12 Best Gaming Desks for PC or Console Gamers in 2020

best overall rating
  • Easy to move
  • An all-rounder support for the user
  • Very sturdy made of metallic steel
premium choice rating
  • The desk looks elegant
  • Very Affordable
  • 5-year limited warranty
great value rating
  • Stylish, modern, and classy
  • Can fit with any interior design
  • It suits all kinds of surroundings

If you have a nice gaming console, the latest Xbox or PlayStation, you definitely need a place to settle down and get comfortable with your mates. Gamer desks that are spacious, wide, small or L-Shaped, are the ultimate heaven for all your gaming devices, as it provides one platform to keep them all! With so many types, colors, sizes, and designs available, it is very easy to get confused about the one which suits your home best.

One gaming computer desk may have a set of drawers or a cupboard, another may offer just plain simple space. It all depends on your needs to find the right one for all your gaming and working requirements. To make things easier, we have reviewed shortlisted the top eleven best gaming desks for the PC and Console Gamers.

Let’s have a look at the best gaming desks of today, through our comprehensive review of each and then let’s go through the factors to consider before deciding on the best one for your house.

Best Gaming Computer Desks

best overall rating

1. Atlantic Ultimate Gamer Desk For Pros

Atlantic PC Gaming Desk


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Whether you want a desk with a separate storage drawer, a charging station or one made from the high-quality steel, this one has it all! The Atlantic Ultimate Gamer Desk gives you the ultimate luxury while you are deep in your game. You can keep your entire gaming setup organized and perfectly placed with this desk.

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The desk also features a cup holder, for you to place your drink in as you go about your game. The headphone hook, wire-management trim plates, and the monitor stand, further make it all the more convenient. All in all, a great all-rounder desk, with the maximum convenience for the user. The desk has a separate storage space area, for keeping all sorts of other smaller items a gamer would want to keep. Made from the metallic steel and carbon fiber, this desk is very sturdy, impressionable, convenient, and lasting.

Moreover, the desk also provides enough space for you to make use of two screens i.e. you can place your laptop and the monitor/LCD screen both; and enjoy a clear view of both from your chair at the same time. So, go ahead and enjoy all the gaming equipment and your drink, placed just an arm’s length away, as you enter another round of the full-throttle gaming session.

A complete all-rounder desk, with everything a gamer could need during those intense gaming sessions.

Why We Like It
  • Easy to move
  • An all-rounder support for the user
  • Very sturdy made of metallic steel
  • Maintenance and organization are super easy
premium choice rating

2. Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC Desk

Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner Computer Desk


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Another L-shaped computer desk, this one has a black finish giving it the rich, expensive looks. The desk has a sliding keyboard tray with a safety stop, to prevent it from falling off. The frame is made from the powder coated steel, curved to add to its appeal.

It is also scratch resistant, making it the most suited for all kinds of rough usage. The desktop is made from the tempered glass for more safety and to add a touch of class to it. You will receive the package in a set of two boxes, for safety and convenience. However, the assembly is really easy, in fact, it barely takes a few minutes set it up. Also, it includes a 5-year limited warranty; a strong indicator of its high-quality and reliability.

The L-shaped design makes it convenient to be placed in any room and at any corner. The desk can bear over 50 kgs of weight, making it an ideal one for all kinds of gaming equipment. All in all a spacious desk, for you to keep all your gaming equipment or even use it as a computer, laptop table or simple workspace at home.

Very high in terms of usability and convenience, this desk is very stable and gives the maximum value for money.

Why We Like It
  • The desk looks elegant
  • Very Affordable
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • It is simple and can be placed and worked on in all settings
great value rating

3. Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

Best Choice L-Shape Corner Computer Desk


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If you have a low budget, then here’s a great option for you. This is the cheapest gaming desk, amongst all we have viewed in this guide. However, this one is on the very same level of quality and durability, as the other high-quality desks, we have covered so far. Made from wood, the desk looks very appealing and makes the room brighter and lively merely with its presence. You can keep it in the office, the home office, in the lobby, or wherever you want at home; it fits perfectly.

The desk has a separate drawer for the keyboard as well as a stand for keeping your CPU. This leaves more desk space for you to work or keep other essentials. Very strong, and balanced, the desk can support the entire computer/ PlayStation/Xbox setup. Most stylish, classy, and suited for all times, this desk gives you ample space to keep all your equipment, and still have good working space for yourself. There’s also a small drawer, for you to keep your essential documents, papers/games, whatever you want inside, to keep the clutter on the desk to a minimum level.

Available in the classy white and elegant black, this is a great option which gives you style, room, class, and space. Everything you need, at just the right price!

A stylish, attractive, and vibrant desk, designed to make the room ever cheerful, no matter where placed.

Why We Like It
  • Stylish, modern, and classy
  • Can fit with any interior design
  • It suits all kinds of surroundings
  • Available at an unbelievably low price

4. Bestar Hampton Corner Gaming Workstation

Bestar Hampton Corner Gamer Workstation


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The Bestar Hampton Gaming Workstation is a complete desk in all respects. The desk features a cupboard, keyboard sliding shelf, and a monitor shelf for a better organization. This desk is not just an eye-catcher, but also provides the most convenience in keeping all your gadgets and other essentials well organized. It offers a wide working space and looks perfect in the office, the home office, or even as a computer setup desk.

The assembling is no problem at all; an expert can set it up for you whenever and wherever you want. So, you no longer have to worry about any confusing instructions, small parts, or other issues with the assembly. The service comes with the ‘Amazon Happiness Guarantee’, so, rest assured your product will be handled by the experts.

Other available colors include the Tuscany brown and black. The keyboard shelf has ball bearings on the sides for a smoother and noise free sliding. The center shelf of the desk can be used for keeping the CPU, Laptop or the LCD monitors. This shelf is made from the PVC, shock resistant material. Bring this desk home, you won't be disappointed by this beauty!

In a nutshell, this is one of the best options offering a great storage and organization for all your home office and gaming requirements.

Why We Like It
  • One high quality, futuristic, and modern design
  • It fits for all kinds of workspace and gaming usage

5. E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table

E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table


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The Ultimate Gamers’ desk! This is also dubbed as the ‘World’s 1st glowing desk for gamers’. The gaming desk is designed to match the height level and to make the seating most comfortable for the user. This best gaming desk comes with a wireless remote controller for keeping the speed of the lighting and the glow as per your preference.

The ideal screen distance, right posture, height for the screen level, are all factors that have been considered while making this desk. The top surface is made from the satin finish for better reflections. So, if you want to enjoy a long gaming session with your besties, this is just the right platform for you!

The desktop is most suited to give the most comfort to the hand and wrist while playing. The feet bars perform the dual function of supporting the table and also serve as a nice platform to put your feet up. The core concept behind the desk design is the space shift craft concept; this makes it one of the most favorites amongst the young and enthusiastic gamers. Moreover, in case things get wild, the edges of the table have a nice finish to keep it safe from chipping off.

The world's first LED glowing desk specially designed for the gamers, this one has a very futuristic layout. The best part is you can completely customize the brightness level as per your preference and take gaming to a whole new level.

Why We Like It
  • Designed with the most intricate detail
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting

6. HomCom 69″ Modern L-Shaped Glasstop Gaming Station

HomCom L-Shaped Glasstop Gaming Station


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A modern desk, this one has a smoked glass desktop to give it the elegance. It is more appealing for those who prefer a more serious outlook for their gaming desk. The desk is supported by the steel frame, powder coated and has black MDF panels; giving it a look of sheer elegance. With the modern spacey appeal the desk features a sliding keyboard tray.

Although there are no extra sets of drawers and shelves, the desk allows the maximum space for keeping even the best gaming computer on it and making it look simply amazing. It can also be used for office work and can be placed in all kinds of settings. Overall the desk is light in weight, strong, well-balanced, and lasting. Another attractive feature about the desk is the mobile tower rack for keeping the CPU. It gives you the liberty to place it wherever you like, as per your convenience.

The desk requires assembling of parts, but all the components are included in the package and take up just some time to set it up. The L-shaped computer desk helps you make the most out of your space; whether it’s at home, in a room or at the office, this desk fits in just perfectly.

One very sophisticated design, this desk is just perfect to keep all the gaming stuff, laptops and much more, at home and in the office.

Why We Like It
  • Bring elegance, perfection, and style to your room decoration
  • Durable
  • Affordable

7. Arozzi Arena Adjustable Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Adjustable Gaming Desk


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A wide desk, with the most simplistic, yet funky design. This one is bound to become the love of all the budding gaming enthusiasts. The table top is over 5 feet wide, allowing up to three monitors to be placed with ease on it. Available in the most striking colors of blue, green, black, white, and red, the funky, non-serious look is most appealing to the teenagers.

The frame can be separated from the desk, for ease of transportation and storage purposes. The assembly is quite simple; it just takes minutes to set it up and get started on it. Designed just for the gamers by a Swedish designer team, the desk is 14 sq. feet in size! With a wide, open space you can place all your gaming gear, just as per your wishes. The table features a separate mouse pad that can be fixed anywhere on the surface and an effective cable management scheme.

Keep all your gear organized and in place, just the way you want it. Indulge in all your favorite games, with the convenience and comfort provided by the Arozzi Arena Adjustable desk today! You will love it!

A perfect fit for the term ‘Gaming desk', available in all the appealing and vibrant colors, this one has a wide space to fit all your gear with ease.

Why We Like It
  • A very appealing, artistically designed desk for all gamers.
  • This one has a custom mouse pad, made from water-resistant material
  • Competitive price
  • Durable

8. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk


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Another L- desk designed for the gaming desks. The Z-line is supported by a metallic frame, made from the high-quality strong metal, with welded joints and a powder coated finishing. Also fitted with all joints are the reinforced plates, to make the desk as sturdy and lasting as can be. The table top is made from the tempered, safety glass, and looks ever elegant when placed in a room. The maintenance is super easy and the uncomplicated design makes it even simpler and appealing.

Just place it in a corner to fit its L-shaped exterior and make the most out of this simple desk. Setting up the desk just takes a few minutes and assembling instructions are included in the package. The sliding keyboard tray also makes it even more convenient for use. You can simply slide it back inside when you do not need the keyboard to give your hands more space and freedom.

Furthermore, there is a limited lifetime warranty for this product; this says a lot about its durability and quality manufacturing. The shelf for keeping the monitor is just at the right level for our eyes and posture to stay most relaxed when viewing the screens.

An artistically designed desk, which gives you the most convenience for keeping your keyboard, mouse, and other gaming accessories in place.

Why We Like It
  • Strong, sturdy, and very lasting
  • Made of tempered long-lasting glass strong enough to bear all the weight
  • Durable
  • Competitive Price

9. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner PC Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk


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If you want to add a touch of elegance to your desk, you definitely need to have a look at this beauty! With a sleek and polished tempered glass top, the desk looks ultimately deluxe in all kinds of settings.

The supporting frame underneath is made from the strong steel material to make it everlasting and amongst the league of the high-quality gaming desks. This L-shaped computer desk is designed to give all the space you need for all your gaming gadgets. It also has a separate CPU stand, under the table and a sliding keyboard tray to give you the maximum comfort and organization.

The package includes a step-by-step guide for easy assembly of the desk. The design is quite open and simplistic, but it looks highly elegant and gives you the most comfort and convenience.

Moreover, as apparent in the image, the desk can be used as two separate setups. You can even use it alongside a friend, or just by yourself with one side as your work space and the other for your gaming, whatever way you prefer. The keyboard tray can be mounted on either side of the desk as well so that it suits perfectly well to your usage.

This desk is suited for all rooms and décor. So, add some sophistication to your gaming arena and bring home the Walker Edison Soreno today!

You can place this in your office, the home office, or in your hyper, gaming lover teen’s room. It looks appealing and keeps all the stuff organized and arranged.

Why We Like It
  • Looks very elegant and classy
  • It is one of the most attention catching desks
  • Very unique design
  • Easy to move around

10. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk For Gaming

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


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If you are looking for a simple, lightweight option, then this one is the best bet. It takes the minimal time to set up and can be folded up for storage purposes. The simple looking desk, can support as much as 250 pounds when placed on it, preferably in the center, or balanced across its surface.

The desk takes up the least space and is ideal for all kinds of apartments, condos, and even dorm rooms. When folded, it flattens up and can just be placed next to the wall to take up the minimal space.

The desk is not just light weighted and convenient but also very durable. The table top is flat and offers sufficient space – 7 square feet to be exact – to place all your gaming gizmos. You can also use it as your corner desk, and place all your essentials and other decorative items on it.

The top surface board of the desk can easily be detached too. Once removed, the desk’s weight automatically reduces by a great deal; this feature is very useful especially if you frequently shift places or have to move the desk from one room to another. Shifting, moving, and even carrying this desk is really easy.

The desk offers enough space for you to keep your LCD as well as a laptop simultaneously for your work or gaming requirements.

Folding and storing the desk is a breeze; it is quite long-lasting and gives the user the most convenience.

Why We Like It
  • Very easy to set up
  • It can be folded or put up in just seconds!
  • Durable
  • Affordable

11. ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk

ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk


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Simple, elegant, spacious, and made from the highest grade material, the Apex Desk Gaming Desk, is one of the most preferred desks for all gamers. The desk offers the main benefit of height adjustability, allowing the screen to be at the most comfortable level to your height or seat.

This is one of the highest quality desks, balanced, most stable, and really easy to assemble. The small computer desk does not require any fitting of screws for getting it setup and in place, the levers allow easy lift up and fixing of the columns.

Since the gaming setups are usually under the use of the teenaged kids and their friends, things often get wild and pump up. So, the desk is made from the tough laminate material, which keeps it scratch free and is quite easy to maintain.

Often, the most annoying factor about the gaming desks is the lack of balance and instability. This one has a center beam, which makes it much more stable than all the other desks with a cross bar.

Moreover, if you wish to relax, as you get deeply engrossed in your favorite game, this desk will give you all the leg space you could wish for and enjoy your game.

A simple, classy desk, made from the same MDF material most of the expensive and the highest quality branded gaming desks are made from. This one is highly recommended due to its spacious exterior and quality.

Why We Like It
  • Made from the top quality MDF
  • Scratch resistant laminate material used
  • It is very affordable
  • Best value for your money

Buyers Guide

Just like all kinds of other furniture, tables, and desks, there is no perfect gaming desk, fit for all kinds of homes, offices, and users. Depending on the review of unique tastes and preferences of the masses, these desks have been designed keeping a number of factors in mind. The desk could be high or low, black or gray, and designed simplistically or with the most detail to suit the varying likes.

Since you may be spending a number of hours on the desk, it becomes your ultimate personal space. So, in order to know which desk suits your needs best and provides the most convenience of use, here’s a complete guideline for your ease.

One thing to keep in mind before we start, however, is that not all desks are designed solely for use by a gamer. Some may offer better support for a gamer upon review and his gaming equipment, whereas others may be great for gaming as well as for all other kinds of office, school, etc. work.

Main Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Gaming Desk

When browsing at desks, first look into the key factors to consider before buying your own:

  • Space

A good desk must provide enough room to fit your brand new gaming chair, laptop or LCD screen, monitor, gaming projector, PC, mechanical keyboard, sound deadening headphones and the other essentials. If required, you may even need a desk with space for keeping two or even three screens at a time. However, from our reviews, the best of the desks offer enough room to keep your controllers, and the other gadgets, whereby leaving a sufficient space.

You always need space to keep any paperwork, documents or simply for giving your hands the space to move freely. How much space is the best, depends on your usage and requirement. So, with an idea of the desk space you really need and have the room for, will make it easier to make the right decision.

  • The Budget

If you have sufficient budget, then the options for the gaming desks are unlimited. You can have all the elegance, quality, brands, and appeal you’d want with the desk. Typically the desks start from about $100 and go up to a high of $500. So, you can always find a good desk no matter what your budget is. You may have to compromise a bit on the quality or material it is made from. However, you will find the great designs in the lower range as well.

  • Design

Nowadays, the desks are available in these common designs:

  • L-shape.
  • U-shape.

Depending on your needs and space you have for the desk at home or in the office, you can choose the right one. Also, your usage plays a great role in determining the right design. For instance, if your work involves the use of multiple screens, an L-shaped desk may be more feasible as it allows more space to the user.

A U-shaped desk may be more suited in a place where you have more space. It allows you to work comfortably from two desk stations. So, you can keep your gaming equipment on one side and the laptop and office work on the other.

  • L-Shaped Desk

You can place the L-shaped computer desk in any room. It can just fit in the corner and also lets you multitask. Also, a number of gamers from all around the world agree that it has a major effect on the quality of the sound and enhances the gaming experience.

  • Standard-shaped Desks

These are simple desks. They have all the basic essential components a good gaming desk should have and are very easy to assemble as well.

  • The Material of The Desk

The main construction and the material the desk is made from usually determine the price. It also speaks a great deal about the quality of the desk and its durability. Usually, you will find these desks are made from the following material:

  • Steel.
  • PVC and Steel

These desktops have a steel frame underneath. The PVC makes them quite portable and lighter in weight, so they can be dragged or moved from room to room with much ease. These are stable and quite long lasting.

  • Glass

Glass top desks look very elegance and sophisticated. These are the best to be placed in a nice, well-decorated setting or even in the office. Most of the times the glass used are the scratch-resistant, tempered glass;the cheaper models may have a low-quality glass. However, the only problem with these desks is that the glass top may become marred by fingerprints and other marks caused due to spillage, dragging of materials, etc.

  • Wood

Manufacturers may use maple, pine, or even oak wood for making these desks. These are very strong and sturdy. In terms of durability, these desks are said to be the longest lasting of the lot and also make great gifts for all the family. Wood makes the desks look elegant and attractive. Maple and oak are amongst the most expensive and top-quality woods.

However, the pine wood works just as well and the design you like best can also be made with this food, so as to bring the price to match your budget. However, these desks are not easy to transport. They are heavier and cannot easily be dragged or pushed to another room due to the weight.

  • Assembling

When you buy these desks, usually they come packed up in boxes with instructions about setting up the desk. Often the unclear and incomplete instructions can lead to a hassle and frustration. Many times the items do not include the additional screw or other parts to get it fixed right away.

The best of the desks have the clearest instructions and often also provide the convenience of calling the assembling guy for getting it assembled fast, without any difficulty and as per your convenience.

However, if you just want to avoid the hassle of going through with the assembling, it is better to buy a small desk which either comes fully assembled, or just needs 1-2 additional attachments to be up and settled.

  • Size

Ideally, the desk should fit perfectly in the corner or room you want it placed. To make sure it doesn’t look huge or is much of a misfit, it is wise to take the measurements beforehand. However, if you have a huge space available, then you can altogether leave the measurement step and just a large desk as long as you are sure it’ll fit.

  • Other features
  • Detachable compartments.
  • Adjustable height level, etc.

Now that you’ve looked into the things to consider before bringing your desk home, let’s look into the key benefits of buying a good desk for your home:


Advantages of Buying the Right Gaming Desk

  • Posture

A good desk enables you to stay upright and keep your neck and back relaxed no matter how many hours you spend on the desk. This is especially very important if you have to spend the long hours at gaming or working at the office. So, a good desk helps you keep your posture straight and keeps all the pains and aches away. Also, it will keep you more relaxed and at ease, as compared to desks that entirely amisfit for you.

  • Space

The more working area the desk provides the better it is. It helps keep your desk more organized and you can keep all of our stuff with ease. So, if you know how much space you actually need, you can narrow down your options and bring the right one home.

  • Cable Management

Since gaming involves the use of multiple hardware and devices, it could lead to a huge mess of wires hanging all over the desk. It would be terrifying to find your earphones deeply entangled in the whole mesh. So a good desk provides the cable management and securely tucks away the wires from view. The desk stays clean and clear at all times.

  • Productivity

Once a desk is comfortable enough for you, it automatically lets you focus and increases your productivity. Whether you are playing a game or doing other work, you will see that once you have everything at the right place and don’t have to get up to find other things, you can focus better. Hence, you can work better and stay energetic and fresh and also multitask.

  • Durability

A good desk lasts a long time and can take on all the weight of the gaming equipment without losing its balance. You can easily and safely place your best gaming PC on it and be certain it wouldn’t lose its balance. It also lasts a good number of years without getting damaged, scratched, or chipped from anywhere.

  • Compartments

The best desk gives you just as many compartments and spaces designated for placing your keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. Whereby leaving enough space to let you work comfortably.

  • Style

A good desk brings style and adds to the appeal of the home. It also makes the gaming or working experience more relaxed and gives you peace. This makes a brilliant gift for a boys room. Whereas a cluttered desk, placed in the most unfit of the spaces, and also which doesn’t suit the user’s requirements or height level etc. will only make it harder to focus. So, all, in all these desks, help you work or play your favorite games with ease.

It gives you a place to keep all our essential stuff in; so you no longer have to rummage through the room to find everything you need to get settled. These desks will always be there ready for you to just sit down and turn on your computer or LCD, and grab the controllers and get set to go!

Gaming requires considerable focus and gear. When everything is just where it should be, with the cables safely and neatly tucked away, the monitor in front to meet the eye level, the keyboard in its sliding tray, etc. it automatically lifts your mood.

A whole lot of energy and time is saved and the performance automatically gets a boost. So, the benefits of buying the desk that suits you best are many. When making the purchase, there are hundreds of factors that can influence the final decision. Of these, a few other things you must be mindful of include:

  • The desk should be stable. Any desk which doesn’t balance properly or stays uneven, only adds to the frustration of the user.
  • It should be easy to wipe clean and maintenance should be quick and stress-free.
  • The quality of the wood must be good; otherwise, it may chip off from the corners much sooner that it should.
  • It must be able to bear all the load.
  • It must provide the right height or allow adjustability for setting the right level.

As far as the prices are concerned, you will easily find a good desk under $100 which just fits the basic criteria for the desks. If you wish to go for the extensive layout options, elegant designs, and colors, then the cost may go up as high as $500.

It all depends on your needs and preferences. There are amazing world-class gaming desks in the market which are suited for the serious gamers. The features and specifications are beyond limits and newer desks are coming with even additional options and features to make it all the more convenient for you.

Great Ways to Organize Your Desk

A disorganized, messy or unclean desk, not just gives a negative impression but also makes your work more difficult. It takes a whole lot of time and energy looking for your stuff on an unclean desk and so, you cannot stay focused for a long time. Here are a few tips to make your desk as clean and clutter free as can be:

  • Paper: Since paper and documents play a significant role in contributing towards the clutter, find ways to organize it. You can:
  • Keep it all in the drawer.
  • Buy a letter tray.
  • Get yourself an accordion file.
  • Keep the papers organized in files, or keep the ones most essential on the table in a separate box and the rest stacked away in the cupboard.
  • Place a small box on the side and keep all essential papers in it.
  • Use Limited Decorative Items: Place all decorative pieces, photo frames, etc. on other shelves. The main purpose of the desk is to give you a place to work. So, place your essentials first and then you may add more to it if there’s still space.
  • Use Your Notebook: Random pages, sticky notes, and other small pages only add to the clutter. They are quite easy to misplace as well and often go unnoticed. Get into the habit of writing all the important stuff onto a diary.

Keep a small desk diary with you, it will help keep you organized and leave much room for all your gaming gear.

  • Minimize Stationery: Just keep a few pens, pencils and other stationery you actually need on the desk with you. It helps keep it less cluttered and you can have easy access to the pens you mostlyneed.
  • Buy A Separate Magazine Rack: Magazines and other flyers, are also good contributors to all the mess on the desk. Make a separate shelf or store them someplace else. You can also buy a magazine rack or designate a cupboard or drawer exclusively to them.
  • Avoid Junk: While gaming or working avoid eating anything as much as you can. It leaves tiny crumbs everywhere, which even get to the keyboard. These are not just hard to clean but, if left for long can lead to molds and stubborn stains.

For more tips and tricks, read here.

Remember, One Size Does NOT Fit All! With the ever changing market and with newer gaming equipment being launched every day, the number of options and choices keep changing for the desks as well. The gaming desks as discussed above are available in the markets in hundreds, in fact, thousands of shapes and sizes.  Many desks have LED lights, cable management, cup holders, sliding trays and many other features that make them stand out and keep a step above the rest.

One may prefer a smaller desk with everything right in front; no drawers, sliding trays, etc. However, another gamer may want a complete U-shaped desk with all the space and other drawers and compartments to keep everything in its respective place. One may prefer the branded top-quality line, whereas another may think of making a DIY desk at home.

As we’ve discussed in this guide, there are countless factors that contribute towards making the desk the right one for your home. We have seen all the essential factors that you just HAVE to consider, before purchasing to ensure that the desk coming home, is the perfect fit. However, as with all other kinds of desks, we can never say for sure which one is the best for every individual.

Should Desks Have Enough Room For Two or Three Monitors?

If you want to use the dual screens or share your desk with someone, ideally it should have enough place to keep two or even three monitors. Also, it depends greatly on the nature of your job. If you are doing video edits, for instance, an additional screen will make your work much easier and faster.

Plus, if you can multitask, like many other gamers an additional screen gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your game on one screen while watching the latest season of your favorite soap/drama on the other.

However, if you need the desk for your home office or simple usability, you really don’t need multiple screens. So, a small desk will be just perfect to serve as your desk. Additional space may just be not needed and may often be much harder to take care of.


How Do Desks Maximize My Game Play Ability

Gaming desks will give you the much-needed room and space to keep all your gaming equipment, gadgets, and other favorite devices in one place. With everything just where you need it, in an organized manner, it automatically lifts the mood and helps you focus on the game.

Plus, with the screen just at the right level, the keyboard tray, and mouse pad to make every move more comfortable and just the way you want it to be, gaming automatically goes a level up when you bring home your own gaming desk. You will see it has a major impact on your efficiency and energy.


What Is The Correct Posture For Sitting At Gaming Desk?

Just as with any other desk, sitting by your screen requires the right posture. In order to put the least strain on your body, especially the shoulders and back, you must get your body into a habit of sitting up straight. A few things to keep in mind here are:

  • The lower back must be supported by the ergonomic chair. You can also place a cushion or a back supporting foam to keep it from getting stressed under long hours of playing.
  • The feet should ALWAYS lie flat on the floor. If the chair lifts your feet up, then you must adjust the height of the gaming desk to suit your level as you sit down on the chair.
  • There should be a 90-degree angle at the knee level for support.
  • Recline the chair back to a 100-110-degree angle for more support.
  • Sit up straight and keep your shoulders and hips at the same level.

For more information and tips on maintaining the correct posture, read here.


So, gaming desks are one of the primary requirements to get started with gaming for both the young and old enthusiasts. We have discussed the top eleven desks for this year that may also be used as workplace desks at home or in the office, wherever you want. We hope the above guide was helpful for you to know the kind of desk you should look for the features these desks come with, today.

It is always better to conduct a short market survey before making the purchase decision. Bring home one of these gaming consoles, and take it all on an entirely new level with your friends and family.

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