The Facts and Facets of Hustler Mowers


Hustler has become one of the most recognized names in outdoor landscaping and is home to a beautiful catalog of high-end mowing products.

However, what is the company all about? What makes it special and how did it all get started? There are quite a few details associated with the brand and it’s important to understand them before moving forward with a purchase or investment.

Here are the most important facts about Hustler.

1) Started at Home

It all started at home with a man named Regier who was looking to set up a solution that could work on his irregularly shaped land. The land wasn’t a square box that could hand normal equipment, which meant it was time to mix things up with a bit of innovation. With this in mind, he was able to get started at home using parts that were in his garage.

The goal was to create something that would be easy to use on this landscape and would help out whenever he needed to mow the lawn around gardens, bird baths, and walkways that were present on his land.

As he started to use this more and more, it continued to be refined as he made appropriate changes based on his experiences.

2) Designed With Farm Parts

What parts was Regier using when it came to the zero-turn lawnmower at home? He was using a mix of traditional parts that were purchased from the store and other items he had managed to take out of aging farm machinery. This was a good way for him to play around with the design while figuring out how to optimize the zero-turn setup.

With his passionate approach, a full-fledged zero-turn lawnmower was born and it worked well on his land.

3) Emphasized a Zero-Turn Radius

One of the most important parts of Regier’s vision was to make sure his lawnmower didn’t have an extensive turning radius as so many other options did. This was the purpose of making sure he could manage the mowing process without causing damage to the lawn. As a result, he made sure to take time with how the lawnmower was set up and this included initiating a zero-turn radius using various parts available to him.

Over time, he was able to bring the turning radius all the way down to zero, which is where their zero-turn lawnmower came to the forefront.

Color Orange Mower

4) Excel Took On The Design

While Regier was able to make things work at home, he realized this was bigger than a DIY project at home. He had to take it to a professional company that was able to help with the production process and making sure things worked well from all angles. Excel Industries was the company that he went to and they were immediately eager to take up the product. They were growing as a business and this was the ideal showpiece for them.

5) First Set Produced In Kansas

After the initial details had been ironed out between both parties, they were able to sit down and focus on how the zero-turn lawnmower would be produced. There was a good amount of demand before the product had even reached the masses, which is why it was quickly produced in Kansas where Excel Industries was situated.

They made sure to get started right away and get the first line of lawnmowers out within a few months.

6) 1,600 US Dealers Under Hustler Turf

Since the days of Excel’s first production line, it has come a long way with the zero-turn lawnmower most people know of in this day and age. In fact, the company has grown to the point where it has over 1,600 dealers in the US alone. These dealers are selling the zero-turn lawnmowers to interested landowners looking to maximize their setup and ensure the results are on par with their requirements.

Over time, more and more US dealers are being added to the list and it has to do with the growing demand.

7) 30 Distributors Worldwide

Along with the 1,600 US dealers that are present in the nation, there have also been an additional 30 distributors set up worldwide to hit the international market. Since lawn care is an important requirement in most nations, it was important for Hustler to make sure the word was getting out about its products.

With the help of these 30 distributors, Hustler is now growing as a business and become an international name with critical acclaim for the products it produces.

8) Gone Through Six Name Changes

It’s important to note Hustler wasn’t always called what it is right now. In fact, it hasn’t gone through one name change over the course of its history. Starting in 1960, the brand was known as Excel Industries but that started to change as different people came into the equation with their opinions on branding.

The company’s name and logo changes include:

* Excel industries
* Excel Industries INC
* Excel Hustler
* Excel
* Hustler Turf Equipment
* Hustler (Present)

These are the six name changes this brand has gone through illustrating its development as a powerful brand and into what is now a major producer of zero-turn lawnmowers.

These are the most important facts associated with Hustler mowers and what the brand has been able to add to the world of outdoor landscaping. Thousands of customers use this company’s world-class lawnmowers at home and believe the quality is second to none.