The Best Beard Oils For Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Beard: Here is a Look at the Best Beard Oils and Why You Seriously Need One of These

beard oils
Top 9 Best Beard Oils For 2016

In theory, growing a beard is not rocket science - simply stop shaving, deal with the itch and get on with your day. However beard growing can go one of two ways - resulting in a smooth, healthy beard that gets the ladies lining up, or as a frizzy, dirty and hairy mess that smells more like a rubbish bin than anything else.

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Top 9 Best Pomades for Thick Hair in 2017: Best Hair Pomades to Hold Your Thick and Curly Hair in Place

hair pomades for thick hair
Top 9 Best Pomades for Thick Hair

We look at the best pomades for thick hair in 2017. Some may think having a head of thick hair is a blessing, but those that actually have it know it can sometimes be more of a burden. Thick hair is notoriously difficult to manage. It’s not uncommon to spend 10 minutes applying a styling product so it looks perfect, only to glimpse in the mirror 30 minutes later to see it looking nothing like it did before.

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