How to use Teeth Whitening Kit?


There are many different whitening kits on the market and all of them operate in different ways. Although they have different formulas and timing, they do generally work in much the same way. Some, though, like the Crest White Strips, is different, you simply press the strips to your teeth and let the gel get to work.

How Often can you Whiten your Teeth

One of the major considerations when using home-based teeth whitening kits is how often do you use one. There are three ways to whiten your teeth and each one has different recommended periods between treatments.

Professional Whitening 

If you opt for this kind of whitening it is usually done in the dentist’s office. Most of these types of treatments have a fair longevity before you need to do them again, anything from a year to a couple of years.

Professional At-Home Whitening 

This type of teeth whitening kit is one you obtain from your dentist or dental specialist. This type of whitening has the same basic longevity as the whitening you have done in the dentist’s rooms. The average time between these treatments is one year.

Home Whitening kits 

These are the teeth whitening kits you will commonly find in your supermarkets. They are not as intensive as your professional kits and include your Crest Whitening Strips and others. Certainly this type of teeth whitening kit will generally require a lot more treatments that your professional ones. Most of the teeth whitening kits on the market are not recommended to use more than twice a year.

How to use teeth Whitening Trays

So you have decided to use gel to whiten your teeth and you need to use teeth whitening trays to get the gel to bond to your teeth for the best results. Using teeth whitening trays are quite simple and straightforward and we will explain the process to you. But before you even start using your teeth whitening trays you need to get the right one to use.

Everybody’s smile is different, that means all of us will need different size trays to whiten your teeth effectively. Most of the teeth whitening kits will come with customizable trays that you mold to your teeth to get the best fit.
So how what is the procedure to follow when you are going to be using your trays. There are a number of steps to follow and we outline them for you here.

  • Pre-treatment First, you must brush your teeth first as well as floss to make sure your teeth are as clean as possible before starting. Next, try out the tray. Test how it fits and how comfortable it is to wear. Rinse off the trays after testing and make sure they are dry.
  • Apply the bleaching gel Less is more when applying your gel. Ensure you do not fill the trays to the brim as you will waste your gel, and more importantly, you could get some of the gel onto your gums which can cause sensitivity or pain. Do not spread the gel around, simply place a drop of approximately 0.5ml on your tray halfway up it will spread out naturally.
  • Insert the teeth whitening trays Please the trays over your teeth. Ensure that the tray is set very firmly against your teeth for maximum effect. Once the tray is fitted you will need to remove the excess gel that may seep out from the tray at the top.
  • Wearing time of the trays This is where there are some differences in the various teeth whitening kits and gels. Different peroxides, such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, will require different wearing times. It will also depend on your own tooth sensitivity.
  • Finishing off When you are finished with your treatment you need to remove the tray and rinse your teeth very well. You will need to both brush and floss thoroughly in order to ensure all the remaining gel is removed. If you find that you are experiencing severe sensitivity you will need to apply desensitizing gel which is often provided in your teeth whitening kit.
  • Looking after your tray and gel Once you are done with your treatment it is very important to take care of your tray. Store you tray in a cool dry place after placing it back in its holder.

How long to wear Teeth Whitening Trays?

Wearing time of your teeth whitening trays per session will largely depend on the manufacturer of your teeth wearing kit, however, there are some basic rules in this regard. Sensitivity – it is recommended that you use the trays for only thirty minutes to an hour if you have never used the gel and tray before.

Carbamide peroxide gels – This will depend on the percentage strength of the gel you are using. 10 – 16% strength you will use the trays from two to four hours. If you the concentration of carbamide peroxide is 20-22% then you should only wear the trays for thirty minutes to an hour at most.

Hydrogen peroxide gels – It is recommended that you do not exceed 1-hour wearing time when using hydrogen peroxide as your bleaching agent. You should be able to see results from your teeth whitening efforts after using your teeth whitening kit for an average of 20-30 times.

Carbamide Peroxide vs Hydrogen Peroxide

The basic difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is that hydrogen peroxide on its own is a very effective whitening agent, whereas carbamide peroxide, which is also effective on its own, however, it will contain hydrogen peroxide at different percentages. Hydrogen peroxide will break down faster and therefore gives you faster results with an average wearing time of 30 to 60 minutes.

Carbamide Peroxide has a slower release time and will be worn for longer periods, however, it also stays active for a longer period than hydrogen peroxide. Neither one will cause more sensitivity than the other nor more rebound. Both will give you excellent results when using peroxide-based teeth whitening gels.


Using home-based teeth whitening kits are cost effective and less time consuming than seeing a dentist. They are easy to obtain and easy to use. Most are the types that use a tray and gel and will need to be used between thirty minutes to four hours a day once or twice a day.