Best Gifts for Writers in 2019

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I Write Superpower Mug

3dRose Superpower Gift Mug


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Writer Emergency Pack

Writer Emergency Pack


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Writer Black Mug

3dRose 223960_4 Black/White Mu


Writing is an art, a calling and a passion and finding the right gift for your favorite writers takes thought. We have reviewed a number of gift ideas for the writer in your life such as poets, journalists, authors, screenwriters, and illustrators. We have looked at novelty gifts such as mugs and t-shirts. Gifts that will inspire young authors and poets, such as a creative writing gift that offer ideas for stories, improve vocabulary and more. Other great gifts include a library card, gift subscription cards for the writer’s digests, business cards, spiral notebooks, stickup weekly calendars, travel mug for the desk, video games, and other awesome gifts for writers.

Journals in which your writer friends can write their ideas down, and document their lives, practicing and honing their writing skills. We look at gifts that make great birthday, Christmas or housewarming gifts, gifts for book lovers and bookworms, and unusual gifts for the writers in your life. We also look at the technology that helps the writer in their quest to put into words their stories, thoughts, and ideas.

Gifts that help them research their topics on the internet. We also look at jewelry that writers can wear to inspire them to allow them to show their passion for their craft. When buying gifts for a writer you know they will value a gift that is witty and creative. Our list will offer you great ideas for the writer in your life. Inspire them to create the next best-selling novel or poetry that will touch the hearts of many.

Here is our list of the Top Gifts for Writers in 2019

I Write Superpower Mug

3dRose Superpower Gift Mug

A writer is a talented, creative person who has the ability to put into words on a page something that inspires, informs or entertains. This is a gift, or like this ceramic mug says, a superpower. A great gift for a writer.

Writer Emergency Pack

Writer Emergency Pack

Writers need inspiration, they needs something to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes it is hard to start righting without the right ideas to inspire. Give them the gift of ideas with 26 illustrated idea cards. Ideas pool for writers.

Writer Black Mug

3dRose 223960_4 Black/White Mu

The perfect gift for any writer, writing is their way of expressing their feelings so you may end up very dead on the pages of their book as the mug says. High quality mug and a great gift for any writer.

Guide to Character Expression

The Emotion Thesaurus

Sometimes finding the right words is the most difficult thing in the world, especially words that convey emotions. Even writers need help in putting emotions into words and this great book helps them find them. Great gift for aspiring writers.

Handmade Leather Journal gift

Handmade Large Journal

Whether a novel, a short story or a journal, writers love writing. This beautiful journal with a retro vintage finish and lapis lazuli like stone front cover. Ideal for any writers, from poets to cartoonists writers.

Jane Austen Novelty Socks 

Socksmith Novelty Crew Sock

Jane Austen is an inspiration to all writers, especially female writers trying to make their mark. These female size 9-11 socks are comfortable and printed with an inspirational quote. A great writers or for somebody who loves Jane Austen’s writing.

The Writer’s Toolbox

The Writer's Toolbox

Writers or teachers is a very difficult task. This teaching aid is a kit that helps you unleash your creativity. With sixty exercises to create sentences, 60 cards and four spinner palettes inspire and fuel creativity and inspire writers.

Storymatic Classic Card Game

The Storymatic game

Not only a great writer’s aid but also for actors to practice improvisation. The booklet is jam-packed full of prompts, games and suggestions which will inspire and get the creative juices flowing, giving you platform from which to start writing.

First Lines Literature Mug

The opening line of a book or story is what sets the scene for the rest of the novel and hooks the reader. This mug has 24 opening lines from great books. The perfect and unique gift for the writer.

How to Write a Novel 

How to Write a Novel

Writing a novel is not the easiest of aspirations, give your budding writer gift that will help them to achieve their goals. This book will give them inspiration and teach them how to go about transforming an idea into words.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Writing and reading go together. Make it easier for yourself with this Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader with built-in adjustable light, high resolution display and a massive selection of titles. No screen glare makes it easy to use even in bright sunlight.

You Are a Writer

You Are a Writer

So your biggest dream is to become a writer you just don’t know how to start. In the book Jeff Goins covers the self-doubt writers feel and steps you can take to get your writing career of the ground.

Water Proof Note Pad

Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad

Writers never know when their next inspiration for a story may hit them so being prepared to capture the idea is key. This gift will provide them the way to capture all your great ideas even when in the shower.

Novel Teas literary quotes

Novel Teas Teabags

An inspiration in every cup, these 25 tagged teabags with quotes on each of them from literary gems from around the world. Great for both writer and the lover of books and reading. Excellent stocking fillers for writers.



A wonderful gag gift for writers to hang in their work spaces, dens or over their typewriters or computers. When writers are in the zone do not disturb, the sign says it all and all writers will love it.

Letters on the Fridge

Magnetic Poetry - Little Box

A fun way to use words, create poetry or leave a message of love on the fridge for your family. Endless possibilities exist with the 72 word tiles. An excellent gift for writers young or old to practice their art.

Antique Feather Pen Set 

ECVISION Antique Feather Pen Set

A wonderful feather pen that comes with 6 calligraphy writing nibs for you to create your own stunning creations. Easy for writers of all ages to use. Includes 1 ink pot and a pen holder.

One More Chapter Pillow

Just One More Chapter Pillowcase

For the writer or the person who loves to read, this is the perfect throw pillow cover. It is durable with quality printing and microfiber inner. Perfect Christmas gift for writers young and old.

Space Bullet Chrome Pen

Fisher Bullet Space Pen

Versatile and stylish this space bullet pen will write at any angle and will even write in zero gravity. It brass and steel construction with a chrome finish it can be used in extreme environments where normal pens would fail.

Typewriter Wireless Keyboard

Qwerkywriter Wireless Typewriter

Feel inspired to become a writer with this wonderful wireless keyboard. The aluminum body looks like an old typewriter and even imitates the sounds of using one. Tablet stand fits even the 12 inch iPad pro. Return bar, rechargeable battery.

Library Book Necklace

Library Book Necklace,

A locket that encapsulates the essence of both reader and writer. The bronze pendant tray is small and light with an alloy vintage style link necklace to hold it. High quality and a great gift for Christmas or birthdays.

Writer T-Shirt 

Women's I Am A Writer Shirt

Writers use everything around them to give them inspiration to start writing their stories. The t-shirt give everyone fair warning. High quality 100% cotton funny t-shirt for writers to wear. Excellent Christmas gift for writers. Available in various colors.

The Amazing Story Generator

The Amazing Story Gener

Need some assistance for story prompts that will get you thinking and get your creative juices flowing then you need the amazing story generator? Offers different settings, characters and plots to mix and match. Gifts for aspiring young writers.

Pigma Micron Pen Set

Sakura 30064 Pen Set

A wonderful pen set for both writers and illustrators. A set of six pens including black, red, blue, green, brown and purple. Used by amateurs and professionals alike. Crisp colors and smooth lines make this perfect occasional gifts for writers.

Valery Leather Journal

Valery Classic PU Leather Cover

Writing down your ideas and illustrating them on lined and blank pages that are refillable. Beautiful faux leather vintage look. Great for poets to do their writing in and an excellent Christmas present for writers. Quality acid free paper.

Fountain Pen Set

A pen is the most valuable writers’ tool, with it they put their ideas into printed words. A fountain pen is a wonderful gift for all writers. This one uses both refills and ink from the bottle. Create beautiful calligraphy.

Writer’s Clock

CafePress - Writer's Clock

A wall clock that is unique and beautiful. A novelty clock that will make the perfect Christmas or housewarming gifts. Plastic case and clear lens with quartz movement that will make sure you are always on time.

Scrabble Refrigerator Game Set 

Scrabble Refrigerator Game Set

Fridge magnets with a difference, create words and score points at the same time. Includes more than a 100 magnets, a full set of scrabble letters with triple, double word tiles as well as triple letter tiles. Wonderful housewarming gifts.

Audible membership

Audible Membership

Listen to your favorite books anytime and anywhere. Use the app and never lose your place. Membership includes one book a month regardless of price. Swap the book for another if you don’t love it. Perfect anniversary gifts.



A fantastic travel word game to play that does not require a board. Enhance your vocabulary and race your friends to use all your words tiles. Wonderful gifts that helps teach spelling to kids and if fun to play.

Time to Read Necklace

nickyxia Library Pendant Necklace

A stunning piece of jewelry for any person who loves to read. A handcrafted choker necklace with a 24 inch plated silver chain with an antique looking silver pendant. Great gifts for authors and people who love reading.

Levenger Page Nibs

Levenger Page Nibs AB0290

Mark your favorite passages in your favorite books with these wonderful page nibs. They are smooth and will not harm delicate paper. You get 36 page nibs in a tin box. Perfect Christmas or special occasion gifts for writers.

Funny T Shirt

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

A funny witty t-shirt for writers. High quality 100% cotton t-shirt that is lightweight, machine washable and perfect for everyday use. You know writers are correcting your grammar as you speak. Writers will love this t-shirt for birthdays or Christmas.

Vintage Stamp Maker Kit

VIVISKY(TM) Sealing Wax Maker Kit

Seal your envelopes or mark you work with a wax stamp as in the days of old. In the kit you get a wax stamp, spoon, white wax and sealing wax. Excellent gifts for writers of all ages.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Bathtub caddy Bamboo

A stunning bamboo rack for your bath. Read your book or use your iPad even while in the bath, or keep your phone, or a glass of wine close to hand while bathing. Extendable to fit any bath size.

Adjustable Vented Laptop Table 

iCraze Adjustable Laptop Table

A tray that can be set at any angle to that you can use your laptop even when lying back in your bed. It includes built-in fans which cool your laptop as you work. Very light and extremely strong.

Traveling Briefcase Laptop Bag

S-ZONE Canvas Leather Shoulder Laptop Bag

Strong and durable canvas bags that can accommodate papers, books and even your laptop and iPad. Adjustable shoulder strap and tote handles for easy carrying. Magnetic closure to keep your goods safe. Excellent gifts for writers.

Standing Desk

VARIDESK-Standing Desk

Provides great support for writers as they are writing. The mat supports your feet, knees, hips and back and has no-curl edges. It has a non-slip bottom so it will stay where you put it. Fits most cubicles or desks.

Winsome Wood Writing Desk

Winsome Wood Writing Desk

A classic beechwood writing desk with a honey finish, drawers and cubbyhole. Will look great in your study or den. It will complement any existing furniture in your writing space with its classic style. Great gifts for authors at Christmas.

Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcase

Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcase

Keep your workspace clear and uncluttered with this stunning oak finish bookshelf with three adjustable shelves. Easy to assemble with slide-on moldings so you can customize to your needs. An excellent housewarming or Christmas gifts.

Sauder Graham Hill Desk

Sauder Graham Hill Desk

A stunning looking desk for your den, study or office to do your writing on. It has a drawer will full extension and holds hanging files. Features shelving and two drawers. Easy to assemble with t-lock system. Great writing desk.

Ergonomic Office Chair

BestOffice Ergonomic Chair, Black

Sitting comfortably while writing or working on your computer is essential for productivity. The chair has adjustable seat height, and a 360 degree swivel. On casters for moving from place to place. Great Christmas gifts for writers.

The Storymatic Rememory

Storymatic Rememory

Unlock hidden stories of your past experiences. A great tool for teaching or to use as a prompt for writing. Get to know each other better with this fun game. Draw a card from three decks and unlock those memories.

Umbra Floating Bookshelf

Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshel

Your books will become works of art on these invisible shelves that seem like they are floating. Includes all mounting hardware and the shelves can hold 15 pounds. Decorate your study in style. Great housewarming or Christmas gifts for writers.

Personal Embosser 

Personal Embosser - ExcelMark

Customize your envelopes, stationary or invitations by making raised impressions suing the embosser. You can personalise and customize your embosser using the “customize now” button. Excellent gifts for writers and business people to put their personal mark on their work.

Unisex Banned Books Socks

Out of Print Unisex Banned Books Socks

Miss-matched socks one with tiles of books and one with the books crossed out. Available from sizes 9 to 13. Comfortable to wear and 1 book will be donated for each pair bought. Great stocking fillers for aspiring writers.

Books Switch Plate

Art Plates - Books Switch Plate

Smarten up your room with these wall plates to cover decorate light switches. The book design is wonderful for a writers study or den. Color matching screws included. Great gifts for authors as housewarming gifts or Christmas gifts.

Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

All writers need inspiration and these writing prompts contain 642 ideas that unlock your creativity. Covers a variety of witty and funny topics such as writing your obituary to writing a poem to an onion. Perfect occasional presents for authors.

Keep Calm Writer T-Shirt

Keep Calm And Write On T-Shirt

A high quality t-shirt for all aspiring writers of novels, poetry or journalists inspiring them to push through writers block and just keep going. Available in black or grey and the perfect stocking filler for writers of all ages.

Hemingway Pencil Cup

Hemingway Pencil Cup

Inspire the writer in our life with this Hemingway pencil holder for their writing desk, or for use at the office. Sturdy and durable made in faux stone composite. Wonderful gifts for writers on their graduation, Christmas or any occasion.

Dixit Game

Asmodee Dixit

A story telling game for the whole family to enjoy. Contain 84 cards, six game pieces and 6 colors. Get inspiration for storytelling in this game that lasts for 30 minutes. Excellent present for Christmas or the holidays.

Zoom H4N PRO

Zoom H4N PRO Recorde

Wonderful gifts for journalists to record interviews, or for writers to capture their ideas for their next story. A multitrack recorder with a 32GB SDHC memory card, protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Excellent gifts for journalists and authors alike.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 256GB

Slim design and lightweight. 256GB capacity, WiFi, MIMO and Bluetooth. Up to 10 hours battery life and retina display. 12MP camera with 4K HD video and excellent four-speaker audio. Supports the Apple smart keyboard and pencil. Fantastic present for writers on their graduation.

4GB Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus VN-541PC Voice Recorder

Record your thoughts and ideas for your next novel, being able to capture your thoughts immediately is a priceless present for any writer. One touch recording so journalists can capture that press conference. Quality playback and noise cancellation.

The Writer’s Block

The Writer's Block

Writers block is the bain of all writers and can put a stop to your dream of writing the great American novel. The Writers Block is jam packed with ideas and images to get your creative juices flowing. Great present.

HP Notebook

HP Notebook 15.6 Inch Laptop

Writing your novel on this feature packed laptop. With a 15.6 touchscreen display. 2.40GHz Dual core Intel processor, 8GB DDR4 SDRAM 2133MHx Memory, HD graphics, 1TB 5400 RPM hard drive and DVD burner and HD webcam. Excellent graduation gifts.

Seagate 2TB Hard Drive 

Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive

Store your data safely with this external hard drive. Store up to 1000 hours of video footage, 250 films or 320,000 photos and 16,660 hours of music. No need to configure and no other software needed to install.

SanDisk 128GB USB

SanDisk Cruzer 128GB USB

A safe and reliable way to store and share you data safely with this 128GB USB with 128-bit encryption software and password protection. Use it to back up your computer so you will never lose your work. Excellent Christmas gifts.

Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera

Take professional photos to illustrate your works with this 40x optical zoom camera with 80x dynamic fine zooms. Document your adventures in  and good sound. Includes batteries, lens cap, USB cable and camera strap.

Apple 13″ MacBook Air

Apple 13

A 5th generation Intel Core i5 and Intel HD graphics 6000. Edit photos, browse the web, or start writing that next great novel of our times. Thin lightweight design makes it easily portable. Up to 12 hours battery life.

Buyers Guide

Writers are creative, they are dreamers whose imagination can conjure up the most wonderful stories. From journalists, to cartoonists, novelists and poets and screenwriters, they all have the ability to put their thoughts into words and bring them to life for others to enjoy. When looking for a present for a writer you need to consider their creative nature, their love of words and their need to share their thoughts with others. For the journalists being able to document their interviews using recorders or camera’s is vital, these are essential tools for their profession.

We have created a comprehensive list of unusual gifts for writers that will delight any writer. We look at everything from funny t-shirts to top of the range laptops and everything in between. There is no better gifts for writers than those that help them put their thoughts into words such as ballpoint pens and hardcover notebooks. Gifts such as home decor to decorate their houses with inspirational shelves and signs. Being creative is difficult and sometimes writers cannot find the words they need, gifts that give them a kick-start, get their creative juices flowing and get them started down the path are always appreciated by a writer.

There is a lot of cool stuff for writers on the market and we cover them all. We have made it easier for you to choose your present, weather you are looking for a stocking filler for Christmas or more expensive presents. We have provided five different categories of gifts from under $1000 to under $20 that are perfect for the aspirant writer in your life.

In each of these categories we have closely reviewed three of our top products to enable you to make your choice for presents easy, all of the gifts reviewed here are available now on Amazon.

Top Gift under $1000

HP Notebook

What better present to give a writer than a computer on which to do their writing on and create their next novel, poem, screenplay, script or journalistic article? This laptop is one of the best on the market and a present that poets, screenwriters, novelists, journalists, illustrators, researchers and more would love to receive for their birthday, Christmas or graduation. It is feature packed and has everything they needs in a computer in order to complete their writing exercises or write that next great book, article or screenplay.

Featuring great speed and lots of storage with 8GB of memory and 1TB hard drive. The processor is a powerful Intel Core 13. The operating system is Windows 10 home 64bit. The display screen is touchscreen and HD WLED-backlit with 10 finger multi tough support. It is a dual-core 2.4GHz processor with Intel HD graphics 620. Has also features wireless connectivity with Bluetooth. A built-in HD webcam with microphone.

The batter is lithium-ion and has a 6 hour battery life. Great features and a good price this laptop is one of the best gifts you could ever get for the person who loves writing in your life. It is available right now at Amazon.

Apple iPad Pro

writer on apple macbookWriting on any topic requires hours or research and a lot of reading and having something that you can take a long with you always to use for taking notes, photographs (check out these gifts for photographers), or just read a book and listen to music. A useful tool not only for writers, but also for teachers and for people who love reading. It is feature packed with 12.9” retina display, ATX chip and works with iOS 9. It comes with different apps for iPad.

The camera is an 8MP camera that takes quality photos and video. The four speaker audio gives quality sound for listening to your favorite music. It has a 32GB capacity and you can share you work, photos or music using Bluetooth, WiFi and MIMO. It is lightweight and has a 10 hour battery life. The iPad Pro will support the Apple pencil and smart keyboard. These make fantastic birthday or Christmas gifts for writers, screenwriters or poets. Available right now at Amazon.

Apple 13″ MacBook Air

A great product from Apple for a writer, the 13 inch MacBook Air is the perfect companion to any person who loves writing. It is a 5th generation Intel Core i5 with Intel HD Graphics 6000. You can edit your photos, browsing the web is fast and easy and you can start and finish your great American novel on it effortlessly, the typing that is not the creativity, that takes a little more effort as all people who love writing know.

The .8GHz dual-core Intel Core 15 processor with turbo boos of up to 2.9GHz ensure that your machine will operate at the speed of light and be able to handle task you want to do on it. It has an 8GB memory and 128GB SSD Storage capacity. It is extremely lightweight and the battery will last up to 12 hours after charging it in full. Easy to take around with you and use wherever and whenever you need to. A really great present for anybody who loves to write or anybody for their birthdays, Christmas, graduation or any special occasion.

Top Present for Writers under $500

Zoom H4N PRO

If you are looking for a present for the journalist in your life. Having the equipment to be able to record press conferences and interviews with clarity and precision is something every journalist needs to have. This digital recorder is one of the fun gifts you could ever give them in their profession. It is also great for any aspiring writer to be able to record their thoughts and ideas no matter where they are, as writing them down is not always an option.

Often people who are writing a book, article or poem will be inspired by something and to be able to record that inspiration and the words that it conjures up is a great asset, also known as bookish gifts – great for book worms. They can then use these recorded thoughts later to continue with their novel. Or perhaps the poet in you is awakened by something you see or do and you want to capture those thoughts at the same time. The Pro4 Audio Digital is Zoom recorders next step up from the original and much loved H4 and they are remarkably similar at first glance.

The Zoom Pro is considered one of the best field recorders on the market. The H4n PRO fits into your hand easily, the screen is clear and the back light bright. The PRO is slightly heavier than its predecessor and the body is now black and rubberised. The PRO has good recording capacity on either SD or SDHC cards up to 32GB, it comes with the same X/Y mics and two XLR/TRS inputs and the XLR points are now lockable, a great improvement from the H4n.

These make fun gifts for people who love writing for their birthdays, Christmas, graduation or any other special occasion. Available to purchase on Amazon right now.

Typewriter Wireless Keyboard

Are you inspired by the writers of old who used to site at their typewriters and putting into print the great American novels such as To Kill a Mockingbird? This lovely aluminum body with click mechanical switches and an all metal programmable return bar will give you all the inspiration you need to get that novel that you have been thinking about writing on the page.

Poets, journalists and any other writers will love this keyboard which features a tablet stand with will accommodate even the 12 inch iPad pro. It has the vintage look with round keycaps and a full QUERTY keyboard. Writing is not easy and any gift that can aide in the creative process is welcome. A unique and quaint gift for writers to inspire them to greatness and available now at Amazon.

Journal writingEmbossed Leather Journal gift

Many writers have their beginning writing their own journals, and are known as book worms. Keeping a record of their lives from when they were old enough to express themselves in the printed word.

This beautiful book can be used as a diary, scrapbook or photo album. The embossing makes it look vintage and it has a lapis lazuli like stone on the front cover. The book has been handcrafted using eco-friendly leather and recycled paper.

The journal is refillable so you can archive each year before starting a new one. Writing poetry, or writing poetry or writing your script or screenplay, or illustrating your work in this personal journal.

This is a wonderful gift for anybody who loves writing of any age or sex. Perfect Christmas or graduation gift.

Top Gift for Writers under $100

Antique Feather Pen Set

To write with the pen that Shakespeare used and will get you inspired by the Bard himself. A very well made stylish vintage quill pen that looks and will write beautifully. The set contained 5 calligraphy nibs, an ink pot and a pen holder. Made with natural feathers perfectly replicates the elegant pens used in Europe for writing the great novels, plays and poetry of the time.

The nibs allow for calligraphy writing so you can do your own invitations for parties or greeting cards. It is a great inspirational gift for any writer of any age and genre. Excellent Christmas gift or as graduation or birthday gifts for a journalism student.

Traveling Briefcase Laptop Bag

This is a good looking canvas bag with a magnetic closure. The cotton straps that are adjustable are strong and durable, it also has a tote handle on the top. It is large enough to fit in A4 size books or magazines. It will also hold up to a 14-inch laptop. The inside is lined with polyester so it is soft and will not scratch or damage your goods such as your iPad.

The perfect gift for the student to carry textbooks between classes. The bag is durable and lightweight with bronze hardware. A wonderful gift or birthday gifts, or as a gift for the new high school graduate off to college. Available in various colors at Amazon now.

Adjustable Vented Laptop Table

Writing is a call and a passion, writing is something a writer has to do and nothing will stand in his way. He may find he gets his ideas when lying in their bath, sitting on their sofa or on the floor, not all people who love writing will sit at a table and type away on their laptops. Give them something that they can use to make their lives easier. It is made from aluminum allow and is not only strong but lightweight.

The built-in fans will keep your laptop cool. The joint locking design will ensure that no matter in what position you put it or at what angle it will function properly. Easy to store and take with you on trips it is perfect for the writer. It can hold up to 30 pounds and is extremely versatile. Great graduation or Christmas gifts for anybody who loves to write.

Best Gift under $20

Literature Coffee Mug

To write is a passion and most of those who love to write will also love to read and will recognise almost every line on this mug. The first line of any novel has to catch the attention of the reader, it is the line that sets the scene for the entire book. This mug holds the first lines of the greatest books ever put into print. It will be an inspiration to any writer. Not only will it be a great gift for people who love writing but for people who love to read as well.

From the adventures of Tom Sawyer to Slaughterhouse Five you will find a first line that you recognise and which prickles your memory and stimulates your creative thoughts. A fantastic housewarming gift, graduation or anniversary gifts for poets or lovers of writing.

Guide to Character Expression

Writing journal with ballpoint penOne of the biggest challenges to any author is capturing the emotions of their character. To put into words what they are feeling at the time. It is not enough to say they are sad, the writer needs to draw the reader in and make them feel the pain or joy of their character and this is one of the most difficult things to do in the world of a writer.

This book is a thesaurus that gives the writer 75 emotions to work with. It illustrates body language cues, what thoughts they may have and responses they might have when experiencing these emotions. The book and is easy to use and to navigate the list of emotions. A great writing tool for any novelist. Any writer young or old will enjoy this book and find it a source of priceless information. Perfect gift for any special occasion, writer will love it.


A great family game to entertain and educate. It is an anagram game that is fun for the entire family to play. It helps your kids to learn to spell and expands their vocabulary. The game is perfect for taking with on holidays and when travelling. It does not take up much space and does not require a board to play unlike scrabble. It is packaged in a soft banana shaped bag.

Race each other to build a cross word, suitable for up to 8 players from 7 years and up. A fantastic gift for the holidays, or for birthdays. Teachers, poets and people who love board games will absolutely love this as a gift for any occasion, available right now on Amazon.

Recommend Stocking Filler

Letters on the Fridge

Writing little messages for your family, roommates or for yourself. Writing poems or put together sentences. 72 magnetic word tiles will allow you to be as creative as you can be. A source of inspiration and a creative writing tool for young and old. Fun and filled with limitless creative possibilities. Use it on any magnetic surface, your car, your appliances and more. Writing a haiku or a novelette on your toaster, fridge or even your doorknob.

You imagination is the only limiting factor here. Use it to help you young writer learn new words and use them in sentences. A teaching tool or just something to have fun with. This is the perfect stocking filler gift for poets at Christmas or as a housewarming gift. They are guaranteed to love it.

Water Proof Note Pad

A writer never knows when the next idea will come to them, it could be while they are in the pool, bath or even the shower. These are times when they are relaxed and often this is when the best ideas will pop into their heads. This can also be very frustrating for them as there is no way of recording the ideas that have come to them.

This fantastic water proof note pad will allow them to capture those thoughts before they are lost and forgotten. Organise your thoughts, sketch or doodle or do some writing including that poem that you have not been able to get out of your head and onto paper before. Use it to document your day’s adventures and activities while you relax in the bath. Excellent gift for any poet, screenwriter or novelist as a stocking filler for Christmas.

Amazing Story Generator

A difficult art to practice and poets, script writers, screenwriters and more are always looking for something to stimulate their creativity to get their writing started. Sometimes it is difficult to find that one thing that will trigger them allowing them to do their writing and create their masterpiece. All great novels started with just one sentence and that lay the groundwork for some of the best writings in history.

The Amazing story generated randomly throws three different elements together, settings, plots and characters to give the writer a unique story prompt and get their creative juices flowing. The prompts are intricate, sometimes colorful and often right out there in wackiness. Give them a gift that will help them formulate their new story. Excellent gift for screenwriters, novelists and actors doing improve. You could give a writer no better stocking filling gift.

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Writer Emergency Pack

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