How to Choose the Ideal Gaming Desk on a Budget?

A gaming desk is one of the most important additions to your gaming station but they can also be the priciest. The good news is that you can find a great desk that is still within your budget. When shopping around for a budget gaming desk there are a few things you can look for to make sure that your whole setup will not come crashing down on you. Look for a desk that accommodates as well as elevates your monitor if it is larger than the average size.

Make sure the desk has plenty of space for your different gaming accessories such as speakers, keyboard and mouse. A cheaper disk might be boring compared to a supped up gaming desk but think of it this way, at least you will have extra cash to splash on all those new games you want.  You could also consider building your own gaming desk and customizing it just the way you want it to be.

If you aren’t really the DIY type, you could peruse the IKEA catalogues for different furniture components and use them to build yourself a cheap Franken-desk that no one else will have.
The main thing to remember when purchasing a budget desk is that it needs to be the correct height for you and your monitor. You and your chair should fit comfortably underneath the desk with enough space to stretch out.

What to look for in a Corner Gaming Desk?

Corner desks can be made from a variety of material such as metal frames, solid wood or wooden boards. Most wooden corner desks can be made from particle board or wooden boards which make for a cheaper option than a solid wood desk. This kind of wood board corner desk might not be very heat or moisture resistant making them weaker than their solid wood counterparts. Any liquid spillage can cause these boards to swell, warp and eventually disintegrate which is not good news for your prize gaming monitor.

If you really have to buy a desk made from these boards then choose one that has been finished with a water-resistant material like veneer or laminate. Corner desks that are made from solid wood or timber will be more durable and longer lasting however; these types of desks are more expensive.

Another thing to look out for when buying a corner desk is storage space. Corner desks are usually wide enough to accommodate two to three monitors as well as accessories such as keyboards and mouse. Your chair should fit comfortably underneath a corner desk with enough space for your legs to stretch out without getting tangled in a bunch of wires.

Is the Atlantic Pro Gaming Desk Great for Console Gamer?

The Atlantic Pro Gaming desk wasn’t designed with any particular device in mind yet it is useful for all kinds of consoles, laptops and desktops. This desk can hold up to 40 pounds and a single 27 inch monitor which allows you to setup up quite an impressive gaming rig. This desk has storage space for a laptop, two controllers, two speakers and a pair of headphones.  You can store 5 games and best of all one large drink in the cup holder where it can be enjoyed in a spill free manner.

Another highlight of the Atlantic Pro gaming desk is the charging station and power strip holder which means you don’t need to worry about your laptops battery dying out on you during an integral part of your mission. The cable management system is excellent for neatly storing consoles and controllers. If you are interested in a gaming desk that is solely for console games then you should take a look at the Atlantic Black Centipede Game Stand for consoles.

This is not really a full desk but merely a stand for your gaming consoles. It has been specifically designed for console players and has a tremendous storage capacity. It comes equipped with a 37 inch stand which can easily support up to 80 pounds and assembles quickly and easily. The broad feet makes its stable enough to not be top heavy and is surprisingly durable for its size. This is the perfect desk for console gamer rig setups.

Can you get a 2 Person Gaming Desk?

Most gaming desks are designed for one player with multiple monitors but that does not mean that you could use them for multi-person gaming as well. Look for desks that are L-shaped or corner shaped as these are the desks with the largest surface space. Solid wood corner desks are also strong enough to accommodate a double gaming rig. Desks like the Arena gaming desk has a large, 13.5 square foot surface which allows you to set up to three monitors comfortably with a hammock net underneath for tidy cable storage.

This desk has a 176 pound load rating which means it can easily hold three monitors without breaking. Another option would be to build a two person gaming desk and customize it to your liking. Just remember to stick to the correct heights so that you can have a more ergonomical gaming experience.


There are tons of gaming desks to choose from on the market but if you follow these buying tips then you should be able to get the best desk for your gaming needs. Whether it’s for you only or a multiple gaming rig there is a shape and size to suit your needs.