How do PopSockets Stick?

Firstly your PopSocket will stick to almost anything which is great as it gives you so many options as to how to use your PopSocket and does not limit you to using it on your smart devices but also in and around your house for various purposes. So how do you stick it on? Well there are a few steps you need to take in order to get your PopSocket to stick properly and securely to your smartphone, tablet, e-reader or any other smart device. We will go through the steps below for you.

Stick it to Your Mobile Phone

Test your PopSocket before using it, gently pull on it to make sure that it is sticking to your phone, if it is not, remove it and rinse the base of the PopSocket (read our complete review guide) with water. This will reinvigorate your gel adhesive. Once it is completely dried out you can reattach the PopSocket, just remember not to leave it out for too long as the adhesive will lose its stickiness if it is exposed to air for too long.

You can remove and re-stick your PopSocket up to a 100 times to make it easy for you to find the exact right spot on your smartphone, tablet or e-reader. It is sticky enough to use on your mirror to hold your necklaces and other jewelry or put them on your window as decorations. All you have to do is follow the same steps above each time have no problems removing and reattaching your PopSocket over and over again.

Popsockets at Room Temperature

Make sure you install your PopSocket at room temperature to ensure that the adhesive sets properly. Next you must decide where you want to install your PopSocket, in which area of the back of your smartphone, tablet or e-reader, of if you want to install it on your mirror, window or wall. Once you know where you want to install it you can get started with the installation.

Clean The Surface

You will now have to clean the area you want to attach your PopSocket to, ensure that you remove all the dirt or grease as I you do not your PopSocket might not stick as well as it should. Once you have cleaned the area you are going to stick your PopSocket to you can peel off the adhesive backing from your PopSocket and place it where you want it. You will hold your PopSocket firmly in place for at least 12 seconds to ensure that it adheres properly.

Test To Ensure Best Grip

Test it gently to ensure the grip is firmly attached and then you are ready to go. Simple isn’t it? It is important to note that PopSockets are designed to adhere to almost any material, however they may not stick well to cases that are silicone or have waterproof coatings.