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Dyson Humidifier Review & Buyers Guide

Quick Summary

Humidifiers are great for adding moisture to your home and, they are a great way to make your living conditions more comfortable. We found after using this Dyson humidifier we were able to bring moisture back to our lips and skin, protect our throat and soothe our sinuses. But very often it can be confusing to know which one to pick. Thankfully, Dyson has made a brilliant humidifier model which we think you’ll love. Anyone who’s used a Dyson vacuum before will know how good this companies engineering is and you’ll definitely agree when you start using this Dyson humidifier.

Did you know? Dyson also make great fans!

Key Features

It’s incredibly annoying to have a fan for cooling us down in the summer and also having to store and drag out a humidifier which we use in the winter to keep us moist and healthy. Thanks to this Dyson humidifier’s great dual function that allows you to keep your air hygienic and cool you down in the summer you don’t have to own two separate products. This Dyson always comes with loads of other brilliant features and only weighs 8.62lbs.

For example, you’ll also find this humidifier comes with this specially designed Ultraviolet Cleanse technology you’ll be able to clear every drop of water of up to 99% of bacteria using one press of the remote. There’s even an accurate climate control function of this humidifier which allows creating a comfortable temperature whatever the weather or your needs. The Dyson humidifier is able to use its Intelligent Climate Control which measures the heat with the moisture to change its settings accordingly.

Thanks to the patented air multiplier technology fitted this Dyson enables you to project humidity across long distances meaning you’ll be able to keep even the largest of room hydrated. Overall, we think you’ll find this Dyson a modern, stylish and stunningly durable humidifier which will blend, clean and hydrate any room brilliantly!


Dual functionality: A humidifier that is both hygienic, even humidification year-round with high-velocity air to cool you in summer.

Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology: This humidifier will kill 99% of bacteria.

Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation: This allows you to live a healthier life without fear of an asthma attack!

Cord Length: With an excellent cord length of 5.9 feet you’ll be able to plug it and move around even the largest of rooms.


Refilling Water: The only negative factor we noticed when it comes to this Dyson humidifier was the need to refill your machine with water after you’ve left it overnight. This can be a pain if you look to use your humidifier mostly at night. But we think, as long as you get into a routine of filling up your humidifier on a night time before you use it you won’t find this problem too much on an inconvenience. Overall, we think this slight annoyance is worth it in the long run, thanks to how well this machine hydrates your room.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This is great for those who are sick of living in dry rooms, those who get infections quite often and even those who use their voices to earn a living – like singers. Thanks to the dual function of this humidifier you can use this machine all year round to ensure your room is clean and hydrated which we believe can do wonders for your health!

Why we liked it

One of the reasons we loved this humidifier so much is how well it works compared to some of the others we’ve tried. A lot of humidifiers often make our rooms too damp, and this is because they aren’t smart enough to know what our rooms humidity level should be. But this Dyson humidifier comes with unique technology which tracks just exactly how much moisture there is in the air and accordingly adjusts how much midst it sprays across our room. We also love how quiet this machine is meaning we can leave it on overnight while we sleep without it keeping us awake at night!