The Best Snow Shovels Reviews For Driveways & Cars

Don’t be overwhelmed by the white Christmas this year! Are you tired of taking hours, even days to shovel snow out of your driveway? You need one of our top 9 best snow shovels for 2018! These shovels are all top quality models which are designed for maximum performance.

Update: 2018 is upon us, snap one up quick, before winter kicks in and the sales are over. Suncast have some of the best products out that are highly recommended. Check the list below for further information on the right scooper to pick.

The Best Snow Shovels Reviews For Driveways & Cars

PictureSnow ShovelsBlade Material Blade SizeWeight
Garant YSP30DUGarant YSP30DUSteel30 inches8.75 lbs
Ohuhu AdjustableOhuhu AdjustableSteel29.1 inches25.7 lbs
AAA 4004AAA 4004Aluminum7 inches1.3 lbs
Suncast SF1850Suncast SF1850Polyethylene22 inches8.95 lbs
Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01Aluminum18 inches 3.9 lbs
True Temper Aluminum ComboTrue Temper 20-Inch ErgonomicAluminum20 inches5.5 lbs
Suncast SC2700Suncast SC2700Galvanized Steel 20 inches4.6 lbs
Suncast SN1000Suncast SN1000Steel18 inches2.7 lbs
The Snowplow 50548The Snowplow 50548Polyethylene48 inches8.3 lbs
Bully Tools 92814Bully Tools 92814Polyethylene22 inches3.65 lbs
SnoBoss Pusher / Lifter ShovelSnoBoss Pusher / Lifter ShovelPolycarbonate, Steel26 inches6 lbs
Garant APP30KDUGarant APP30KDUPolycarbonate30 inches4.6
Suncast SCP3500Suncast SCP3500Polycarbonate20 inches4 lbs
Garant NP139KD NordicGarant NP139KD NordicPolycarbonate7/8 inches2.66 lbs
Voile TelepackVoile TelepackAluminum10 inches1.6 lbs

This 30” bladed is one of the best products on the market and will have your driveway free and clear of snow in a short amount of time. The high quality construction of the Garant YSP30DU with its steel reinforcements ensures that you get both strength and rigidity that you need to move large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently. With the Garant you do not have to break your back lifting the white stuff, as you would with a standard one, and with needing to toss it out the way, you simply push it where you need it to go.

The D-grip handle of the Garant is one of the best made with a varnished hardwood construction that is designed for shock absorption. The handle accommodates people wearing gloves and handles well under any conditions. The blade itself is 30 inches or 76.2cm and is a single piece construction so it is supremely strong and you can be sure that no matter how much you need to move the Garant will enable you to get the job done.

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Clearing your driveway of snowfall can be a hard task, but with the Ohuhu Adjustable plow you can get it done quickly and without straining you back when you do. The shovelling angle of this snowplow is adjustable to allow you to adjust 45 degrees bi-laterally. This will enable you to get the job done much quicker than your conventional one. The T-shaped handle of the Ohuhu is also adjustable from 6.9” to 40.9” or 17.5cm to 104cm, to allow you to stand straight up when clearing your driveway, this eliminates that normal strain on your back when shovelling. Making it even easier for you to get the strenuous task done with as little effort as possible, the Ohuhu comes with two extra-large wheels.

These are commercial grade and are there to ensure that you clear away the white stuff, even on slippery or uneven surfaces with little difficulty. Assembly is done in minutes and it is collapsible to enable you to store it way in summer. Beautifully finished this heavy duty, full metal plower features an orange paint overcoat, it is also extremely durable and will last you a lot longer than your standard plastic options.

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It is not only your driveway that may need to be cleaned out of snowfall, and having a lightweight, easy to carry, pack and take along on your journeys. When inclement weather strikes, and you are in your car, SUV or snowmobile, you need to be prepared and have one of the best products you can get. The adjustable AAA 4004 weighs only 1.3 pounds and will adjust from 25” to 32 inches making is extremely versatile. The three piece construction is both sturdy and durable made from high-quality aluminum.

It will disassemble into three pieces to allow you to store it easily in your car or any other vehicle, or to carry with you on hikes in your backpack. Being prepared for bad weather could save you and your family and this easy to assemble, high-quality aluminum product comes in three bright colors to allow you to see them when you need them in any kind of conditions. This sport utility option is what you need for when travelling during the winter months.

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Next up we have the Suncast SF1850 , which is a 22-inch scoop shovel designed to snatch up big lumps of snow with each thrust. The non-stick graphite blade is a huge plus, because it means that you won’t have chunks of snow left over in the scoop once you’ve already tried to empty it. This keeps things neat and tidy, just the way you want them. It has a collapsible steel handle, which is a single piece, and the entire height of the shovel is 60 inches. This scoop shovel has everything you need to quickly and effectively relocate snow out of your way, hopefully for good.

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This is one of the best products with an 18 inch blade made from heavy-duty aluminum wear strop that is designed with an ergonomic d-ring handle grips that make it comfortable and easy to use when clearing out your driveway of snowfall. Reduce the strain of shovelling large amounts of slush with the Joe that will act as a fulcrum to reduce the strain by changing the mechanics of shovelling. The design of the handle works to improve you posture and to reduce the need for bending when shovelling.

The innovative design of the Joe is designed to allow the lower hand to be able to leverage the lifting and reduce the strain on your lower body by employing your upper body muscles to do the lifting. With the best intuitive design offering a handle that is spring assist, non-rigid and flexible to prevent shock through the body when shovelling. The energy created with throwing is sent back into the scoop as it is spring-loaded.

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This shovel by True Temper is a combination blade that is perfect for either shovelling or pushing snow. The ergonomic aluminium handle reduces bending, which puts less strain on the shovel and on your arms. The oversized poly D-grip is designed for wearing gloves, and we think this is a great thoughtful addition because really, who could stand to shovel snow with their bare hands? The blade life on this model is also impressive, as it has a steel wear strip along the edge to extend its life, and the blade itself is actually the world’s first combination aluminium blade.

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Sometimes you need the best scoop and sometimes the best plow, the Suncast offers both in one great product to allow you to get rid of the stuff blocking your driveway or surrounding your car. The no-stick graphite blade will make short work of any snowfall that needs removing and this product offers elements from both shoves and pushers to allow you to remove any show easily. Measuring 51 inches in overall length and offering a 20” blade it will move and push any amount of snowfall quickly and efficiently.

The galvanized steel wear strip offers durability and the steel core handle is designed for ultimate comfort in the grip of the product. Plowing through that pesky snowfall or sleet in your driveway no longer has to be a back breaking time consuming task with the Suncast SC2700 you will find removing general white stuff easy. Shovel or push the snowfall out quickly and efficiently with the Suncast where you get the best of both products in one amazing offering.

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Another of the best combination offerings from Suncast combining the best characteristics of these products to give you the ultimate tool to get rid of that snowfall in your driveway. Featuring an angled rib pattern with an eighteen by thirteen inch blade removing that snowfall will no longer be a hassle. The comfortable grip on the wide ribbed steel core d-handle will make shovelling a whole lot easier and with an overall length of 48 inches you will not have to suffer from the back ache associated with clearing it.

The ergonomic S handle enables you to reduce stress on your lower body as you scoop or push it away as it is ergonomically designed. It is poly-coated to ensure that you get ultimate durability, easy to use, easy to store away during those summer months, this is one of the best of these on the market today.

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Removing snowfall from your wooden deck, driveway or sidewalks is a breeze with the Snowplow 50548 . Designed to be lightweight and easy to use it is the ultimate tool for your home in winter, talking any removal job with ease. The rust-proof construction and heavy reinforced fiberglass handle, along with the UHMW polyethylene blade make this as exceptionally durable product. It is impact resistant as well as non-abrasive to be able to use on your sensitive wooden areas such as decks and steps.

You can push, scrape or chop with the Snowplow and the D-style control grip make is very comfortable to use. The 49” handle is constructed from reinforced fibreglass that is easy to assemble. It also comes with a handy wall hanger clip for easy storage. One of the best commercial grade quality plows that will be able to cope with anything winter may throw at you easily and efficiently.

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A commercial grade snowpusher that will make quick work of your driveway or sidewalk. This is a product that is made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Clearing out snowfall has never been easier with features that ensure that you not only move it efficiently but also with limited strain on your lower back. Durable construction and superb design all add to the effectiveness of this great snow pusher. A durable construction offers a fiberglass handle that is high quality and strength along with a reinforced poly head.

The D-grip is wide allows for a comfortable hold and easy use even with gloved hands. The handle has a long design for maximum control which provides you with the ability to push it quickly and powerfully without putting added stress on your lower back. The 22 inch poly scoop makes for efficient clearing of it and adds to the durability of the product.

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This range comes with smaller blades, but we’ve chosen the largest 26-inch blade available for this model when it comes to shovelling snow, being able to move more at a time is better! The SnoBoss can be used as a pusher or a shovel, so it saves you from having to buy a dedicated shovel for each activity. The handle is aluminium, and made wider than usual so that there is room for both hands on the grip, which boosts your leverage and strength of lifting.

It has a multitude of different grips too such as an end grip for the best hand placement and back posture. There is also a foot step on the bottom so that you can kick in to the snow and really get deep into the stack you’re trying to move. The design is also cleverly constructed to be reversible so that you can handle tight steps and stairs with ease!

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The Garant APP30KDU Alpine is a wide pusher shovel that is perfect for clearing your driveway or sidewalk in no time at all, and it is designed for intense and continuous shovelling. It is lightweight when compared to most other snow shovels, with an ash wood handle that is both strong and moisture resistant, as well as an Arctic Blast grip to make sure that you keep your hands tightly on the shovel when you work. This one will take all the effort out of snow clearing, and you can be sure that your neighbors will be jealous seeing you simply walk the snow off your property!

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Another great product from Suncast is the SCP3500 Powerblade, which has a nearly indestructible poly-carbonate blade to take on the biggest shovelling jobs you can throw at it. It has a no-slip grip to make sure that the shovel doesn’t fly out of your hands when you’re flinging the snow out of the way, and a nylon wear strip for extra protection. This shovel will make any job look easy as ever and your neighbors won’t be able to believe how fast you work!

The handle is made from lightweight aluminium to make the shovel easier to use for longer periods of time without too much fatigue. The look of this shovel is also unique, because it is tinted, and has high impact graphics along the handle.

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The Garant Nordic Car Scraper and Trunk Shovel is a classic 8 inch utility shovel that will come in handy whenever you need to dig yourself out of a tight spot. The poly blade on this model has an improved knock-down system to make shovelling faster and more efficient, and it also has a ribbed D-Grip to make sure that you hold on tight and get a good centre of force when you thrust into the snow.

Its brightly coloured so that you won’t lose it in the snow, and because it is a utility shovel you can use it for other activities too! At around $13 this purchase is a no-brainer to keep in your car in case of emergencies, and you can always upgrade from it later if you need a heavier duty model later on.

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At the top of our list we have the Voile Telepro, which is a great all-round model that really fits our description for the best snow shovel. It has a stout D-shaped handle which is designed for a comfortable fit and maximum energy efficiency, so you will really feel the edge dig in when you thrust into the snow. It also has an extendable (telescopic) shaft which gives you better leverage for taking on tough, tightly packed snow. One other striking feature about the Voile Telepro is that it comes in T6 Orange, which will never get lost in the snow! This shovel is worth all the money it costs, and will get the job done for you in no time at all.

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Buyers Guide Questions

Over here you can learn about snow shovels, the proper techniques for using them and just about everything you need to know before you head out and take on the white mountain in your driveway that used to be your car. Do you go for one of those wide scoops, or a shorter, rectangular one? It all depends on what you’ve got to get done. We’ve got you covered, from explaining which components make up the best snow shovels to showing you the best way to shovel snow so that you won’t put your back out.


What Makes These the Best Snow Shovels?

Generally, snow shovels have one of two different functions, and this is either to lift snow or to push it around. Lifting snow requires that the shovel has a sturdier grip as well as a much longer scoop, where pushing snow requires a wide curved scoop in order to curl the snow over on itself and out of your way. To move small amounts of build-up on your driveway, you’d probably want a wide and curved scoop that can hit a wide area when you push it along.

This will help you to avoid slippage if you are pulling out of your driveway or just walking along your sidewalk. If you’re taking on big walls of snow you might want to go for a stronger and more suitable lifting shovel, which must have a sturdy compact construction. Whether you are lifting or pushing snow, there are some common features which will give you an idea about what truly makes the best snow shovels so good.

D-shaped Handle this is more important for the lifting shovels, but a D-shaped handle is one of the most efficient design that you will find. It allows you to really concentrate your force into the shovel, which makes slicing through snow so much easier. Some shovels are two handers, and some even require that you use your foot to get stuck in to the snow, but a good old D-shaped handle is where it’s at. You will work faster and more comfortably for longer periods of time if you have a handle like this, and it will really make your life a lot easier.

Handle Padding you might be spending hours unearthing your car, your dog or even your family from the snow. You need to be sure that you won’t get blisters or welts from your shovels handle, and this means you should look for padding or softer handles on your shovel. You will not even feel the effects of a good handle once you’re finished shovelling that pile of snow and that’s sort of the point.

You could add after-market grips if you find that even the stock grip of your favourite shovel isn’t comfortable enough. It might sound strange, but you can get an old shovel equipped with a rubberised tennis or squash grip at your local sports store as a cheap alternative to buying a brand new shovel.

Extra Grips snow is slippery and it gets everywhere, so having a good ribbed grip on the handle, or some extra handles along the shaft of the shovel will make sure that you don’t over-extend yourself too much. You can also look for ergonomic designs which will get the job done faster, and put you at less risk of falling or injuring yourself.

Be aware that ergonomics does not necessarily equal comfort, though, and often an ergonomic design might be the best to get the job done but it could give you a bit of trouble in the process. Overall, having a good grip is essential to efficient and safe snow shovelling.

Suitable Edge a steel or metallic edge is the strongest you will find, but it is possible that because of how strong it is, a metal edge on a shovel could scratch your deck, your car, or wherever you choose to use it. Steel is also heavier than plastic or carbon fibre, and will leave you feeling tired and strained far sooner. If you’re pretty strong and you think you can handle it, steel edged scoops are fast and efficient, but carbon fibre is a preferred material because it is both strong and gentle on its edge.

What is the Top Snow Shovel?

A top product is one that will give you the ability to move it quickly and efficiently without putting strain on your back and lower body. These types of products will vary not only in their shape but also their size and most can carry from 1 to about 1.5 cubic feet of snowfall. The best of these types of products, depending on whether you are looking for a commercial one or one for your driveway will be able to handle from 7 to 45 pounds of the white stuff, as snow will weigh between 7 to an amazing 30 pounds per cubic foot.

Picking the top shovel for your needs will depend on what you need them for. There are two main types pushers and shovelers and again ones that are a combination of both of them. It would be best for you to try out a product before you select the one you want. Remember that you will be wearing gloves when using it so when testing it out make sure you are wearing the gloves to ensure a comfortable hold with them on.

How to use a Snow Shovel?

Shoveling snow may not be as easy as you think and following some basic guidelines can save you in time and also prevent back pains and injuries. Firstly you should ensure that you keep your feet wide apart. Your front foot should always be placed close the scoop when working. With your weight on your front foot you should use your leg to push the shovel forward, then keeping the shovel close to your body shift your weight to your back foot. Always ensure that you turn your feet towards the direction you are throwing the snow.

Best way to Shovel Snow

Sometimes when you’re shovelling snow you start to feel a cramp coming on, or worse, you actually do pull a muscle in your back and have to lie there in agony calling out for help until someone hears you. We don’t want that to happen to you, and even if you’ve got the best snow shovels that money can buy you still have to look after your health and do things by the book. Practicing proper techniques for shovelling snow will reduce your fatigue, increase the benefits of exercise yes, you heard us right!

And also cut down on the amount of time you spend in the yard. The best techniques for shovelling snow depend on the thickness and texture of the snow involved. For larger piles of snow, you will want to use a utility shovel the one that looks quite like the regular garden shovel, with some tweaks, of course. For sleet or ground cover you will need a pusher, which often has a long handle and a wide blade a little bit like a broom stick with a tough metal end.

We’re assuming you have a pretty hefty amount of build up to move around if you’re here looking at the best snow shovels, so let us begin by explaining how to use the snow shovels that are designed for lifting. Lifting requires you to take the shovel and dig it into the snow, then throw the snow aside. If you’re an amateur you might bend your back right over to get the angle you need, but this is the wrong way to do things.

The best way to shovel snow is to treat it as an exercise. Just as in regular exercise, if you do things wrong you’re going to have poor results and might get injured.  Paul Lampa has a very good technique to shovel snow which uses your legs and core muscles more than your back and arms: As you can see from Paul’s video, grabbing the shovel with an overhand grip rather than an underhand grip allows you to twist your body to the side to throw the snow away.

This limits the strain put on to your arms and back, and instead distributes the strain on to your stronger leg and core muscles.  This is a much better method of lifting snow than the over the shoulder motion, or over-extending one’s body to throw the snow forwards. The other method for moving snow out of your way is better for handling smaller build up on pathways or driveways.

Using a pushing shovel is far easier for this task because it is designed to be used while walking, and can be put to work simply by following a pathway with the blade angled to the side you want the snow to be pushed to. There is no back-aching bending involved, or strenuous up and downs. This method couldn’t be easier, and requires almost no effort on top of walking.

What is the Best Snow Shovel for the Money?

We would have to say that the Snow Boss by Jackson Professional Tools is the best snow shovel for the money. Its constructed tough, has a good reputation and comes with a rather attractive price tag. It has a dual function to shovel or push snow, which gives you the ability to clean almost any snow-related surface that you can think of without having to switch up. It is also designed with ergonomics in mind, and has an aluminium frame to cut down on the fatigue that happens from lifting.

The price tag is also in the lower range, considering it has two functions instead of one. If you were to buy two snow shovels one for lifting and another for pushing you would be putting down almost $40 -50 just to get a hold of them. Not to mention the storage space you’d need to house two shovels instead of one, and the endless back and forth to the shed to change them up when you need to.

Best lightweight Snow Shovel

Again here the best lightweight snow moving device is the one that you are comfortable using. Whether it is a scoop or a pusher you should be able to hold it comfortably with gloved hands. The snow scoop should also reduce the stress felt on your back and lower body when shovelling.

The handle of the product should be ergonomically designed and many of the most lightweight options have a plastic scoot and aluminum handles as opposed to steel and full metal constructions.

What to look for in a Snow Shovel?

When deciding which snow tool you will require there are a number of different things you need to consider. These include the amount of snow you are going to be shovelling, A lightweight model is a sure winner and it should be ergonomically designed and be easy to use, even when you are wearing gloves. A 24” option is best for shovelling snow and not pushing it.  An 18” option will reduce the strain on your back when shovelling and a square nosed option is great for scraping or working on icy snow.

A scraper is a product that literally scrapes up the ice but may damage the sidewalk or driveway when chopping. An aluminum scoop is durable and rustproof and will work well when dealing with big drifts of snow. And the 30 inch option works as both a pusher and scraper as well as being used for shovelling.

Top Rated Snow Shovel for Driveway?

When looking for a snow scoop to clear out your driveway the top rated ones will be lightweight with an ergonomic design which will help to reduce the stress and strain on your back when shoveling. It should ideally have a D grip on the end to make it easy to use even when wearing heavy gloves.

Garant YSP30DU

Top Pick

Our top pick is a product that is designed to make your life easier and give you the ability to clear out your driveway in quick time. The high quality of its construction and with steel reinforcements make this both rigid and strong giving you what you need to be able to move large amounts of it effortlessly.

The Garant YSP30DU is everything you need in a one of these products this winter. Providing a 30 inch blade to get the job done without the back breaking effort of having to scoop it you simply push it away.

The d-grip handle is constructed from varnished hardwood and is designed to absorb the shock when working taking the stress of your body. The blade is 30 inches long and is a single piece construction making is truly strong and durable. The wideness of the d-grip allows for easy use even with gloved hands.

Ohuhu Adjustable

Premium Choice

When you are faced with the task of clearing out your driveway or sidewalks you need something that can handle the load without taking its toll on your body. The Ohuhu Adjustable is there to allow you to get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimal strain on your back.

Offering a fully adjustable shovelling angle of 45 degrees bi-laterally, the T-shaped handle is also adjustable between 6.9 inches to 40.9 inches to allow you to remain in a upright position when shovelling the show which is what helps eliminate the strain. The two extra-large wheels allow you to push this commercial grade snowplow with ease even on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Easy and quick to assemble, it also is collapsible to make for easy storage during the summer months. Add the heavy duty, full metal finish with an orange paint overcoat this is a great product that is both durable and lightweight. All of these great features make this our premium choice for this winter.

AAA 4004

Great Value

Having the best lightweight product for you money that can be used on your driveway, sidewalk and is easily portable and handy to carry along with you in your car when you are faced with some snowy weather. Weighing a mere 1.3 pounds and adjustable between 25 to 32 inches this is an extremely versatile option that will easily fit into your SUV, snowmobile, car or any other recreational vehicle.

Made from high-quality aluminum it is extremely durable and it disassembles into three separate pieces for easy transport and storage. It is best to be prepared when you are hiking, or traveling in snowy landscapes is vital and having this sport utility product that comes in three different brightly colors to ensure that you do not lose it at any time.

This is one of the best, most sturdy, lightweight, versatile and very reasonably priced product that is easy to store and take along with you on your journeys is our great value choice for this winter to meet all of your shovelling duties.