How to Build a Gaming Computer Desk?

Fancy yourself some DIY? Well here are a few various components from IKEA which when you put them altogether, give you a comfortable and ergonomic gaming desk. Plus you can brag that you practically built it all by yourself. The best part is that this whole desk will cost you under $200 only! Here is a detailed list of IKEA components you will need to build your ultimate gaming desk. For your desk you will need the following from IKEA:

Vika Kaj Adjustable Legs which can be extended to accommodate most heights and are only about $15 each.  For your table top, you will need a Linmon Table which retails at about $25. You can opt for any table top you like really but this one has a nice glossy whit finish and its super cheap yet sturdy.

Next up, you will need to grab an Ekby Alex storage box. At $55 dollars this might seem a bit pricey but you are going to need to a place to put your monitor and speakers. To keep all your wires and cables neat and tidy, get yourself a Signum for $10 and bolt it underneath your table top to keep your desk wire free. Keeping your pc box off of the ground enables you to clean and dust around it with ease.

A Summera sling will safely cradle your pc allowing you to dust around and underneath it. All of these pieces attach easily to the main table top using framed bolts and a few screws. There is very little actual diy involved in putting this gaming table together but it’s a lot easier to build than a full on DIY gaming desk project.

How to setup an Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk?

The Arena gaming desk has a large, 13.5 square foot surface which allows you to set up to three monitors comfortably with a hammock net underneath for tidy cable storage. This desk has a 176 pound load rating which means it can easily hold three monitors without breaking. Setting this table up is relatively easy but we do recommend having an extra hand around to help you carry its 85.5 pounds around.

In the product box you will find detailed instructions for building the table as well as all of the necessary components such as bolt, washers and Allen wrenches. Assembling the table should take roughly about an hour and the steel frame has enough reinforcement gussets making it solid and sturdy.

Once the table has been assembled you can cover it with the giant 5mm thick mouse pad. The mouse pad is designed to be slightly larger than the table to accommodate shrinkage over time. This desk is easy to transport and assemble while still being sturdy enough to handle three monitors without even creaking.

What Gaming Computer Desk for Multiple Monitors can you Buy?

If you are considering a gaming desk which can take two monitors then the EvoDesk Gaming desk is your best bet. This desk is not only spacious enough to accommodate two monitors, but it is stylish and sleek looking as well. It has an adjustable height which can save up to 3 preset modes, allowing you to easily change the height adjustments with the push of a single button.  This desk is big enough to fit your gaming console or PC, two big monitors as well as a gaming mouse and keyboard. For budget gaming keyboards under 50 bucks, click here.

If you find that two monitors are not enough, you can up your game with the Arena Arozzi game desk which is big enough to accommodate three monitors easily. The Arena Arozzi gaming table is easy to assemble and can handle up to a 176 pound load which means it can easily support three full sized monitors without breaking.

A hammock style net underneath the table keeps your cables neat, tidy and out of sight. When shopping for a desk that can hold more than one monitor you should start off by considering the dimensions you will need. For the most part, you want a desk than can hold all of your gaming components on it as well as more than one monitor and speakers.

What Should your Monitor Height be for Gaming?

When you are sitting upright, your horizontal eye level should meet slightly above or at the 1/4th of the monitor. If possible, the monitor should be tilted slightly backwards. When your monitor is in this position, it helps to minimise neck movement and limit the need to use your upper neck to look up. Optimal viewing angles have been shown to be between 20-50 degrees by various studies.

The placement of the monitor in this way allows for the most active areas of the monitor to be the least visually straining. Your monitor should be at least one arms length away, give or take the position of your hands in relation to the keyboard placement. The general consensus is the farther the better but obviously it is of little use if you cannot see your own avatar on the screen.

The monitor should be placed at a height that is in line with your necks natural posture. Not you’re natural slouching posture, but the chin up shoulders back and stomach in, healthy posture. An average persons head weighs a whopping 4-5kg and makes up roughly 7% of your body mass. That is quite a lot of weight to place on your neck, especially at an angle for an extended amount of time.


Every sport has its injuries and gaming is no different. Skilled gamers can spend a marathon amount of time in front of their gaming devices and just like any other sport, certain measures should be taken to minimise injuries. Invest in a good quality ergonomic gaming desk and chair. This will ensure that your hands, back and neck are supported throughout the long hours of play. Make sure your monitor and keyboard are the correct height to avoid placing strain on your eyes and neck.