8 Brilliant Hacks To Make Protein Powder Taste Better

Don’t like the taste of protein powder?

Protein powder is a powerful source for muscle recovery and helps the body in numerous ways. However, it’s important to ensure the protein powder tastes great! To do this, you will want to incorporate the following hacks as soon as possible.

1) Use Fruits

Fruits have natural sugar and will taste sweet, which is ideal when it comes to balancing your protein powder.

These fruits include:

* Blackberries
* Blueberries
* Strawberries
* Peaches
* Cherries
* And More

Of course, each person is going to have a different take on what fruits are good. As a result, you want to try different combinations to see what works and what does not. This is a beautiful way to find fruits that are worthwhile.

Diy Protein Shake

2) Add a Sweetener

Yes, you can incorporate a good sweetener to enhance your protein powder’s flavor.

These sweeteners can include:

* Stevia
* Organic Cane Sugar
* Honey

A lot of people enjoy the idea of grabbing a packet of stevia and dumping it in with the protein powder. This is a good way to eliminate some of the powder’s overpowering flavor. Once again, you should look to play around with the different options to see which one fits your needs. Some may like the idea of using raw honey, while others are going to stick to organic cane sugar. It’s up to you and that’s what these hacks are all about!

3) Use Vanilla Powder or Vanilla Beans

Do you love a bit of vanilla in your life?

There are many ways of going about this. Some prefer the idea of getting vanilla-flavored protein powder, while others enjoy using traditional vanilla beans. If you want to use another flavor, why not add a teaspoon of vanilla powder? This is going to accentuate the taste and make it pop.

Remember, it is the smaller tweaks that can go a long way with protein powder and how good it tastes.

4) Add Peanut Butter

While making your protein shake, why not make use of something as simple as peanut butter?

This has long been used as a way to boost flavor and is a no-brainer for those wanting to add even more protein into the mix. Peanut butter is high in protein and makes for a wonderful ingredient in a protein shake along with your protein powder.

Of course, you should make sure the peanut butter is organic and isn’t filled with sugar.

5) Add or Remove Water

Water is one of the easiest hacks you can employ.

If you are mixing protein powder with water, what is the best option for a positive change? It would have to be the amount of water mixed with the powder. If you feel it is too watery, take a bit of the water out of your recipe. If you feel it is too dry, add a little bit of water and see if it works better.

Each person is going to vary when it comes to what they prefer but this is a neat hack to implement as soon as possible.

6) Use Chocolate Powder

Just like vanilla powder, you can also go ahead and find organic chocolate powder.

This is an ideal option for chocolate lovers that cannot get enough of this rich, dark ingredient. With the help of chocolate powder, you will be able to heighten the protein powder’s quality in seconds.

7) Use Yogurt

Yogurt is a wonderful ingredient and is packed with high-quality nutrients.

You can add this to the protein powder to ensure the final consistency is thick and enjoyable. Make sure to use natural yogurt, so it doesn’t ruin the value of your protein powder from a nutritional perspective.

Along with adding depth to your shake, it is also going to help with the taste profile. Yogurt is a lot sweeter than protein powder and can balance out some of the blandness of your other ingredients. Don’t be afraid to use it in your recipe!

8) Add Milk

Protein powder + water is not always an ideal combination. In fact, this is one of the reasons people run away from protein powders in the first place! They hate the taste and believe it is a horrible combination that is impossible to consume. If so, it’s best to play around with the liquid that’s used alongside your powder. For example, many people prefer the consistency of milk + protein powder because it’s thicker and often accentuates the powder’s taste.

If you don’t like water, try using milk and see if it appeals to your taste buds.

These are the eight hacks to consider while looking to make your protein powder taste better. It’s all about trial and error, which is why you have to start in the kitchen. Play around with the different hacks and find what you like.