flowers.
• Lycopene derived from tomatoes.
• Astaxanthin from algae.
• Stevia leaves which are used as sweeteners.
• Black carrot and grape juices which are used as the supplement colorings.
• Organic sunflower oil.
• Organic blend fruit juices berries, pomegranates, and citrus fruits.
• Purified water and other organic elements which are organically prepared.

From the ingredients listed, the product is purely organic. You are guaranteed positive results if you use the supplements as recommended by the manufacturer. The prescribed intake is four pills in a day for optimum results. However, some customers prefer taking few pills in a day. There are no side effects for not taking the recommended dosage. Check out some reviews of others who have started taking this healthy life chewable gummy multivitamin.


NATURELO have proved their ability to deliver quality supplements at an affordable price. They have not diluted their services to keep up with competitors who offer sub-standard supplements. The size of the Vitamin Gummies is small which makes them easy to swallow. The natural taste of raspberries will keep your taste glands yearning for more. A non-partisan third party has also tested the product and given a thumb up for the product.

Make sure that you chew the gummies thoroughly before swallowing for optimum nutritional value. If you want to boost your immunity, relieve stress, maintain your weight or increase your energy, then Vitamin Gummies should be your companion.