Top Tents & Beach Canopies Reviewed In 2018

Amazing Beach Tents & Canopies that offers style and Shelter

Ever wanted to spend a night at the beach? Under the starlit sky, by the peaceful sounds of the waves, just living in the moment. All you need is your very own canopy to sit back, relax and enjoy the nature’s beauty within your own cozy space.

Here’s our comprehensive guide to buying the right canopy or tent for your needs, and getting your vacation mode on!

We have shortlisted the top fourteen beach tents and canopies; you will find one that suits your needs the most, right here:

Buyers Guide – Top Beach Tents and Beach Canopies

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you an adventurist and love expeditions to the beach and camps?

These beach tents are not quite restricted to their usage at the beach only. These can be great for camping, out in your backyard, taken to a nice picnic spot, and at various other camping trips. Hence a worthwhile investment, not just for the seaside.

These tents are available in a huge variety, in different shapes, sizes, colors, and made from different materials to suit your unique requirements.

So, no matter what you need them for, these are helpful to keep you safe, provide shade, and as a resting spot whenever you need a break from civilization.

Let’s have a look at the main features of a basic beach tent/canopy:

  • Material

Just as all other types of tents, these beach tents are made from the polyester or nylon material. More water-resistant and durable, most companies prefer these materials for their tents. Another thing these tents have is good UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

They may have a single opening or up to three large zippered openings for ease of access. Which may be closed when not in use.

The canopies have frames that are made from either aluminum or steel. The frames made from aluminum are more compact and portable and can also be assembled quickly with minimal workforce required. It is also quite durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

However, aluminum is more suited for the beaches where the wind is minimal. Steel is stronger and tougher, and hence more suited in the heavier rains and against the wind pressures. It can last for a very long time but will take significantly longer to set up.

  • The Size

Usually, these tents are large enough to fit a complete family – two adults and three or four children – and also small enough for just two; it all depends on your requirements. You will even find the larger ones in which you can fit a whole table and beach chairs, for a completely shaded and protected dinner or picnic with friends.

  • Color

The tents and canopies are available in a variety of color options. They may be the brightest ones on the beach, which in fact are very useful, and easy to locate especially by little kids.

You may also buy the subtle or pastel colored ones, such as the whites and lighter tones of gray and blue, as per your preference.

  • Ease

You should also consider the weight of the tent, particularly if you are looking to carry one to great distances. There are various types available in the markets. You should try to find a light weighted, easy to set up and strong sort of tent, especially if you have kids. It should be erect and should hold steady, for ensuring maximum safety.

Advantages of Owning a Beach Tent/Canopy

Now, why exactly do you need a beach canopy or a tent? Here are a few of the benefits of actually owning one and using it every time you go out:

  • A Safety Spot for Valuables

These tents and canopies offer a great spot for keeping all your valuables safe. At places like the beach, campsite, etc. the problem we usually face is the lack of a place to keep our belongings, and finding them where we left them.

The tent keeps them hidden from catching anyone’s eye and also, any uninvited person entering or exiting your tent has a good chance of getting caught. You can also rest assured, your belongings wouldn’t get washed away with the waves, ever again.

  • A Protective Place

You can stay safe and sheltered from the undesired weather effects, the wind, sand sprays, and even the harmful rays of the sun, and yet have all the fun relaxing inside your very own place. Also, in the case of weather extremities, especially in the case of dire cold, you can always keep yourself and the children warm and safe.

  • Privacy

Enjoy all the privacy you need in your own private canopy on the beach or anywhere you desire. This gives you a place to change, relax or just lie down comfortably, as you desire.

  • Storage Place for Food

You can keep your sandwiches, and other food items you take along, to the seaside safe and well protected from the sun, water, and sand, and hence, have it ready and clean when needed.

  • Safe for Kids

Small babies or the toddlers need a place to nap or just lie down to have milk, which can be a bit of a hassle when you set out for a picnic. Again, comes the role of a tent! Just go in and let the little ones have their rest and food when they require. While you can jump in on all the fun too with your heart at peace.

  • Very Easy to Assemble

These tents are super easy to set-up. Often they just take a few minutes to anchor on the ground and can be done with minimum effort required on your part.

Kinds of Beach Tents and Canopies

  • Cabana Tents

This type is great for the whole family. They give you the shelter and shade you need as well as a great view. These are the best for privacy, yet let you have all the fun with one side completely open (You may zip it up if needed).

These are self-erecting and also give you a good shield from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • The Pop-Up Beach Tents

These types are the easiest to set-up. Small and compact to be carried around with ease, these tents may be slightly more expensive than the other sorts but are very convenient to be carried around anywhere.

Since these are very light in weight, you will have to use sandbags to weight them down at the corners, so that the wind doesn’t blow them away.

  • Baby Tents

These are very small, light and very easy to put up on the beach. They give you the shade and space you need for the small children on the beach and other camping sites.

You can let them sleep, eat or just play in their own safe and private space. Click here to read further about baby tents and their utility.

  • Canopy Types

These tents are good enough for a company of two, but you can buy a larger sized one for a full-time party or for holding any other event, to fit in more friends or family.

It may require two or more people to set up the tent, however, these work great for the outdoors, even for setting up a camp or a barbecue for your friends.

So, this was all about beach tents. What about the canopies?

Well, canopies are either the sturdy heavy-duty ones or the lightweight types or having different types of frames or tarps.

  • The Heavier Canopies

These are built from the stronger materials that are more durable and can stand in the same erect position in even the windy days. However, the only downside is the weight of these types. These are heavier and cannot be carried around with much ease.

They require proper assembling by two or more people and often require special instructions for the complete setup.

However, these are the very best for most weather conditions and can endure all extremities. For instance, if you are looking forward to an adventure up the mountains, these types are the best to take along.

  • The Lighter Canopies

These canopies are very easy to set up and manufactured from very light material. Very easy to be placed in your car and be taken wherever you go.

These usually weight around 20 kg or even less and just take a few hours to assemble. However, these canopies are the best for the non-windy days.

Here are a few additional points to keep in mind, before you setup out to buy your tent or canopy.

What’s The Best Beach Tent For Babies?

You may have visited the beach alone on and off, without any worries. But, once you have a baby to take care of, going to the beach is a whole new story. You need to carry along all the baby essentials, make sure the baby is completely wrapped up, you need anti-rash creams, high chairs, a carry cot and most essentially a tent!

Fortunately, there are a number of options you can choose from for your baby. A good tent for the baby must give you all the protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Since the baby’s skin is quite sensitive, and usually, you wouldn’t want to put sunscreen on it, a tent has to give your baby the cover he/she needs.

Since you will be already overloaded with all the baby accessories and the stuff you have taken for yourself for the beach, you will need a tent that is portable and considerably lighter in weight. Usually many of the baby tents are light in weight, however keeping this point in mind will help you narrow own your final choice.

Another attribute of a good tent for babies is that it should be very easy to set up and in the shortest possible time. Strength and sturdiness are other factors, you would want the tent to hold and not fall under any circumstances right? Buy a sturdy one!

Lastly, there should be good provision for ensuring proper air flow and ventilation through the tent; the baby needs to breathe even when sleeping.

Here you have it, these are all the qualities of a good tent for babies.

How to Anchor Beach Canopy?

To fix your tent by the beach, you need to have a canopy with line attachments. These may increase the weight, but are very strong and give a good grip to the tent. You will also need sand anchors and attach them to the guy lines with a cord or rope. Stakes work well with the sandbags too.

Just use a shovel to dig a bit (approx. 2 feet into the ground) and place the anchor, covered in the wet sand into the hole. Cover the space with more sand.

Then, attach the guy line with the anchor and use all your strength to pull it and tighten. You will need a bit of a practice to get it right, but once you do, it will provide you the maximum protection from the tent getting blown away or collapsing under the wind pressure.

How Much Are Beach Tents?

The prices of these tents and canopies are not fixed. These vary per the quality, type, size and location of all buyers.

As a general view, you can keep in mind:

If you are looking for a 20’ by 30’ sized tent or canopy, it can cost you somewhere from $150 to $400.

If you need a bigger tent, of say, size 30’ by 50’, you will have to bear a cost of $500 to $1400.
For the even bigger lots, like 40’ by 120’, you need to have from $1700 to $4200, with you.

However, fortunately, many of these tents are available at great discounts at amazon right now. You can avail these discounts during the holiday sales and other seasonal sales too.

How to Keep a Beach Canopy from Blowing Away?

You will find lots of ‘E-Z Up’ bags on Amazon, these can easily be filled with sand and you can just clip them to the side of the tent’s legs. A bit pricey to purchase, but these work amazingly well against the wind. Also, quite portable to be carried along with the tent wherever you go, the size is very compact and can easily fit anywhere!

Other do-it-yourself types of things you can do, include tying some weights to the legs on top or hanging, to keep the tent in place. You can even use PVC pipes and attach them or just simple plastic jugs filled with water for more convenience. You can take 4-5 jugs and just attach them for support. These are even better than the sand bags, as they are heavier and hence, keep the canopy in place, no matter how strong the winds.

Tent Stakes are another option. These can be driven into the holes you make at the end of the legs of the tent. Keep a margin of eight stakes for a good, sturdy support.


To get the most out of your picnic or beach time, it is the best to ensure you are well-equipped. A good tent or a canopy are a great addition to your gear, to get all the convenience and make the most out of your beach time.

It offers you the protection and privacy you need while enabling you to enjoy and have fun all the way! We hope the above guide will give you a good idea of buying the right type of tent/canopy, which will be with you for all your camping, beach, and other excursions in years to come.

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