The Best Towel Warmers For a Really Trendy and Luxurious Bathroom

These Cool Towel Warmers Make for a Trendy Addition to Your Bathrooms

Do you love the feeling of clothes fresh from the dryer? They are so warm and toasty. Now imagine having a nice warm towel for when you get out of the shower. Nothing could feel better, especially on a cold winter morning!  When it comes to towel warmers there is a lot to consider: your needs, size, time to heat up, and style.  Who knew deciding on a towel warmer was that complicated! Even if you have a small bathroom you can still have a towel warmer.

With a variety of price points anyone can afford a towel warmer for their bathroom. Since these warmers are on the top 9 list you know that they got high reviews from current or past users.  Take the guess work out of deciding on a towel warmer let this list of the 9 top towel warmers will help you decide which one is right for you. To organize your bathroom even more, try a shower caddy.

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Buyer’s Guide For Towel Warmers

After reading the list of towel warmers we are sure you are completely convinced that you need one of these little luxuries, especially for cold mornings. Normally, someone would just consider the price when buying a towel warmer. They just think “I want my towels warm and I have about $100 to spend”. Then they get it home and realize that it just does not work for them.  The warmer is either too big for their bathroom or it is too small and does not hold all the towels they need. Maybe it takes too long to heat up or gets too hot. These are all important things you need to think about before purchasing a towel warmer.  Before you go out and purchase some random warmer, read this buyer’s guide. The buyer’s guide will help you walk through your needs, the size, time to heat up and the style of our top 9 towel warmers, helping you to find the exact towel warmer for you.


First things first, what exactly are your needs? Do you need a towel rack that simply warms towels or do you want one that can warm other items too like swimsuits? Are you going to use it every single day? These are important questions.  If you are going to purchase a towel warmer for your lake house because you want your swimsuits and towels to dry sooner then you need to look for one that has this capability. You probably also want one with a higher temperature to ensure it will dry swimsuits and towels. Also, since you are only going to use it during the summer you do not need one that is geared towards everyday use. If you are purchasing a towel warmer to use every single day then you need to also really consider the next 3 things in our guide: size, time to heat, and style.


When it comes to size of a towel warmer it comes down to 2 things; size of your family and size of your bathroom. How many people live in your household? If it is just you then you probably do not need one of the larger ones. Also, what kind of space do you have in your bathroom? Some houses have bathrooms that are super small. If that is the case you are going to also want something small and probably lightweight.  If space is not an issue and you have several people in the home then you probably want to opt for the bigger ones. Even if you have a small bathroom and a large family you can still get one that will suit your needs. A wall mounted towel warmer can save space and warm several towels. Before you buy, you need to seriously think about the size factor it will truly make a difference in your overall satisfaction.

Time to Heat

Some of the towel warmers listed here will get hot very quickly, within 10 minutes. Others take 30 to 45 minutes to heat up. This is actually very important. If you get up in the morning have coffee and breakfast before you get in the shower then you would have no problem with one that takes longer to get warm. However, if you are more of a sleep in till the last minute and take a shower as soon as you wake up person, then you will want one that warms up your towels super quickly.  With that being said there are towel warmers with programmable timers, meaning that if you wake up late but still want a warm towel, splurge for the one with the programmable timer. Then you can set and forget about it, kind of like your coffee maker! The style of the towel warmer also effects the time it takes to heat up.


There are 3 basic styles when it comes to towel warmers. You have your free standing rack type of warmers. Then you have the wall mounted ones (also like a rack) and lastly, you have more of a cube/canister type. The first 2 kinds you simply lay your towel over the warming bars. The last 1 you actually put the towels inside the canister and it warms them up.  The style you choose is not only going to be about personal preference but also about the time it takes to heat up and space you have in your house. If you do not have a lot of space and like your towels to heat up quickly then you will want more of the canister design. The wall-mounted style also will save you space but sometimes can take longer to heat up because there is nothing really to trap the heat, like a canister. Also, a canister style is a little safer with the heated portion covered and not exposed. You will also want to make sure that whatever style you choose has an auto shut off feature to help prevent a fire if you forget to turn it off or unplug it.

What is the best towel rack for a large family?

If you have a large family and you want your towel warmer to warm more than just 2 towels then you are going to want either a wall mounted or free standing towel warmer. The cube/canister style will generally only hold 2 towels. You will want one with 10 bars to provide enough surface area for several towels. Also, if you have small children in your family how hot the towel warmer gets is probably going to be something you need to consider. Little fingers like to touch shiny objects and if your towel warmer gets well over 200 degrees (Fahrenheit) then it could burn them.  A wall mounted and lower temperature rack is probably your best bet if you have a large family with young children. This way you can mount it high so they cannot reach it and if for some reason they do get to it the lower temperature will prevent a bad burn.

Another option for a large family is one of the cube/canister style warmers. While they only hold 2 towels you may have to refill it for each person, but this style does warm fairly fast. This style also means that there are no exposed bars that could possible burn a little one. Most of them have an auto shut off if they get too hot, eliminating any potential fire hazard. You can also put them in the closet until you are ready to use it again (saving you space).

What is the best towel rack for a small space?

You really have 2 different options here. The cube/canister style is small, lightweight and compact, thus saving you lots of space.  It simply sits on your counter, or even the floor. Since it is lightweight, you can easily move it to a linen closet after each use, freeing up space in your bathroom for the rest of the day. But remember this style can only hold 2 towels at a time.  If you do not want the hassle of moving it every day then you should try the next option.  Often people think about counter or floor space when thinking about a towel warmer. Sometimes, in a small space, you need to think up. There are wall mounted warmers that are rack style. Basically, just like the free standing rack style towel warmer but on the wall. With that being said the next option for a small space is a wall mounted towel warmer. The wall mounted ones come in a wide variety of sizes. So if you have a big family but a tiny bathroom you can still get a larger towel warmer but will have to mount it on the wall.  You will just need to make sure that there is enough space on the wall near a standard outlet so that you can plug it in.

What is the best towel rack for a single person?

Again you have 2 options here if you are a single person. The Amba Jill Plug-In Towel Warmer that is wall mounted is perfect for someone who lives alone. It is small with only 4 bars making it perfect for 1 person. Also, the small size of it means that it will not clutter up your bathroom. The other one is the cube/canister style. It holds only 2 towels meaning you do not need to refill it every day or if you are a lady who uses 2 towels (hair and body) then it is perfect for your daily needs too. You may think that because it is small it may not have the features you want. Even some of the smaller ones have more than just your basic features, like a programmable timer.

A towel warmer is a nice addition to any home; making every shower feel truly luxurious! Perfect to help keep you warm when you step out of the shower on a cold morning. There is a good mixture of styles and sizes on our list meaning that no matter what size your bathroom is there is one that is sure to fit your needs. Large family or a single person, there is a towel warmer on the list for you too.  Also, there is a good range of price points, from extremely affordable to a little pricey.  With range ensures that even with a lower budget you can still get a towel warmer.  Nothing can compare to a nice, warm, toasty towel waiting for you when you get out of the shower. So go ahead take our suggestions and buy one today, you will not regret it!