Fidget Spinner Tricks Guide


A fidget spinner is a unique toy that has gained popularity since the beginning of 2020. Similar devices have been invented as early as 1993 but have only recently has the fad taken off in a big way. The toy is designed to help people who have trouble focusing and to limit fidgeting but some schools have banned fidget spinners from the classrooms due to the distraction they cause. There are many claims that a fidget spinner can be used to help people suffering from ADHD, anxiety and other neurological disorders.

Each fidget spinner has two or more weights on the three outer prongs that make it spin faster and stay balanced. Are these toys just a new and passing fad or can they be used as an aid for serious neurological disorders? Scientists have not yet found evidence that fidget spinners are able to help children with autism although they greatly diminish the need to fiddle or fidget.

Fidget spinners are made from a variety of material such as; brass, stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, copper or plastic. A kind of gyroscope or flywheel in principle, fidget spinners enable a player to pull off certain tricks or stunts using the fidget spinner. Tricks include balancing the spinner on top of the fingers and throwing or catching among others.

How to Spin a Fidget Spinner?

There is no right or wrong way to spin a fidget spinner and this is probably why it is such a popular toy. The main purpose of the toy is to spin while being held by the player whether it is with two fingers or two hands. Here are some basic ways to spin a fidget spinner:

The Flick MethodThis is the most basic method of spinning a fidget spinner and also the easiest. This method can be used with almost any type of spinner.

  • Hold the spinner on the centre pad using your thumb and index finger only.
  •  Use your middle or ring finger to flick the nearest prong of the spinner. It should spin freely between your thumb and index finger.

The Reverse Flick or Snap Method: This method is similar to the flick method except it will be done in reverse. This method is great for bar spinners

  • Hold the spinner in the same way as with the flick method using your thumb and index fingers.
  • Use your ring finger to push against the body of the spinner. This will prevent it from spinning on its own and keep it in place.
  • Using a snapping motion, flick the prong with your ring finger in the direction of your hand.

Easy Fidget Spinner Tricks

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a few cool tricks using a fidget spinner. Now you can expand your spinning repertoire by practising these easy to learn spinner stunts.

  • The Convertible: This is the most basic spinner stunt to perform using the above mentioned spinning methods as a starting point. Once it is rotating solidly, lift your thumb up so that the spinner is now spinning only on your middle finger.
  • The X-tetrad Leapfrog: A bit more skill and patience is needed for this move. Start off with “The Convertible” but balance the spinner on your index finger instead of your middle finger. Once you have built up a satisfactory speed, toss the spinner into the air and try to catch on the tip of your middle finger, making sure it’s still spinning.
  • The Single Tap: Start off with “The Convertible” using your thumb and middle finger. Toss the spinner into the air and try to catch it on the backside of your hand without stopping it. Then toss it back up into the air and catch the bearing with your middle and thumb finger.
  • The 9-Fingered Death Punch: This is one of the most difficult spinner stunts and requires quite a steady hand. Start off with “The Convertible” and then move into “The X-tetard Leap Frog” going from finger to finger. Once it reaches your pinkie finger, toss it back and try to catch it with your index finger without it stopping. Repeat “The X-tetard Leapfrog again back to your pinkie.

Fidget Spinner Tips

A fidget spinner is only as good as its ability to spin so obviously you want it to spin as long and as hard as possible. Full ceramic bearings are your best option if you are looking for a smooth, quiet longer lasting spin. By selecting the highest quality bearings on the market, you are guaranteed to have a longer spin time than all of your friends. If high quality bearings are just not an option for you then a good clean up can temporarily speed up your spinner’s performance.

Cleaning the bearings does come with a few risks but if executed properly you should not run into any problems. First you need to flip open the dust shield on your spinner by prying it open with a small screwdriver or sharp knife. The lubricants in the bearing are the main dust gathering culprits and the reason why your spinner could be slow or sticky. You can clean the bearing with a solvent such as acetone, rubbing alcohol or water.

Acetone and alcohol will evaporate faster than water so make sure your bearing is completely dry before closing it up again. Remember that acetone might damage certain materials so stick to water if you are not sure what your spinner is made of. Once your bearings are dry, you can close the dust shield up and watch the spinner spin at least 20% faster than before. Without a lubricant, your spinner will be louder but you can fix this by adding a drop of lubricant to the bearing.

Fidget Spinner Tricks for Kids

Fidget spinners are a great way to keep fidgety kids at bay. With all of the great tricks and stunts you can do with fidget spinners, it’s no wonder teachers are banning them from class rooms. Some tricks are more difficult than others but with enough practice and patience they can be mastered. Here are 3 easy fidget spinner tricks for kids:

  • Hand Transfer Trick
    Begin by spinning the toy between your thumb and middle finger. Once it is spinning fast enough, try to transfer it to the thumb and middle finger of your opposite hand.
  • Finger Transfer Trick
    Hold the spinner between your thumb and middle finger. Once it is spinning fast enough, lift your thumb and balance the spinner on your middle finger. Lower your thumb and turn your hand so that your thumb is now underneath the spinner. Lift you middle finger off of the spinner and balance it on your middle finger. Swop the spinner between fingers without letting the spinner stop.
  • Around the Back
    Hold the spinner as you would with the “Hand Transfer”. Once the spinner has gained enough speed, hold your hands behind your back and transfer it from one hand to the other without letting it stop.

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