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It’s not long now until Christmas 2020, and that means that the silly season is fast approaching! Expectations are building up for giving and receiving awesome gifts, and you may already be feeling confused about what to get, and under pressure to get something spectacular for everyone. Avoid last-minute purchases and giving risky gifts by using our handy gift lists and gift guides – we’re here to help!

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Top9Rated Gift Guide 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions, and Our Answers!

What gifts can I buy for baby girls and toddlers?

Little girls aged 1-5 years old are learning the essential skills for later life, such as walking, hand-eye co-ordination, and valuable social skills. This age group benefits greatly from interactive toys that stimulate their motor skills and spatial orientation, such as peg boards, building games, and puzzles. Role playing games are also ideal gifts, as toddlers learn basic social skills through acting, pretending, and emulation. They develop crucial emotional skills such as empathy through creating characters that are apart from themselves, as well as communication and conflict resolution when playing with a friend or in groups. Roleplaying also prepares young children for future careers and different roles in society – for example, pretending to be a teacher, doctor, engineer. Here at, we have found that fun, imaginative toys that encourage creativity and active engagement with objects are the best choices for girls in this age group.

Looking for a fun, educational gift that will make any child over-the-moon with delight this Christmas? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of the best gifts for kids of all ages! Every gift is carefully chosen to suit each age group, taking into consideration childhood development, suitability, and of course, the all-important fun factor. Whether you’re shopping for a babbling, bouncing 1 year old baby boy or a rapidly maturing, curious know-it-all 12 year old girl, we’ve got the ideal gifts to make their special day unforgettable.

The teenage years are both celebrated and loathed by those who have endured that unique period between 13 and 19 years old. Experimentation, innovation, adolescent hormones, and the intense drive to “find themselves” are all characteristic of this turbulent stage of life. Teens can be difficult to buy gifts for, simply because they may struggle to communicate their wants, or they may have changing loves and hates. It may seem tempting to give a gift of cash to a picky teenager, but personal gifts are beneficial as they help to let your teen know that you “get” them. That small comfort you can provide is worth the extra gift-hunting effort on your part! To make the task even easier, we have compiled lists of great gifts for teens which will impress them this Christmas.

Surprisingly, gifts for adults can sometimes be even more difficult to select than gifts for kids! Adults can (usually) buy whatever they want or need for themselves, and so the generic choices (basic clothing, appliances, etc) may not be appropriate. Gift giving between adults is primarily a way of strengthening social bonds, and proving one’s love and affection (as well as being a social obligation, but that is a terrible motivation for giving a gift, and makes for poor gift choices!). Need help with picking out gifts for adults this Christmas? Check out our hand-picked lists of the best gifts for men and women for 2020!

What are the best educational gifts for girls aged 6-9?

When girls first start school, they are usually in the million-question-asking age bracket (between 6 and 9 years old), so gifts that reward their curiosity and thirst for knowledge are the best choice. They are likely developing their own particular interests and identities at this stage, so pay close attention to what they like and dislike! Themed gifts, such as a karaoke set with their favourite music and Disney movie sound tracks, are usually a great hit. Creative gifts are another great choice, as young girls generally love personalizing things they own, and will appreciate DIY gifts such as a hairband-creating or a friendship bracelet making kit.

Painting, drawing, fashion design, and architecture games are also all fantastic creative gifts for girls aged 6-9 years old. Gifts that she can enjoy with friends are especially good, like a Lamborghini Aventador ride on car that she can ride in with her friends, as female friendships start blossoming as girls enter the new social realm of school. Board games will put their social skills to the test (especially if it’s a game with opposing teams!), as well as enhancing their vocabulary and logic skills without them even knowing it.

How do I choose a gift for a tween girl who has constantly changing likes and obsessions?

Perched precariously on the verge of puberty, pre-teens (or tweens as they are affectionately known) are getting more and more exploratory when it comes to their identities and finding out what they like and dislike. Between the ages of 10 and 12 they will be entering middle school (or reaching the end of primary school), which offers new friendship opportunities, and a lot more pressure to conform to a social group. Schoolwork may become a secondary concern as they try out new after-school activities and mingle with different social groups, finding out where they might fit in. Gifts that allow them to express their rapidly forming identities are a fail-safe way to meet their needs whilst at the same time making them feel happy and understood.

A private diary or journal is a fantastic gift, especially if it’s a handy new voice password protected kind that will keep out pesky younger siblings! With puberty around the corner, girls of this age group may also enjoy typical “girly” gifts that will help them embrace their transition from kid to young adult woman. Fun makeup kits, hair accessories, and personalized jewellery are sure to be appreciated.

How do I choose a safe, fun gift for baby boys?

Baby boys and toddlers aged 1-5 are totally immersed in learning about the world around them, which often includes putting things in their mouths and taking things apart to see how they work. This means that toys for curious little boys should be certified safe and suitable for their age group, and we have taken that into careful consideration when hand-picking our top rated gift ideas. Boys aged 1-5 usually don’t yet have preferences for gendered toys (e.g., trucks, trains, sports games) and so unisex toys are perfectly fine.

Messy tactile play with toys such as sand pits and imaginative play-doh sets are a great choice, as are toys that facilitate imaginative play (such as Duplo and other building games) and story/character centred toys that encourage roleplaying. Toys that channel the physical and creative energy of little boys are by far the best choice!

What kind of gifts are appropriate for boys aged 6-9?

The structure and rules of the school environment can sometimes be frustrating for little boys entering formal education for the first time, and so fun gifts that allow them to express their creativity freely at home are a great choice. Sports games that involve team activities allow boys to expend their excess energy, whilst at the same time practicing essential social skills with their peers. Between the ages of 6 and 9, little boys are also rapidly learning new things, and they love to create their own imaginary worlds with roleplaying and story-telling. Themed LEGO sets and games with customizable characters are great gifts for boys this age, as they can create their own pretend worlds and let their imaginations run wild. The more quirky and novel the toys, the better!

What can I buy for a pre-teen boy for Christmas?

Pre-teens are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, as at this age (10-12) boys are experimenting with different interests and starting to form their adult identities. This means that their obsessions and likes may change from week to week, and the gift you thought was perfect for them may well now be considered “lame”. Preteens start to follow trends and are increasingly influenced by their peers, so popular gifts that are highly rated are usually a safe bet. Gifts related to their general, lasting interests are also a good idea, as these things are less likely to change frequently.

New gifts in areas they are already interested in are the best choice of all – for example, if they are keen on science, then look for the latest science kits and fun activities that are new in 2020. Anything that challenges their logic and creativity skills and encourages the practice of new social skills through group activity is usually a good option!

What are the best gift choices for teenage girls?

The life of a teenage girl can often seem secretive, as she intensifies the “breaking away” process of individuating from her parents. Fitting in with social groups and being accepted by her peers are likely her primary concern, as well as figuring out romantic attractions to her peers, and dating. Gifts that allow her to explore her identity in creative ways are by far the best choice – customizable hair or clothing accessories, a scrap-book journal / diary with writing prompts, or a basic set of makeup (provided she is interested in makeup!) are all fantastic. A camera stabilizer is also a great gift for a teenage girl, as she can create Instagram-inspired images of the special moments in her life, and have fun with her friends at the same time.

Avoid generic, clichéd gifts that will send a message that you have assumed what she likes – rather take the time to find out her interests, and get something that she will love. If she likes art, look for some art supplies that she may not have tried out yet. If she has a favourite musician or band, consider getting her a poster / album art, or find out if she has their latest music already. Any effort taken to get to know what she likes will be appreciated, so don’t be afraid to choose a more personal gift!

How do I choose a gift for my teen boy when he has such changing likes and dislikes?

Teenage boys vary in their emotional development, but in general, their emotional maturity is slightly behind that of girls of the same age (approximately 2 years!). This means that it is quite important to pay attention to each boy’s stage of maturity when buying a gift for a teenage boy – gifts that express the expectations for him to “be a man” can create unnecessary anxiety! For the most part, fun games that he can play with his friends are a good choice. Games that involve teamwork and conflict resolution (such as multiplayer video games) are great for developing and practicing social skills. Find out what kind of games he likes (whether he’s sporty, into logic games like chess or card games, etc) and use this information to choose a great personal gift.

Emotional development in teenage boys is sometimes overlooked, but it is just as crucial as it is in girls! Give your teenage boy ways to express his forming identity with creative gifts such as a journal, art supplies, a camera, or interesting freeform construction games that have no step-by-step guide, and only endless possibilities! Novel and quirky gifts are also great gifts for teenage boys – anything new and different will catch their interest and get them engaging with new thoughts and emotions. Once again, steer away from clichés and you will be just fine.

Is it better to buy “safe” gifts for women, or to risk a unique and sentimental gift?

So, what do women want? Thoughtful, meaningful gifts top the list, although something pretty and shiny is also appreciated for the right occasion! If you’re feeling anxious and clueless at the prospect of choosing the perfect gift for the woman in your life, then you probably need our help. We have compiled lists of great gifts for women this Christmas, and you are sure to find the perfect gift for your lady, whether she is your wife, mother, or sister! When buying gifts for women, you should ask yourself several questions, including: How close is our relationship? What is my budget? Is it a big, special occasion? These questions will help you to narrow down an appropriate gift. For example, you would spend a lot less on a new girlfriend than you would on your wife of 10 years, or your mother!

Avoid clichés (unless she has expressed that she loves the typical flowers and chocolates and teddy bears) and choose something unique that you know she will love. Beautiful things are an obvious choice, but don’t overlook clever, practical gadgets that she can use for her hobbies (whether she bakes or loves paintball!). Keep it simple, sentimental, and genuine, and you can’t go wrong.

What are the best non-clichéd gifts for men for Christmas?

Stuck for gifts for the men in your life? Simply the gift-buying process by using our handy gift idea lists to inspire you! In general, men appreciate gifts that are both practical and well-designed, so a gift that merely “looks good” may not cut it. If you know your man well, then you can go for gifts that require knowledge of his personal taste, such as watches, clothing, or jewelry. If you don’t know the recipient that well, but know his general interests (e.g., architecture, sports, design, home or garden) then you can shop within one of these interest categories. Look for quirky gadgets that he may not already have, or sentimental gifts that say something about your relationship. For example, if you know he likes craft beer, you could buy him a fun beer brewing kit!

If your man is the type of person who hardly ever buys nice things for himself (but would appreciate a luxury gift), then you could pamper him with new clothing, technology gadgets, or jewelry. The key to buying a great gift is to ignore stereotypes and to focus on the person you’re buying for – it really does work, every time!

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