11 Best Robot Toys in 2020

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Robot toys are a great educational tool for kids, and can also make a fantastic gift. Most modern robot toys come with features that help children develop computing skills, coding, and other STEM skills. They also have other great features that make them entertaining and ensure they will keep kids engaged for hours at a time. There has been a real increase in both quality and quantity of robot toys on the market in the past few years thanks to modern technology.

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Smartphones can often be linked with the robots, giving a great level of control and portability. When looking for a robot toy, you should consider what the purpose of the robot is, and what you want the child to get out of it.

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We consulted experts, bloggers and customer reviews to give you this list of the eleven best robot toys currently on the market. We’ve also included a short guide to the questions you should be asking yourself before you make a purchase.

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Buyer’s Guide

When finding the perfect robot toy there are a few factors you should consider. First of all, you need to check the safety and durability of the toy, however, the age of the child, their personal tastes, and what the robot offers them will all have an impact on the best options for you. We suggest double checking the customer reviews before making any purchase, as these will back up the manufacturer’s claims. Here are the questions you should be asking yourself before making a purchase.

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What is the educational value of the toy?

The great thing about most modern robot toys is that they come with added educational value thanks to their use of modern technology. Many of the toys on this list teach kids the basics of coding and build their STEM skills. They can also help build creativity and imaginative play skills. The LEGO robot toys are customizable with other LEGO sets, and allow kids to use their imaginations to develop their own creations.


Most robot toys are also interactive, and kids can create their own scenarios for the robots to react to, enhancing their imaginative play. Some of the kits can even help their interpersonal skills. Robots which need to be constructed from many different pieces can allow kids to work with others on a project, helping them to bond with whoever is assisting them and create a shared sense of accomplishment.

A good example of this would be siblings who are close in age. You could give them one of the more complicated sets for them to both uses together. This way, they also learn how to work with other people on a major project and to share the results.

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Is it safe and durable?

This is definitely the most important consideration when choosing a toy. Most kits made in the US, Canada or the EU will comply fully to manufacturing standards within the US, but sets that are made elsewhere may not. You should check the safety standards in the product description, and also check out customer reviews to make sure nobody else has had any major safety issues.

In terms of durability, you want to make sure it is manufactured with durable materials. This will depend on the kind of robot you are buying, but reinforced plastics and metals are common. Some robots are even waterproof, which is a great extra. Have a think about the situations where the kid will use the robot and what kind of features it will need to have to last long enough.


Does it fit Their Other Interests?

Obviously, if the child you are buying for is really into Star Wars, the R2-D2 robot would be a brilliant option for them. If you can find a robot that fits into a certain theme or performs certain tasks that align with their interests, this will make them more invested in the toy and will also help them take more advantage of the educational benefits.

Is it Age Appropriate?

One great thing about the abundance of robot toys that are on the market is that there will always be something for the right age group. Robots that come fully constructed, or only take a couple of small steps to fully set up, will be better for younger children who could otherwise become frustrated by tasks they are not yet able to perform. These robot toys also tend to come with educational and developmental benefits that are more suited to this age group.

Older kids will love the more complicated robots, however, as this will challenge them a little bit more – keeping them engaged and entertained. Construction based robots will, of course, be a great option for them, but also consider the robots that come with good software that allows them to develop more complicated coding and computer-based skills.

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Robot toys make fantastic gifts, and if you get one with a great educational value they can really enhance a child’s development. Consider the age of the child and their interests to make sure you get the perfect robot toy for them, as this will help them get the most benefit out of it as possible. With modern technology making rapid developments, the range of robot toys is vast and is only set to get bigger with more and more features being added.

These robot toys can prepare children for the modern world, and allow them to pick up skills that will be necessary as they grow older, as well as prepare their brains for thinking about technology. This list is a great starting point to consider the multiple features available, but there are many more toys on the market that are great for developing STEM skills. Always check customer reviews to ensure the toys live up to the claims made by the manufacturer, and we are sure you will find the perfect gift!

Expert Tip

Robot toys that are controlled with a mobile app are the best options for older children. As the company makes updates to the software, the features will be enhanced even further to ensure kids get the best out of the toy.