10 Best Raincoats For Kids

best overall rating
  • Zipper closure
  • Protects from wind and rain
  • Machine washable
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  • Two patch pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Lovely butterfly print
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  • Colorful with cute prints
  • Snap buttons
  • Lightweight

Your kids love to be outside and when it is raining you need something to protect them from the rain. There are many Raincoats for kids on the market. Finding the perfect one that will keep your kids dry in wet weather is not as easy as you might think. They should easy to wear with snaps that kids can do up themselves. Raincoats with themes, bright vibrant colors or their favorite cartoons on will have them willingly wearing this protective coat.

Some raincoats are designed to keep them warm and dry other just to keep them dry. Quick drying raincoats are great. The materials used should ensure that the raincoat is water resistant and lightweight. From cute raincoats to cheap kids raincoats we have done our research and selected the best raincoats available on the market today.

Cute, practical and easy to wear. We have checked out a number of kids raincoats on the market and come up with a list of the top ten for you to consider.

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Buyer’s Guide

Weather can be annoying, especially when it starts raining. For adults, this is an inconvenience which messes up your schedule. For kids, it is something completely different. Children love to be in the rain. The reason for this is simple. Kids love water. They love to play in the water. Rain for them is great. They love to jump in puddles and run through the rain with their hands spread out.

You want your kids to experience the joy you had as a youngster playing in the rain. But you also want to protect them as well. Raincoats are the way to go. A great kids raincoat will keep them dry and warm whilst they experience the joy of running and playing in the rain. It also prevents them from getting sick from the cold and wet.


So what do you look for in the best kids raincoats? You need to consider the materials the raincoats are made from. The design of the raincoat as well as the comfort it offers. You also need to consider the budget.  You can get cheap rain jackets for kids and then you can also get very expensive ones.

If you live in an area where rainfall is common, you might think of investing in a more expensive raincoat. If however you live in an area where there are little rainfall and your child will not need it very often, then a cheaper raincoat is a great option. Choosing the perfect raincoat for your children needs a lot of thought.

You need to consider what sort of activity they do. What you need the raincoat for, whether it is just for protection from rain, or also from wind and cold. So let’s have a look at the major areas of consideration when selecting the best kid’s raincoats.


When looking at children’s raincoats for sale, most parents will mostly look for waterproofing. The reason, of course, is clear, if you are going to invest in a great quality raincoat, you want your child to be as dry and warm as possible when wearing it. To be sure that your children remain so even during heavy downpours you need to look at raincoats that are 100% waterproof and not just water resistant.

Water resistant slickers will keep your child dry in light rain, but not heavy downpours. Your kid’s raincoat should also be durable and lightweight. Kids love to play in the rain and a raincoat that is restrictive will have them trying to get out of it. The best to look for is a layered combination of materials. Polyester and polyurethane are two of the best fabrics.

Avoid having PVC in your waterproof raincoats. Any slickers or raincoats made from heavy bulky materials will make your kids feel restricted and uncomfortable. Another thing to consider when it comes to selecting the appropriate fabrics for your kids’ raincoat is that it is machine washable.

This not only makes it easy to keep clean and maintain but also gives them the freedom to get dirty. They can simply throw their raincoats into the washer when done playing outside in the mud and rain.

Design & Style

The design of the raincoat is very important along with the best waterproofing. There are three things that should be considered when selecting your raincoat. The closure method of the coat such as a zipper. The drawstrings and the visibility of the raincoat in inclement weather. Having a zipper closure is great. It is also best to have a zipper that is covered. This not only protects your child from the rain but also the wind.


Zipper closures can be covered with storm flaps or studs. Drawstrings around the wrists of the raincoat and the hood help to adjust the raincoat to fit properly. Elastic cuff prevents rain from seeping into the raincoat and down the sleeves. It will also prevent rain from getting inside of their hoods and wetting their hair.

If you have a two piece raincoat with a top and bottom, then having a drawstring around the ankles is also a bonus. The style of the raincoat is also important, not only for visibility but also to make them more likely to want to wear the raincoat. Being visible, especially in heavy rain is a great safety feature.

Having a bright and colorful raincoat with cartoon characters or dinosaur logos or something similar on the rain slicker will make the kids want to wear the raincoat.


Here it is important to consider the gender of your child. There are raincoats designed for little boys and girls. Raincoats should not be too close fitting. If they are too tight then you will not be able to add more layers as it gets colder. You will also find that the children feel restricted in heavy materials. Lightweight materials such as polyester and polyurethane are the most comfortable for kids to wear.

They allow for a great range of motion and allow them to play freely. Always check sizing charts before you select the appropriate children’s raincoats. Selecting the best raincoat will allow them to play freely and still remain warm and dry. Children as they play, forget about being hot or cold. They do not take notice of the weather and whether they are getting wet.

But parents know that keeping their kids as cozy as possible as they play is vital. Avoiding nasty colds and flu is what parents are trying to avoid when purchasing a raincoat. So selecting one that your kids will be happy to be in is the best kind of raincoat you can get.


Kids love to play. They love the rain, muddy puddles, in fact, any kind of water. Getting them the best child’s raincoat will keep your child warm and cozy on those rainy days. The kids lined raincoats are perfect for wet cold weather. The lightweight unlined slickers are perfect for those light showers on hot summer days.


Whether you go for a two-piece raincoat or a simple rain slicker, selecting one that is waterproof, easy to take on and off and offers a hood for protection of the head and hair is best.

Expert Tip

Selecting a raincoat that is waterproof as opposed to water resistant is best for when you live in areas where heavy rainfalls are experienced. Water resistant slickers are best for light rainfall only.

Did you know?

2018 marks 175 years since Charles Macintosh who was born in 1766 died in 1843. Charles Macintosh was the original inventor of the waterproof coat.