Improve Your Mowing Productivity with a Zero Turn Mower

Buying a zero-turn lawn mower is wonderful but this is just the first step in the right direction.

To get more out of the machine, it’s time to learn how to use it properly. Here is advice on how to improve your mowing productivity as soon as possible.

1) Work in Laps

The first tip is to work in laps as this can save time and optimize your route around the lawn. When you refuse to work in laps, it is going to end up wasting time and you will also waste a lot of fuel. Be smart about your approach and think about what’s going to help when it comes to your lawn’s layout.

In general, you want to go through 2-3 laps to ensure the grass is even.

However, this is something you will have to keep an eye on throughout the process as there are cases where things don’t work out as intended.

Happy Mowing

2) Use a Three-Point Turn

You want to make use of a three-point turn to ensure the lawn isn’t ripped up.

The lawn isn’t going to take kindly to sharp turns because the blades are going to dig in! Think about this as you sit down to drive the zero-turn lawn mower. You want to be smart with each movement and make sure to work in smaller three-point turns. This is going to help with the lawn care and will ensure things work out as you want them to.

3) Work in Rows

You want to work in rows as that is going to save a good amount of time.

The idea of working in rows is to have an organized approach to the direction you’re taking. Most people miss spots around the lawn because they don’t work in rows.

Remember, straight lines are a lot easier to manage with an uncut lawn. When you start going in every odd direction, multiple spots will be missed. The goal should be to sit down, pick a direction, and then work in rows from one end to the other. This should get the job done with your new lawn mower.

4) Work in One Direction

Before doing anything else, you want to plan out the direction that’s going to be taken with the zero-turn lawn mower.

Of course, this is dependent on the lawn mower and what you’re going for as a landowner. In some cases, you will like the idea of going vertically (North-South), while other areas are going to require a more East-West approach. This is dependent on the land and how it has been laid out. However, the goal should be to only work in one direction and not start using different angles. This is when people get frustrated with the results.

5) Work in Small Spaces

This is an underrated tip and is one that’s suggested by experts in lawn care.

The idea is to work in small spaces because you’re able to do more in such situations. This includes being able to work within a few feet and making sure everything looks good before you move onto the next area. Make sure to apply the previous advice while doing this (i.e. choosing one direction) because it will lead to better results.

Over time, you are going to get the hang of your lawn and that’s when everything will improve in a hurry.

6) Stay Alert

One of the main issues people have when it comes to zero-turn lawn mowers has to do with their inability to stay alert. This means understanding the landscape and making appropriate adjustments as soon as possible. A lot of people rush the process and think the lawn is going to take care of itself. In general, the zero-turn lawn mower is going to have wonderful results but you have to pay attention to the grass. Is it being cut evenly? Are there issues in certain parts of the lawn (i.e. bumps, hills)? Look at these details and make sure you are planning for them instead of wasting time. When you start wasting time, this is where things can get problematic and you’re not able to generate the kind of results needed for consistent results.

Focus on this tip and make sure it is implemented as soon as possible. Otherwise, the zero-turn lawn mower is going to become a real challenge and that’s the last thing a person needs with their lawn care.

These are the most important tips for improving mowing productivity when it comes to your zero-turn lawn mower. Is it going to be easy to do this? No, there is going to be a learning curve but individuals that put in the time are going to get a lot more out of the experience and their lawn will look immaculate.  Think about these details and plan ahead!