How to Clean Popcorn Machines?


Cleaning your popcorn machine is never the nicest part of enjoying this great snack. However, with most of the popcorn machines on the market, it is no longer a long drawn out or difficult task. Making sure you do clean your popper after making your popcorn is important to ensure that you get the best popcorn every time you want some.

How to Clean a Greasy Popcorn Machine?

Cleaning your home popcorn popper is simple and easy. The main thing to do is remove any excess oil that remains after you have used it. If you do not remove this then there will be a greasy build up and it will ruin your next batches of popcorn. It is also important to remove any remaining un-popped kernels and bits of popped kernels or they may go rancid and again, ruin your next batches of popcorn. So what is the easiest way to clean your oil based popcorn machine to ensure you remove all the grease?

First, you must unplug your machine and allow it to cool for at least thirty minutes. Make sure it is completely cooled off before you start your cleaning regime or you could burn yourself. Remember these machines use very high temperatures to enable your popcorn to pop and could take up to an hour to fully cool off. Next clean the glass surfaces of the popper. These you can wipe down with a cleaner, just make sure that they are non-ammonia based cleaners and make sure you dry it off properly removing all the cleaner when done.

To clean the bottom surfaces which are usually stainless steel or ceramic and contain the heating portion of your machine you will use a damp cloth. If you are going to use a cleaner to wipe it down, ensure that you use one that is food safe. You can find these in your local supermarket. Finally, you will wipe down the outside of the machine with a damp cloth or sponge.

It is very important that you never submerge your machine in water as you are likely to damage the electrical components such as the element if you do. What to do if there is a really heavy build-up of oil in your popcorn machine? (click here for full review guide) If there is a heavy build-up of oil in your machine from repeated use, then you may need to boil it out, just like you would a coffee kettle.

You will fill the machine with a special cleaner and add water, about two to three cups depending on the size of your machine, and then turn your machine on to boil. Once it is boiling you will turn the machine off again and leave it to do its work. Ensure you only leave it for the period of time recommended by your cleaner. Then dispose of the water, rinse out your popcorn kettle and you are good to go.

How to Clean Great Northern Popcorn Machine?

Cleaning the great northern popcorn machine is a simple process. The manufacturer recommends you follow these steps after using your machine for three to four times or if you are going to be storing it for a long period. It is vital to clean your machine according to this regime to ensure that you always get the best popcorn you can without that greasy taste.

  • Switch your machine off. You need to wait for the machine to cool down before you start cleaning it. This is very important as the machine works at high temperatures in order to pop your popcorn and you could seriously burn yourself if you do not wait to prerequisite time for cooling.
  • Clean the inside of your machine using a wet towel. Remove the pot from its hanger. Never submerge the pot in water as you will damage its electrical components. You wipe both the inside and outside of the pot with a wet towel and dry it off using a paper towel. If you choose to use any kind of cleaning solution, make sure it is one that is food safe and remove any residual with a paper towel before replacing the pot.
  • Clean up the main body of the machine also using a wet towel. Also, it is important to empty out the rubbish tray to get rid of any and all leftover un-popped kernels or residual popped kernels. This is important to maintain the quality taste you want from your popcorn. You should empty this tray often to ensure that you keep it nice and clean at all times.

Your great northern popcorn machine is now ready to continue working for you giving you great tasting, quality popcorn for another three to four sessions before you need to clean it again.

How to Clean Popcorn Machine with Vinegar?

There is a simple and easy way of cleaning your popcorn popper without the expense of cleaning solutions. The answer is vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and will dissolve dirt, it will not only clean but deodorize your machine if used properly and its own acid aroma will dissipate when it dries.

So all you need to do is get yourself a spray bottle of the size you prefer. You will need a bottle of white vinegar. Make sure it is the white, pure vinegar. Add equal parts of vinegar and water in your bottle and mix it up. You can also heat up the solution in the microwave, just so that it is slightly warm and no more, for extra cleaning power.

Spray the mixture on your popcorn surfaces and wipe away it and all the greasy residue with it. If your kettle machine is extremely greasy you can add some vinegar and water to your kettle and bring to the boil, let it cool, rinse and it will be ready to use again.


Cleaning your popcorn popper is essential, however, it is not extremely time-consuming nor labor intensive. You must clean your machine regularly or you will find that your later batches of popcorn not to be as tasty with a residual greasy or burnt taste.