How do you Start a Propane Grill?


How do you Start a Propane Grill?

Always keep the lid raised while lighting your propane grill. If you don’t leave the lid open, the grill chamber will fill with gas and when you hit the ignition you will create a fireball, which will be the end of your barbeque – as well as your eyebrows! Another big rule is that if it is really windy, have someone hold up a shield of some sort or move the grill to an area where it is less windy. This will keep the wind from blowing out the flame or match since you don’t want to use more gas than necessary when you’re trying to start your grill.

Turn on the gas at the propane tank and then turn on one of the gas burners on the grill. Then, press the auto light or ignition button if your grill has one. If it doesn’t light, and there are holes in the bottom of your unit, you can carefully stick a match near the burner from that position. If not, then use a long match from the top. If that is not available, throw a match in near the burners.

After the grill is lit, turn on the other burners. Allow the entire grill to burn for about 5 to 10 minutes on high. This will burn off any remaining food and grease accumulations on the diffusers below. Once the smoke subsides and it appears to be burning smoother and cleaner, then you can turn the burners back down to low and you’re ready to grill.

How to Clean a Gas Grill?

Follow these easy steps to keep your grill in pristine working condition:

  • Turn off the gas supply: Make sure the gas supply is turned off, or you can also detach the gas tank from the grill.
  • Remove the grill grates: Pull them out so you can do a thorough clean with a sponge. Scrub them with a grill brush or other coarse cleaning brush.
  • Clean anything covering the burners: Remove any V-shaped metal heat tents or lava stones that cover the burners, and brush them clean.
  • Clean the burner tubes: Lightly brush the burner tubes and make sure all the gas ports are clean and open.
  • Clean the bottom of the grill and the lid: Brush or wipe any debris out of the bottom of the grill. If there is peeling black debris on the grill lid or bottom, use a bristle brush or putty knife to scrape it off.
  • Clean the grease collection tray: Clean the grease collection tray with soap and water, or replace any disposable pans as needed. Don’t just wash the grease down the drain! Pour it into an empty can or non-recyclable bottle, let it harden, and then throw the whole thing away.
  •  Wipe down the outside of the grill: Wipe down the outside of the grill and any side tables with soap and water.
  • Put the grill back together: Put all the parts of the grill back together; now you’re ready to grill!

What is the Purpose of a Grill Heat Plate?

Heat plates rest on top of your gas grill burners and disperse the heat that the burner produces evenly throughout the grilling surface. This helps prevent uneven cooking and maximizes your grilling space. Heat plates for gas grills also protect your burners from corrosive grease and other drippings that fall from meat and foods during grilling. Over time, these drippings can build up on your burners and prevent them from working properly.

In addition to protecting the burners, heat plates vaporize drippings so that they don’t build up on the plates themselves, and many plates use materials that are bacteria resistant. Additionally, when meat drippings fall onto the gas grill heat plates, the plates release the flavor from the drippings into the air surrounding the grill. The aroma of this vapor adds that barbeque ambience to whatever you are grilling.

How do I light my Weber Grill?

Barbecuing with charcoal in your Weber grill is easy with a few choice lighting aids. The rule of thumb is that charcoal heats up faster but briquettes stay hot for longer. Lighting the charcoal in your Weber is easy with the Rapid Fire Chimney Starter:

  • How to Light Weber GrillMeasure out the amount of charcoal needed and pour into the Chimney Starter.
  • Light three lighter cubes on the coal grate.
  • Position the Chimney Starter over the cubes.
  • Wait until flames appear at the top of the Chimney Starter. This is a sign that the coals are glowing.
  • Shake the glowing coals into the grilling baskets while watching out for sparks.
    Gas Weber’s are a little more complicated to light but are much cleaner than mucking about with charcoal. This is the best way to heat up your gas grill for the perfect barbecue:
  • First open the lid, then the gas cylinder valve.
  • Turn the front/first controller to ‘high’ and wait two to three seconds for the gas to accumulate in the ignition chamber.
  • Next, press the igniter button. The burner should start burning immediately the first or second time you press it. As soon as the first burner heats up, turn the following burners to ‘high’ too.
  • Now close the lid and preheat the barbecue to the desired temperature.
  • Place your food on the cooking grate. Adjust the gas supply to the burners to the temperature specified in the recipe and required for the cooking method.


It’s very important to know how your gas barbeque grill works. Understanding the functions of each component will ensure that you have a great and safe grilling experience each and every time. This will also help you to become more confident and adventurous when using your grill for more than just hamburgers and hot dogs.