How to make Popcorn in a Popcorn Machine?


There are a number of different popcorn machines on the market, they make your life easier when looking to make this wonderful snack that is perfect when watching movies. There are two types, those you use with oil or butter and then you get the air popcorn popper. Whichever one you choose, life is always better with popcorn.

How to use a hot air Popcorn Popper?

This is one of the most simple and straightforward ways of making your popcorn. It also has the added benefit of not having any oil or butter added, nor does it have any salt or spices. You might think that this is not the yummiest, however, it gives you the option of adding these in afterward, and is great when making for a whole lot of diverse people. Your family will love it because they can individually season to taste and not have to go with what others like.

The Cuisinart CPM-100 is highly recommended.

It is also great for those that are looking for a diet snack that is light, fluffy and not at all oily, and a wonderful snack to send to school with your kids. So how do you work these air popcorn popper machines to get that airy lovely popcorn? It is easy if you follow these four simple steps.

  • Get all of your equipment and ingredients together. You will need a bowl for the popcorn to fall into once popped, as well as your kernels, butter, if you are going to add that afterward, and seasoning salts. And of course your air popcorn popper.
  • Once you have all your equipment and ingredients you can start making your popcorn. Most of these machines come with a measuring cup to determine how many kernels you will put into your machine at one time. If not then, dependent on the size of your machine, about one-half cup or a three-quarter cup of kernels should do the trick. Some of the best air popcorn poppers allow you to add butter as the popcorn pops if you want to. If yours does then measure out the amount of butter you want to use, this is usually around two or four teaspoons. You will place this in the measuring cup that you placed back on top of the machine ready to melt onto the popcorn as it pops.
  • Turn your air popcorn popper on. Make sure you do not remove the cover from your machine while your popcorn is popping and never touch the inside of the machine, it is very hot and you will burn yourself. Now all you have to do is wait for the popcorn to pop. It will flow out of the machine and into the bowl you placed below its nozzle. Once your popcorn has stopped popping, you can tilt the popcorn popper over to let the last of the popcorn fall into your bowl. Then turn the machine off.
  • This is the best step, season to taste, add melted butter if your machine does not do that for you during the popping process, and enjoy your hot, fluffy and wonderful snack on your sofa with a great DVD playing.

How to Operate a Popcorn Machine?

Home-based popcorn poppers are simple and easy to use with no fuss and no mess. There are a few steps to follow to ensure you get the best use out of your popcorn popper and get the perfect snack every time. First, attach the lid of the popcorn popper. You popcorn popper will usually have a ceramic or metal base and a large plastic lid that will also double as a serving bowl for when you popcorn has finished popping.

You will have to secure your lid on your popper by either screwing it in or using locking clips depending on your own machine. Next, you will add your kernels and oil. Most of your home based poppers will have a section in the center of your domed lid that can be removed for you to be able to add your ingredients into the machine.

Do not use margarine, butter or an oil that has a low smoke point as these will burn and your popcorn will be ruined. If your machine allows for it, add the butter to the slot at the top of your machine so that it can melt onto your popcorn as it pops. Now it is time to cook your popcorn. Turn your machine on and let it get to work.  You will see your turning arms begin to turn and your popcorn should start popping soon after. Watch and listen as your popcorn pops.

From when you turn your machine on, until the first pop should only be a few minutes, when you only hear a pop every few seconds you know that your popcorn is done. Switch the machine off. Finally carefully turn your machine over so that the popcorn falls into the lid, which also doubles as your serving bowl. Season to taste and enjoy.

How to use a Popcorn Machine how much Oil?

The amount of oil you will use with your popcorn machine will vary depending on its size. Below are some guidelines for you to follow. If your machine is a 4-ounce machine, which is your typical home-based machine, use about a quarter or a half cup of oil with about a half a cup of kernels, it is about the same for a 6oz machine.

If you use one of the larger types such as a 16oz machine then two to three cups of oil and two cups of kernels. These are just guidelines and you should follow the instructions of your popcorn machines manufacturers to get the best results.


Gone are the days with trying to make popcorn in a pot on the stove. It was messy and often you burnt your popcorn. Now it is simple. Use your popcorn machine, either an oil based one or an air popper, drop your ingredients in and let the machine do the work. Season to taste and enjoy.