How Do I Use a Phone Stand?

A phone stand (click for main review) is one of the simplest but most invaluable gadgets that you can buy for your smartphone. They allow you to transform your cell phone into a hands-free device so that you can message, browse the web, use the phone or Facetime, read a book, play a game, or stream a movie without having to keep a steady grip on your phone. This means that you’ll be more productive when working and more comfortable when you’re relaxing.

There are several styles of smartphone holders available on the market today, making them perfect for use in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and office. And while phone stands offer users several amazing benefits, you’ll be surprised to learn that they are also incredibly easy to use. The most basic style of phone stand is the desktop holder. These stands are designed to rest on flat surfaces such as a kitchen counter, nightstand, coffee table, or desk.

Most models allow you to secure your smartphone on the stand by placing it in slots located on the unit’s base, clamping it in between two rubber-coated pads, or resting it in two supporting hooks. Once your phone is secure in the holder, most models allow you to adjust the viewing angle of your screen by either adjusting your device or the stand itself. And to switch from horizontal to vertical viewing, you can either rotate an axis point on the stand or simply turn your device 90 degrees.

Another popular model is the mounting stand which allows the unit to be clamped onto a solid surface. These models can be used to securely attach your phone to your headboard, kitchen cabinet, desk, or end table. Once attached, simply secure your phone into the cradle by clamping down on it or securing it with straps. Now, simply adjust the viewing angle and height of your phone so that you can enjoy true hands-free use of your device.

Are There Foldable Phone Stands?

One great thing about phone stands is that there a several impressive models that are foldable. These models range from lightweight plastic holders that can fold up flat and can fit in your pocket to larger aluminum models that fold when not in use and can be packed in your briefcase or luggage. The fact that these foldable phone stands are so portable makes them a great purchase for anyone who travels frequently.  Travelers can keep their folding stand in their bag for use on an airplane, in their hotel, or while waiting in the airport.

And for commuters, the fact that these stands can fit in a pocket or briefcase means that they can easily bring them along when traveling back and forth to the office. While there are some portable gooseneck and mounting stands on the market, the best style to purchase if you’re looking for a foldable phone stand is a desktop holder. They fold flat, are available in a variety of prices, and come in both lightweight plastic and high-end aluminum models that offer a more stylish look.

Can You Get Phone Stands for Video Recording?

If you spend a lot of time recording video on your smartphone you’ve likely encountered a few problems such as sore fingers from gripping your phone as well as shaky finished footage. Luckily, a phone stand is a reliable solution to these two problems. For bloggers and YouTubers, placing your phone on a desktop stand while filming your next video will allow you to step back from your phone, use your hands more naturally, and frame your shot more professionally.

Plus, since your phone is on a stable holder, your footage will never be shaky again. And models with adjustable angles will allow you to tilt your phone by several degrees, allowing you to capture exactly what you want. Compare this to the results that you get from holding your phone while recording and the difference is night and day.

Plus, for anyone interested in recording videos from a wider variety of angles or perspectives, an adjustable gooseneck phone stand is an even better option. These models allow you to mount the holder anywhere and direct your phone at all the action, further increasing your smartphone’s video recording versatility.

What are Adjustable Cell Phone Stands?

Whether you are recording video, working in the office, cooking in the kitchen, or relaxing in your bedroom or living room, one of the greatest benefits of phone stands is that many of them are adjustable. This means that you can adjust the angle of your phone so that you can view the screen comfortably from a variety of positions as well as rotate your phone from portrait to landscape viewing mode. There are several types of adjustable phones stands on the market today but two of the most popular are desktop and adjustable gooseneck holders.

Each of these models are best suited to certain kinds of use, so which one you should buy depends on how and where you plan of using your stand. Desktop stands are great for anyone looking to use their phone on a flat surface such as a desk, kitchen counter, coffee table, or nightstand. Since most allow you to tilt the holder or your phone in a variety of angles, you can adjust to screen to the perfect viewing angle whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down.

Gooseneck holders offer a greater range of adjustability since they can be attached to any solid surface such as your headboard, kitchen cabinets, end table, or desk. This means that you don’t need a flat surface to rest your device on like a desktop model requires. And since goosenecks feature a long, flexible support arm that can be bent in any direction, they allow you to tilt your phone at the perfect height and angle for viewing whether you are sitting on the sofa or at your desk, lying in bed, or standing in the kitchen.