How Do Electric Toy Cars Work Exactly? We Find Out

Toy electric cars are an essential to the kid’s toy arsenal. Such cars are manufactured in different forms and often display a variety of cartoons and action figures. The basic component in the toy electric car is the motor of the car. Motor of the toys works on batteries that use the brushed DC electric motor. The working of the DC electric motor in based on two components function: attraction of electromagnet toward a permanent magnet placed within the motor structure.

The toy cars with electric function are dependent on the structure of the motor and how effectively the movement of the electromagnet around the permanent magnet takes place.

The Toys Motor Structure

The motor structure is developed by reversing the polarity of the current through the electromagnet. The distance between the electromagnet and the permanent magnet remain as both repel each other and the permanent magnet causes the object to move. This object is attached to the motor.

Now the size of the magnet and the electromagnet objects both are maintained parallel to the motor size and the car size. The bigger the car or object that is to be moved, the bigger is the size of the motor function, specially the magnet. The batteries of the motor are also proportionally to the size of the car and the function required from it. If the car motor is bigger than the batteries required are to be large.

The major component of the electric toy car motor is:

  1. An electromagnet that is an iron rod or wire coiled in the motor structure
  2. A permanent magnet that pushes or pulls the other magnet with force resulting into movement
  3. A commutator that reverses the current to electromagnet. The commutator is made of copper.
  4. A shaft that connects the electromagnet and commutator and allows movement.

In order to keep control on the motor system, a button is also considered part of the structure that is usually a sheet of copper with rubber button.

The base of the motor on which the entire structure is placed and secured is usually the plastic tray of the car lower half. This surface has the rods that connect to the wheels of the car.

Every motor requires the current that can be derived from the batteries. Usually the battery size is parallel to the motor capacity and its working capacity. The bigger the car is, the more powerful the batteries should be.

These batteries are connected with the motor structure through wires.

The structure of car requires precise placement of the motor and the rest of the functioning system within the car hollow structure. The batteries are placed in the separate compartment from where they can be changed or replaced after changing. The batteries compartment is connected with electromagnet in motor structure through wires.

Where You Can Buy A Car From

The electric toy cars are available in toy stores and now on online stores as well. The online stores allow easy payment methods and free home deliveries. The sources for online stores like Top9Rated also allow the customers to compare and contrast the toys under the same category and buy the most reasonable and effective toy for their kids. Sites like Top9Rated here, does not only give reviews on toys and electric cars but also on its uses and structure that includes various metals including copper, silver and material like plastic and rubber.

Electric toy cars also come with remote controls that allow the users to control the function of toy car motor with a remote that generates signals to the motor. There are two components involved in this case. The first component is the remote control signal generator that is set on the same frequency as is the signal catcher in connected with the motor function. The signals are generated and amplified through an antenna attached to the remote structure.

The signal created from the remote allows the signal catcher to switch on the motor system and let the car move. When the signal is cancelled from the remote by the switch of a button, the car stops moving. The buttons on the remote are made of plastic or rubber that can be easily used by kids.