Gifts for Software Engineers


If you’re shopping for a great gift for a software engineer, then you’re in luck. There are tons of great options available today. From useful gadgets to funny presents to clothes to items that they’ll use every day, we’re going to show you some of the gifts out there that are guaranteed to make the computer programmer or PC enthusiast in your life smile.

Best Gifts for Coders

Computer programmers and coders are experts in various computer languages and spend countless hours a day writing code. Give them a gift that appeals to their passion for computers and technology and you’re bound to see them smile.

PC Repair KitThe iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Government-Issue Edition is a must-have set of PC tools that was put together through researching thousands of computer repair guides. This handy kit is perfect for anyone interested in opening up, repairing, and reassembling all kinds of laptops, IT devices, and cellphones. Plus, for added cool-factor, this set is rumored to be the one used by technicians working in the FBI and CIA.

Intel's Compute Stick


Any coder already has their favorite computer or laptop but can they turn any TV into a PC? That’s what Intel’s Computer Stick does. This tiny device is the size of a standard USB stick but, once plugged in, transforms any HDMI display like a monitor or TV into a full-fledged Windows 10 computer. The Compute Stick allows your friend or relative to carry a PC right in their pocket.


Code AcademyAnd if your friend or loved one is always trying to keep up-to-date with the newest technologies, you can help them broaden their skillset by paying for a course or two at some of the top-ranked online programming schools. Online schools like Code Academy, Udemy, and Udacity offer tons of great, hands-on programs designed to teach various languages and platforms to any programmer from beginner to expert.

Gifts for Web Developers

Web developers are internet design experts, versed in a variety of computer languages. With a love of technology and their tendency to spend countless hours each day tackling layouts, applications, and other web-related content, buy them a gift that appeals to their curiosity or that makes their lives easier.

Test Responsiveness of WebsiteDevelopers have to ensure that the website they’re working on performs on every platform, including different web browsers and handheld devices. The DeviceLab is a terrific responsive development stand that helps developers test the responsiveness of their sites on multiple devices at once, making their life easier and their workspace less cluttered.

GUNNAR Eye Strain Prevention Computer GlassesSpending hours each day staring at a computer screen can cause serious eye strain, headaches, and sleeplessness. But Gunnar Computer Glasses are specifically designed to block harmful blue light, eliminating digital eye strain. And with a number of stylish options on the market, these digital shades are perfect for any computer enthusiast offering eye protection, comfort, and a sleek modern look.

Macbook Ghost StandMacBooks are one of the most common devices used by developers but hunching down over it and using an external keyboard and mouse can be a pain, literally. But the Ghost Stand is specifically designed to elevate a MacBook to a comfortable height. And with its sleek, transparent polycarbonate design, it will make the MacBook look like it’s practically floating in the air.

Funny Gifts for Software Engineers

Just because your friend or relative is a computer programming genius doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have fun. With plenty of humorous tech-related gifts on the market, you can easily find the perfect present to make them smile.

Programmer Binary WatchBinary watches like the Funky Top Men’s Binary Matrix Watch are a great inside-joke for developers and programmers that also functions as a useful accessory. With colored LED lights, this watch will let your loved one or friend display their inner IT geek with style.


Programmer T-Shirt

There is a wide assortment of great t-shirts and coffee mugs available specifically for software engineers on websites like and And with catchy slogans and technical these gifts are bound bring a smile to any programmer’s face whenever they take a sip of coffee or throw on their new favorite t-shirt.

Gifts for Industrial Designers

Help the industrial designer in your life come up with new ideas and tackle a variety of projects with one of these great gifts. Fun, useful, and innovative, they’re all fantastic products guaranteed to please anyone.

Inkling TabletThe Inkling tablet is one of the coolest devices out there today. While other sketching tablets are touchscreen, this amazing gadget lets you sketch on paper. But what’s unique is that the images are recorded and transferred to digital files that can be used in various design platforms like Illustrator and Photoshop. And at only $200, the Inkling is an affordable device that is bound to enjoy years of productive use.

IdeaPaint Pro 50ft Erase BoardAnd if your friend or loved one has a home office and is need of more space to draft their next big idea, why not let them convert up to 50 square feet of space into a fully-functional dry erase board? IdeaPaint Pro offers a great paint kit for $225 that comes in 5 colors. Easy-to-use, this product turns any surface you can paint into a high-performance dry-erase surface that is perfect for capturing big ideas.


Shopping for the software designer or computer programmer in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. There are tons of great choices out there. By giving them a gift that will help them expand their horizons and skills, allow them to take on projects quicker and easier, or just make them laugh, you’re bound to make them smile. For the perfect gifts for Engineers this christmas – click here to read the full guide.