The 14 Best PS4 Games For Kids

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  • Good for other younger and older players
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Are you looking for the best PS4 games for kids? Since it was launched in 2013, the PS4 continues to be one of the most popular gaming consoles. If your kids are now of an age where they’re ready to be gamers, PlayStation is your best choice. There are plenty of family PS4 games with a rating of E for everyone. And there are a lot of games for boys and girls aged 10 and older. But where do you start when you’re looking for games for your kids?

Begin by figuring out what types of games should be on your list, so you can narrow down your choices. Base your decisions on the age of your child and their interests. To help you narrow down the selection we’ve reviewed the best PlayStation 4 games for kids, covering everything from racing games to games that let them build things.

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Let’s take a look at the best games for children. These games offer a lot of entertainment value for all skill levels from the beginner to the skilled player. All games are rated for children.

View the Best PS4 Games for kids, Below.

Buyer’s Guide

Are your kids crazy about video games? If so, you’re not alone. These days video games are an important part of childhood. As parents, we understand that it’s normal for our kids to be such fanatics about gaming. So, all you can do is set down the ground rules for game playing and pick games with your children that are suitable for them. As with any decision about your kids, the more you know about choosing appropriate games, the easier it will be. Pssst! Don’t forget to invest in a great gaming desk!


PlayStation 4 Consoles

Currently, Sony has two versions of the PlayStation 4, the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. The PS4 Slim has two different sizes of hard drives – 500GB and 1TB. The Slim is a good system for families. The PS4 Pro has a more powerful processor and it will cost you more. If you’re not into playing games that require a lot of power, the Pro is probably more than you need in your gaming system.

Online Buying

The PS4, like other gaming systems, can connect to the Sony online platform app. This is the place where you can purchase and download games. There are some security options in place to prevent your kids from buying a game you don’t approve of. And to stop them from spending your money through in-game purchases.

In-game purchases are when you buy more points or items to be used in a certain game. When your kids run out of points, or they’re missing that golden key to the kingdom, they’ll be more than tempted to take your credit card and buy what they need to get further in their game.

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Tech Savvy Kids

We live in a world that is filled with technology, almost like a video game itself. We all want our kids to be tech-savvy, so they can benefit from the technology around us, and so they fit in with the rest of their generation. And then there’s the worried side of parenting – will playing video games damage your child? One way to get around the dilemma is to choose games that come with a mix of gameplay action and learning strategy.

A good way to find new games for your kids is to ask what other kids are playing. Most of the time, kids will already be talking with their friends about the latest and the greatest game. The game they just have to have. Talk to other parents and find out their opinion before you go out and buy a game. The games reviewed here let your kids use their brain power to solve puzzles and come up with plans to solve problems.

It doesn’t take long for kids these days to quickly pick up on how to play. Video games can be just another way for your kids to learn. You can do your part by making good choices in selecting games that challenge and push your child.

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PS4 Game Ratings

Before buying any PS4 games for your kids, check the rating to make sure it’s age appropriate. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is a non-profit group that comes up with the ratings for all games. The rating is shown clearly on the box of nearly every game you can buy. As well as the rating, game boxes also have a description of the contents of the game, and any parental concerns you should know about.


This includes information such as if there is any violence in the game if there is any strong language or any inappropriate images. Armed with rating and content information, you’ll be able to make an informed choice when it comes to game buying. Keep in mind that these ratings are only a guide. You’ll have to determine on your own if a game is okay or not for your kid to play.

The following game ratings are appropriate for children:

• EC – Early Childhood. Suitable for ages 3+
• E – Everyone. Good for ages 6+. There may be some mild violence and language
• E10+ – Everyone ages 10+. Has more violence and unsuitable language than E rated games
• T – Teen. Suitable for teenagers 13+. There may be violence and strong language

Games rated with an M for Mature aren’t suitable at all for children.

Online Multiplayer Gaming

Many PS4 games for both kids and adults have online multiplayer gaming. This means the player your child is competing against can be anywhere in the world. In many multiplayer games, your child will be able to talk to other players through messaging or voice, using a headset. To restrict this feature, use the parental controls on your PS4.

You don’t want your kids playing with someone they don’t know. Online gaming can expose your child to bullying and inappropriate adult attention.

Parental Controls

Even if you’ve bought kid friendly PS4 games you may want to set up some parental controls and security. Take the time to read through the instructions that came with your game system. The PS4 gaming console can customize the settings for each child in your family.

For instance, you can limit play time, decide when and how long your kids can play, and how long they’ve been playing. This way you’re in charge of the amount of time your kids spend playing games. Other parental controls include:

  • Disable internet browsing
  • Disable messaging with other gamers
  • Limit access based on game rating

Parental settings are password protected, so your kids won’t be able to change any setting when your back is turned. If you have older children, remember how tech savvy they can be. Make sure your kids aren’t going to be able to guess your password. Or that they won’t be able to change it. Talk to your children about the parental controls that you’ve set up for them.


This way it’s not a surprise to them when they can’t play the game that you’ve been playing when they’ve gone to bed. Communicating with your children about the rules and expectations of game playing means that everyone knows what’s allowed and what isn’t.

PS4 Games for Toddlers

PS4 has some wonderful games for your toddler. Look for ratings of EC. Even young children can learn from playing games, and have fun doing it. It can be a good time to teach your child some healthy gaming habits, such as the importance of limiting screen time. Before buying kids Play Station games, read some reviews.

The more information you have the better you’ll be able to decide if the game has value for your child. It’s also a good idea to always be with your toddler when they’re playing. Don’t get in the habit of using your gaming console as a babysitter.

Guidelines for Kids Who Game

Talk to your kids about the images and actions you don’t want them exposed to in the games they wish they could play. Explain that even though their friend is allowed to play games rated Mature, you don’t want them viewing violent images and hearing strong language. It’s up to you how much and what type of graphic violence you allow for your kids. Encourage moderation in the ways your kids play video games.

Depending on your child, and the game they’re playing, this won’t always be easy. Kids are easily swept up into the games they play and can have a hard time knowing when to stop. This is where it’s up to you to step in and put an end to the games for the day.

Having clear rules about how many hours a day your child can play might not always be easy. Stick with your rules by taking away gaming time if your child just can’t step away and is unwilling to stick to the rules.

Play With Your Kids

It’s highly recommended that you play the games that you buy with your children. Not only is this a great way for you to bond and spend time with your children, it’s also a great way for you to find out what the game is all about. Gaming should be fun and entertaining, so make it a family affair whenever you can.


With so many PS4 games to choose from it will be easy to find just the right one for your children. Video games are a great way to teach your kids how to win and lose. Games let them be creative and show them how to work through problems using strategy and quick thinking. Take the time to figure out what you’re looking for in a game for your kids.


Otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time finding a game that’s suitable for them. Take into consideration their age and skill level, as well as what types of games interest them. PS4 games have been developed to fit the interests and needs of young gamers.

Most PS4 games rated E for everyone will be safe for your children to play. Make a list of games and read the reviews. This will give you a good idea of what other parents think before you buy.

Expert Tip

If you’ve been playing video games for years, introduce your child to updated PS4 versions of your old favorites, such as Crash Bandicoot. This will be a great way for you both to bond over gaming.

Did you Know

The first PS4 console was first released on November 15th, 2013. At that time, only 18 PS4 games were available.