How to Grill Burgers?

When BBQ season strikes, you want to be able to grill the best burger possible for your family and any guest you may have round. Don’t just cook a good burger, create a grill-iant one! Top9Rated has created a step by step guide to enable you to grill the perfect burger this summer that will be so tasty, no one will be able to complain about it.

Meat Meets Fat

A good rule to go by for creating a succulent and tasty burger is to find a good balance of meat and fat. Burgers made with higher fat contents will not dry out, unlike lean meats which will also get tough very easily. If you want to create a fabulous lamb or turkey burger, look for mince with 18% fat. Use the freshest meat available to you and grind it thoroughly either in a grinder or food processor.

When handling the meat and combining it with any flavorings, seasoning or special extras, be sure to handle the meat as little as possible. When handled too much, you will risk the end result of your burger becoming tough. If you also combine the meat using wet hands, you will also stop the meat patties from sticking to your hands and will not lose any great quantity of mixture. Having wet hands when combining your ingredients also prevents you from over handling the meat and is another way to stop your burger from being tough once it has been grilled.

Fridge Chill to Hot Grill

Most meats prefer to reach room temperature before it is good and benefits from this being the case. But burgers prefer to remain cool right up until hitting the grill. Place your fridge chilled burger on to your clean grill making sure that the grill has been oiled and the BBQ is at a good, hot temperature. You want to aim for the burgers to start sizzling as soon as they are placed on the BBQ grill so that they are cooked to perfection. You don’t want them to stick, crumble or burn.

You will know if your BBQ is at the correct temperature if you are able to hold your hands between one and two inches away from the grill for three seconds. This is the best test you can do! Failure to do so will result in very burned burgers that are raw in the middle. If you can hold your hands over the grill for much longer than three seconds, your burgers will take much longer to grill and will be tough to eat.

Grilling the Best Burger

Burgers can be grilled in many different ways to great effect and for delicious results. You want to look for grey coals if using a charcoal BBQ and you will need to cook your burgers while keeping the lid off your BBQ. If you have chosen to grill your burgers on a propane gas BBQ, you must keep the BBQ lid down so that your burgers do not dry out and so that the heat remains at a stable temperature.

When grilling burgers, it is very common for the chef to press down firmly on the top of them. If you want a tasty, moist and not a charred burger, don’t do this! When pressure is applied to a burger, the flavor, liquid, and fat run out of it which frequently causes a large flame burning your burger to a crisp. What else happens when you push down on a burger when it has been placed on a grill? It gets stuck.

Not only to the grill but also between the prongs on the grill and rips the burger patty to shreds, falling through into the flames and wasting much-needed sustenance. For the best and most successful burger grilling technique, be patient and let the BBQ do all the work.

Burger Flipping

To get a consistent cook when grilling multiple burgers at once, be sure not to do too much of that famous burger flipping otherwise the center of the burgers will never get fully heated and will leave you and your family susceptible to food poisoning. When you keep flipping burgers on the grill, they may eventually cook all the way through, but they are guaranteed to be much tougher and drier than if you just leave them alone.

A good rule to stick to is that each side of a burger needs only to see the grill once and there are average times you can apply so that you get a perfect grill on your burger too. If you are looking for a rare beef burger, try two minutes of grilling on each side. For a medium-rare burger, it’s three minutes per side. If you prefer your burger well-done, aim for five minutes of grill time per side.

Best Burger in Town

If you are looking for the best way to grill burgers, stick to some simple rules, and you will grill yourself the best burger you’ve ever eaten. Be sure not to over handle the meat when creating your patties, use wet hands to combined ingredients and it’s wise to make all burgers the same thickness. Cook them for the designated times, do not repeatedly flip them over and be sure never to press down on your burger when it’s on the grill. You want to create the best, tastiest and most flavorsome burger possible, not cement it to your BBQ grill.