How to Grill a Holiday Rib Roast The Correct Way

With the holidays fast approaching, there is nothing more satisfying than a good holiday rib roast. Perfect for camping trips and gas barbecues in the backyard, this cut of meat is as delicious as it is easy to make.

What You Will Need

For a simple herbed prime rib, whose recipe will be further displayed below, you will only need a few particular ingredients. However, their proportions can be changed and additional ingredients added as per individual preferences.

Ingredients for the perfect holiday herb prime rib’s rub are:

  • Olive oil
  • Finely chopped rosemary leaves
  • Finely chopped thyme leaves
  • Garlic cloves crushed to a thin paste

However, any kind of rub, herb or otherwise, will work fine for the Holiday Rib Roast. So you’re free to pull out that ancestral secret recipe that has been passed down generations.

You will also need a rib roast, and choosing the right one will be difficult.

A rib roast is not quite the same as a prime rib. A prime rib is a rib roast that has been given the quality grade designation of prime by the USDA, and only about 2 percent of all rib roasts are given this name.

They are given this designation depending on the amount of marbling, or intramuscular fat, in the rib roast. Therefore, a rib roast with a higher than 80 percent intramuscular fat is labelled a prime rib. Select ribs come second, with an 80 percent or less, and below that come choice ribs, which have a 70 percent intramuscular fat content.

The USDA calls the marbling on the prime, choice and select rib roasts ‘abundant’, ‘moderate’ and ‘slight’ respectively.

Grades of rib roasts below the choice ribs are generally of low quality and do not come out as quite as succulent as the three above would.

When choosing a roast, one must keep in mind that the juiciest, most tender and most flavourful cut of rib roast is the cut with the most marbling. However, the cost of the rib roast also increases with the increase in quality, and hence an experimental cook would be best off picking a select rib roast.

Selecting the right rib roast is harder than knowing the kind of rib roast that you are buying, however. There are three kinds of rib roasts sold in the market: bone-in, boneless and boned-and-tied.

  • Bone-in: These rib roasts have their rib bones still attached to the eye of the roast. The bones are left in as roasting with the bones adds flavour. Bone-in cuts are also referred to as a standing rib roast.
  • Boneless: These rib roasts are boned before being sold. In these cases, serving and slicing are much easier, as there are no bones to interfere with the knife, but there is no additional flavour of the bones in the cooked meat.
  • Boned-and-Tied: This cut takes all the advantages of a bone-in rib roast and puts them in a boneless cut. The butcher, when preparing this cut, removes all the bones from the eye of the roast, and then ties them back onto the prepared cut using Butcher’s Twine. Thus, you can roast the rib roast with maximum flavour from the bones, and while you are serving you may simply break the Butcher’s Twine and pull the roast off of the unwieldy

Tips for selecting the right rib roast in the market:

  • The rib roast must have an even colour. This is paramount, as unevenly coloured rib roasts may be infected or otherwise spoilt. Any roasts with blue or green colours, especially around the bone, must be rejected outright.
  • If sealed in a vacuum-sealed package, or otherwise deprived of oxygen, the rib roast may turn brown in colour. This is normal, and the meat will soon turn its usual red colour if exposed to air for a while.

Apart from the rib roast and rub, you will also need:

  • An outdoor grill. Whether it is a propane gas grill, a charcoal grill or any other kind of stone BBQ charcoal grill is up to the preferences of the cook, though this recipe uses a propane gas grill.
  • Wood chips (about 2 handfuls)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to Prepare the Rib Roast

Preparing the roast for grilling is easy. First, you make the BBQ rub. Combine the previously mentioned ingredients for the rub together, and mix them until you get a paste. Coat the rib roast on all sides with this paste and season with salt and pepper. Then, allow it to stand for approximately 45 minutes. This allows it to soak in the flavour.

You will also need to soak the wood chips for about 30 minutes in this time, then drain them and add them to the grill.

Grilling the Rib Roast

First, prepare the grill on a medium heat, and clean the cooking grate using a large brush or cloth. Now, place wood chips near the burner of the grill and wait for them to smoke.

When they start smoking, place the rib roast on the grill. Place it on the grill’s surface. Allow it to cook with the grill closed for about one and a half hours.

Now, take it off the heat and cover it with loose foil, letting it rest for 20 minutes.

Your rib roast is now ready! You may now slice it and serve it on any camping trip or family barbecue, and show off your newly earned cookery skills.