The Best 4k Cameras for Shooting Professional Footage

best overall rating
  • Durable being splash proof, dust proof and freeze proof up to -10 degrees
  • Provides both still photography and video
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
premium choice rating
  • Advanced optical image stabilizer
  • Live HDMI output
  • 4-drive lens system
great value rating
  • In-camera editing and creative effects
  • Full HD Video
  • Wireless functionality

Photography is a form of art, as well as being a way to document historical happenings if you are a photojournalist, immortalising your big day whether it be your wedding or your graduation, the birth of your baby or any other important event, or simply recording your holiday to show your friends and family. Whatever you use your camera for, it is important that you get the best picture quality for both your still photos as well as your video recordings. 4K cameras guarantee that kind of quality.

Most of your 4K cameras are 4K video cameras that offer the option of still photographs so you no longer need to carry two cameras around with you any more, one to record in real time and one for those great snap shots, this makes life a lot easier especially when you are out in the field as a journalist or on holiday. We review best 4K cameras on the market today and give you an insight as to how they work, what their features are and why we think 4K cameras are a great buy.

View the Best 4k Camera for the Money, Below.

best overall rating

1. Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K

Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K


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Being a photojournalist in the field you need a 4K camera that can cope with harsh conditions and the Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K Mirrorless Camera is just such a camera. It is designed to function in up to -10 degree temperatures, it is splash proof and dust proof with weather sealing on every joint, dial and button. The frame is magnesium allow with full die-cast armor. Despite all of this it is very lightweight and compact, perfect for the professional in the field.

As for features on these great cameras, you will not be disappointed with this 4K Mirrorless Camera, it offers you the ability to capture fast moving shots when used with the aperture lenses of up to 1/8000 shutter speed and 200 000 times release. It has a superb 20.3MP Digital Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine 10 to give you excellent color and natural texture on your photos.

The 3D color control zings which allows for dark to bright shades and the high-precision Multi Process NR makes your photo stand out even using high ISO sensitivity settings. Looking for a 4K camera that will also offer superb video footage you found it. The LUMIX GH5 offers 4K 60p/50p video, which equates to excellent frame rates and faster motion compensation, alternatively you can slow your footage down without losing detail.

You can record to SD card and at the same time send live feeds through an HDMI port to an external monitor. These cameras also offer excellent connectivity with WiFi, Bluetooth and HDMI connections. The professional photographer’s companion, it is robust and durable and offers great connectivity. A feature packed camera that offers both 4K video and still photos with great clarity and perfect detail.

Why We Like It
  • Durable being splash proof, dust proof and freeze proof up to -10 degrees
  • Provides both still photography and video
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • De-focus
  • 3MP Digital Live MOS sensor
  • Internal Recording feature
premium choice rating

2. Panasonic HC-X1 4K Ultra HD

Panasonic HC-X1 4K Ultra


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In our Panasonic HC-X1 4K camcorder review you will see that you are getting great value for money in this feature packed 4K camcorder that is perfect for the professional in the field to use. You get a balance between quality of image and sensitivity with the 4K 1.0” MOS Sensor. The 4-drive lens system can operate both simultaneously as well as independently and the drive range for each lens can be suppressed for optimal quality of image and zoom power. The 20x optimal zoom lens let you cover a range from 24mm wide-angle to 480mm telescopic and it can change between the two quickly.

Intelligent AF offers precise performance when moving the Micro Driver Focus Unit, and it can be customized by adjusting the AF speed, sensitivity and area of focus. Optical and electronic image stabilization in HD shooting modes with hand-shake correction which includes roll rotation will detect and correct any shaking which is common with hand held camcorders. Dual SD memory card slots means you can record in relays by changing out the SD cards and provides up to 96GB memory. It also enables you to ensure reliability with simultaneous recording and background recording.

You can also view thumbnail view and preview and will allow you to check recorded clips. Whether you are a professional or an amateur this is the camcorder you want. It offers you the perfect recordings with advanced optical image stabilizer to ensure that your footage will not be ruined by shaking hands. The 20x optical zoom will go between wide-angle and telescopic instantly. You can record up to 98GB and it offers HDMI for live feeds and great connectivity.

Why We Like It
  • Advanced optical image stabilizer
  • Live HDMI output
  • 4-drive lens system
  • Leica Dicomar 4k Lens
  • 4K 1.0 inch MOS Sensor
  • Dual SD memory card slots
great value rating

3. Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD

Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K


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Another great 4K camcorder from Panasonic the HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD Camcorder offers some wonderful features that every professional videographer will appreciate. 4K UHD Video at 24/30 frames per second and 1080p video of up to 60 frames per second are on offer here. You can also take still 25.9 megapixel interpolated still photos. This is an all in one camcorder with built-in cinema-like effects, HDR movie mode, and editing tools so you can perform in-camera cropping, zooming and panning. You can also track and stabilize your 4K footage.

The connectivity on this 4K camcorder is exceptional with built-in WiFi which supports the Wireless Multi-Camera feature as well as the included Panasonic Image App which offers live image monitoring, live uploading to social media sites and the ability to steam live video using USTREAM. Having a shaky image is always annoying and one of the downsides of hand held shooting however the Panasonic combines optical and digital image stabilization to provide 5-axis corrections and combined with the Panasonics Level Shot Function to prevent this from happening.

A twin camera which is built into the LCD monitor will allow you to pan 270 degrees and allow for 200 of tilting so you can record at two angles at the same time. An additional functionality is that you can connect it to your baby monitor to watch your little one as they sleep. No matter if you are a professional photojournalist, journalist or even an amateur movie maker this is the 4K camcorder for you. It is feature packed with everything you need. Powerful, light and easy to use the Panasonic HC-WXF991K offers all the benefits of a still camera and a video recorder.

Why We Like It
  • In-camera editing and creative effects
  • Full HD Video
  • Wireless functionality
  • Secondary camera built-into LCD screen
  • Upload quickly and easily to social media sites
  • Connect to your baby monitor

4. GoPro HERO5 Black

GoPro HERO5 Black


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Adrenaline junkies are going to love this new offering of a 4K action camera from GoPro. The Hero 5 Black camera is waterproof so even if you unexpectedly end up wet, the camera is safe. It has three microphone stereo recording and a built-in microphone jack, the microphones are placed at the back and front of the camera and will interchange to reduced wind noise. When you are busy riding your bike, swimming or doing other exercise you often don’t have a spare hand.

The GoPro camera is built to accommodate the active adventurous types with voice controls to allow you to start recording, take a picture and change settings if needs be. It also offers a GPS and electronic image stabilisation so you will get the best picture to show off your achievements. Charging your Hero 5 Black camera is no problem. You can charge using a USB charger and you can charge it just like you would your smartphone.

The suite of apps you get with the Hero 5 allow you transfer photos and video to your smartphone and share them quickly and easily with family and friends. Lightweight and comfortable to wear the camera can be placed on your helmet, or strapped around your chest. It can also operate as a hand held camera. The 12 Megapixel CMOS sensor will record in Ultra HD 4K video at a rate of 30fps and it will produce either RAW or WDR photos.

The ultimate companion for the adventurous, whether you are swimming, cycling, climbing or running the GoPro will be there to document it. Full Ultra 4K Video as well as a host of other features, along with great connectivity, you will be able to document every step of your journey effortlessly with the Hero 5 Black.

Why We Like It
  • Rubberized plastic frame
  • Voice Control
  • Waterproof to 10m casing
  • 4K video recording and offers 1080p of 120fps
  • Lightweight
  • Three microphones

5. Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR

Nikon D500 DX-Format SLR


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One of the top 4K DSKR cameras the Nikon may be a little more pricy but you get what you pay for. It offers 20.9 megapixel DX-Format CMOS Sensor and Expeed 5 image processor for great image quality and fast performance. It is able to cope with any lighting situation with a sensitivity from ISO100-51200 which can be expanded to ISO50-164000. The Expeed 5 functionality allows for continuous shooting at a rate of 10 frames per minute with a full time autofocus and exposure metering. Record up to 200 frames in a single burst or use a slower continuous rate using the Quite Continuous Mode when working in noisy environments.

The Nikon D500 offers you 4K UHD video recording. Record in full HD up to 60fps and save your movie files to the in-camera memory cards. Select from three image area options, 4K UHD movie image, full HD and the DX-based movie image format which uses the full width of the DX sensor. The Flat Picture Control Mode allows you to flatten the overall contrast curve and gives you control during post and color grading. Minimize the camera shake across three axes and control the rotational movement as well as horizontal and vertical movement using the electronic vibration reduction feature.

The 3.2” rear LCD monitor allows for vivid playback as well as live view when shooting. Looking for a 4K camera that can offer you great still photography combined with excellent video recordings. It is robust with a slim compact design, perfect for field work. The Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR is one of the best on the market and Nikons flagship camera.

Why We Like It
  • 9MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor and Expeed 5 image processor
  • 4K UHD video shooting
  • 2” rear LCD monitor
  • 1-6 pre-set white balance settings
  • SnapBridge WiFi Connectivity
  • In-camera memory cards

6. Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K

Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K


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Sony’s FDR-AX100/B designed for the professional. The 1” Exmore R CMOS sensor is around eight times larger than any of the other camcorders on the market and will allow for the capture of cinematic photography which have shallow depth of field for defocused backgrounds. The wide-angle Zeiss Vario Sonnar T Lens offers both 12x optical zoom and a 24x clear image digital zoom. A superbly versatile camera that allows you to shoot 4K Ultra HD video at 24 and 30fps or record in full HD in XAVC S AVCHD or web-optimised MP4, and you can capture photographs at 20MP.

The Optical SteadyShot Image Stabilization with Active Mode and 3-Way-Shake-Cancelling with roll stability ensures you get a smooth shake free image and great video. The 3.5” XtraFine LCD Touchscreen gives you control over your camera and with the high contrast 0.39” OLED EVF you won’t struggle to see what you are shooting even in direct sunlight. Record to SD or Memory Stick Duo Memory Cards, if you are going to record in XAVC S you will need the SDXC class 10 cards.

Offering superb connectivity you can share your creations using the built-in WiFi and the NFC support will allow you to use your smartphone or tablet to control your camera, transfer files or back up your data. If you are looking for a 4K video camera that will allow you to make professional recording and superb high resolution stills then the Sony 4K Video Camera is the one. Easy easy to use jam packed with features if caters for those who enjoy recording their travels and special moment as well as the professional out in the field, the Sony offers exactly what you need.

Why We Like It
  • 1” Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • 3-Way-Shake-Canceling
  • Zeiss Vario Sonnar T Lens
  • 5” XtraFine LCD Touchscreen
  • SD or Memory Stick Duo memory cards
  • Lithium-ion battery pack

7. Sony Alpha a6500

Sony Alpha a6500


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Durable and robust the Sony Alpha is the perfect 4K camera for the journalist in the field or the adventurer as it features dust and moisture seals to protect your camera even in the harshest environments. The ergonomic grip allows for easy access to control buttons and the metal lens mount supports heavier and larger lenses, and then add to that the shutter design is rated to withstand more than 200 000 cycles. The 24.2MP Exmor CMOS and BIONZ X image processor will ensure great image quality and provide an expandable sensitivity range of up to ISO51200 for working in low light conditions and it offers minimal noise.

The 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE Image Stabilization will compensate for 5 types of camera instability or shake and offer roll compensation in any shooting style. 4D focus incorporates 425 on-chip phase-detection points and 169 contrast-detection to allow for precise focussing in seconds. The High-Density Tracking AF Technology allows you to track fast moving objects and the Autofocus used with the Focus Magnifier ensures you get great quality even when focuses on minute details.

The Sony also offers UHD 4K Video Recording which will record a 30fps based on the Super35mm recording areas and effective 20MP resolution. Tilt your 3.0” 921.6K-dot LCD Touchscreen at a 90 degree angle upwards or 45 degree downward angle which allows you to work in small cramped areas and still get the perfect shot. Having a 4K camera in the field that will allow you not only to take superb still photos but also give you the option of 4K video recording is priceless to a journalist in the field.

Why We Like It
  • 5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Image Stabilization
  • 4D focus
  • NP-FW50 lithium-ion battery
  • 2MP Exmor CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor
  • UHD 4K Video Recording
  • Dynamic Range Optimizer

8. YI 4K Sports and Action

YI 4K Sports and Action


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The YI 4K camera is designed to cater for the Sports and Action crowd, it is one of the cheapest 4K video cameras around and can give the GoPro a good run for its money. It is of a similar shape to the GoPro but is a little wider than it. The YI 4K camera features a 2.19” LCD Touchscreen that is protected by Gorilla Glass. The quarter-inch tripod thread on the underside allows you to use any mount you choose and not only the YI 4K mount. Capable of taking still photographs as well as 4K video the YI 4K offers 30fps using 4K or 1080p at 120fps or even 720p at 240fps and it has a great battery life.

A small speaker on the top will beep to let you know you are recording or taking a picture as well as having a colored LED light on the front to alert you. Supporting dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth. The YI 4K Action App is reliable and every way, the camera will transfer image and videos to your smartphone through this app. Features a microUSB used to charge the battery and a microSD slot is used for storage. The YI 4K offers basic photo editing functionalities.

Looking for a 4K action camera that is not going to cost you an arm and leg but will give you the ability to record you adventures and travels with high resolution picture quality and audio. This camera is very well priced and although it does not have all the features that the GoPro Black might have, it has more than enough to give you a great piece of technology without the great price.

Why We Like It
  • 19 inch touchscreen LCD
  • microUSB port
  • microSD slot
  • Dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Photo editing functionalities
  • Quarter-inch tripod thread

9. Sony a7S II 12.2 MP E-mount

Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B


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The Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B 12.2 MP is a sturdy, durable camera with a magnesium alloy body design as well as being an extremely compact camera perfect for the journalist in the field. The full frame 12.2MP Exmore CMOS Sensor allows you to record internal UHD 4K at 30fps and up to 12fps at 1080p. The Sony uses a BIONZ X Image Processor that pairs with the Exmore sensor and allows for expanded sensitivity to ISO409600 and continuous shooting at 5fps.

Your images remain stable using the 5-axis Steady Shot INSIDE Image Stabilisation which compensates for vertical, horizontal, pitch, and yaw as well as roll camera movement so even when using the hand held camera you will get sharp smooth recordings. It offers a Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder with a 2.36-million dots and a Zeiss T anti-reflective coating. It also offers a rear LCD screen which features a design that will support working from both high and low angles.

Connectivity via built-in WiFi and NFC will allow you to pair your camera to your smartphone which can also act as a wireless sharing and remote control. Internal UHD 4K Recording and Full Pixel Readout makes it possible to record movies in multiple frame rates of 30fps, based on a 12.2MP resolution. The ant-reflective coating will also minimize glare and ghosting.

A reliable and feature packed 4K camera which will make your life as a journalist chasing an important story, an adventurer who want to share their adventures with family and friends or the professional who makes their living documenting special days a lot easier. One of the best on the market and the perfect companion for any photographer.

Why We Like It
  • Full frame 12.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor
  • 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization
  • PlayMemories Camera Apps
  • Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder
  • Zeiss T anti-reflective coating
  • Rear 3.0” 1,228,800-dot LCD screen

10. Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder

Canon XC10 4K Professional


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One of the best Canon 4K Video Cameras around the Canon XC10 has a host of incredible features that will allow you professionally film documentaries, events or just use it to record you adventures while traveling or on holiday. The ergonomic design of the camera makes it a perfect hand held device, however you can also opt for mounting the Canon to a tripod should you want extra stabilization. The controls on the Canon are designed to be accessed simply by using your index finger for ultimate one hand control over your camera. Compact form factor is enabled by the Canon 4K’s 1 inch CMOS sensor that has a DIGIC DV 5 image processor.

This will give you fantastic resolution and can capture video up to 2840 x 2160 and photos up to 12MP. The LCD screen is also capacitive-touch sensitive which will allow you to access settings do not necessarily have dedicated buttons. The Canon has a hot shoe that will support Canon speed lights or can work as a cold shoe for LEDs, microphones and other accessories that are bought aftermarket. All photos and video is recorded to SDHC/SDXC memory cards. There is also a CFast cared slot to handle larger 4K video.

To enable you to load your videos and photographs onto a computer, you get a 64GB CFast 2.0 card and a CFast card reader. Having the perfect companion in the form of a reliable, compact and powerful 4K camcorder as a videographer or journalist is priceless. It offers 720p high Framerate recording and is highly portable and very powerful as well as 4K footage. Feature rich with a 10x optical zoom and dedicated focus and zoom rings with both manual and automatic zoom functionality.

Why We Like It
  • DIGIC DV 5 image processor
  • 64GB CFast 2.0 card and a CFast card reader
  • 3” LCD display
  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly portable
  • 720p High Framerate Recording

Buyers Guide Questions


What is 4k Camera Resolution?

4K resolution or UHD (Ultra-High Definition) is an all-encompassing technological term containing multiple sizes of resolutions that offer around 4 times more pixels as compared to the normal HD. And due to this higher breakdown of pixels, you get clearer videos and photos than any other conventional HD cameras. Since 4K outperforms its older relative 1080p by a huge margin in offering a resolution that is 4 times bigger than the 1080 HD, that’s the reason it is termed 4K or 4K Ultra HD.

So far, 4K resolution is the most widely acclaimed type of UHD technology and was introduced in cameras in 2012. 4K resolution results in providing you a more vibrant picture and video quality with genuine colors along with quite higher frame rates. 4Ks horizontal resolution may go beyond 4000 pixels; however, it generally consists of a minimum of 3840×2160 pixels of resolution. Due to that, 4K resolution is considered to be the highest most digital resolution up to date.


Is 4k video Camera Worth It?

Yes, it is definitely worth getting a 4K video camera for various reasons six of which are sharper footage, the ability to stabilize and crop the image in post-production as well as offering perfect pans and zooms and it will allow you to shoot A and B roll shots simultaneously. 4k footage is also good enough to allow you to pull in still frames if you want to. So, in essence, the 4K video camera offers dual functionalities, both video footage and still photographs, great quality with sharper images.

If you expect and want the best possible quality when filming then you need a 4K video camera, both from a post-production and viewing point of view. It is superior in every way to the 1080p video cameras and the 4K video camera will give you much better clarity, quality, and sharpness than your standard 1080p video camera.

Why 4k video Camera?

4K video recording is a popular trend these days and is offered by a number of 4K cameras in the market. All of the 4K cameras we have covered and reviewed in this article offer 4K video resolution with the best possible results. So what specific benefits are there to using a 4K video camera you ask? The primary reasons at set 4K video recording apart.

The first is resolution quality and the other three aspects focus on the way 4K is able to resolve extra fine detail, being able to view your detail even when seated very close to the screen and being able to scale down your footage to regular or 1080p format as well as other formats without losing high detail or high contrast of the original footage especially when being viewed from close up.

Then there are the great post-production features that set the 4K apart from the 1080p. Let us take a closer look at these aspects to give you a clearer understanding of what you are getting with 4K video.


One of the most important and clear differences between your 1080p HD and a 4K video camera is the resolution. Your 1080p is high definition recording. 4K is known as Ultra High Definition (UHD) and consists of 3840 x 2160 pixels while the 1080p only offers 19220 x 1080 pixels. 4K refers to the close to 4000 horizontal pixels that it offers. Your 1080p is designated so due to the 1080 vertical lines that are used to great the high definition resolution associated with the 1080p video cameras.

4K in comparison with the 1080p offers 2160 vertical pixels and this is the difference in the resolution offered by the two different video cameras. Another thing to look at is the aspect ratio. The 16:9 4K video camera offers is about 4x the number of pixels that the 1080p will offer, that is just more than 8 million pixels for 4K as opposed to 2 million for 1080. What does that mean? It means you get four times the picture quality in a 4K camera than what you get in a 1080p camera.

Resolving Detail

The greatest advantage of using 4K technology is that you can reproduce even the most intricate details in a higher contrast fashion. 4K outperforms 1080p in this area due to the larger number of pixels 4K offers in comparison. This is really noticeable when you look at pictures that contain fine detail which could seem slightly blurred or have issues such as moiré if not rendered in Ultra High Definition and viewed up close you will find that the image is not as clear or precise as when using 4K technology.


Closer Viewing

This is an off-shoot of being able to resolve the image detail as images appear crisper and clearer when using 4K technology in comparison with 1080p. You can look a lot closer at the picture or footage without distortion. So sitting really close up to your 4K TV when watching your 4K recording you will find that you get supreme clarity of picture and experience the best benefits of using 4K technology. Again the reason for the higher standard in comparison with 1080p is the pixilation that will occur when using 1080p and is eliminated when using 4K technology.

Scaling Down

Many times you will need to be able to scale down your footage to a lower resolution. Often you will need to scale down to 2K which is high definition from 4K in post. Often times, a recording will need to be scaled down to a lower resolution. In the case of 4K, one may wish to downscale to a 2K high definition output. Tests have shown that when comparing the final video quality of a 4K video which has been downscaled to 2K, the picture is noticeably more detailed than could have resulted from originally creating the recording in 2K. Even with downscaling, the image will still be better than when recording in high definition which is perfect for post-production.

Stabilizing Footage in Post

It is a fact that when you are shooting handheld footage, even using an optically stabilized lens you are no doubt going to see some camera shake. If you are walking it becomes very unstable which is not the best outcome for you. When using 1080p footage which is already soft, you will not be able to use it at all if you have to crop a further 20% which is what Premiere’s “Warp Stabilizer” needs in order to safe footage that is affected by shaking. When you shoot in 4K you have enough pixels to be able to use effects to stabilize your video and not affect your finished product.

Cropping Footage in Post

Having a variety of cropping options is only possible when you have a higher megapixel count. You only get this when using the 4K footage. Most of the 4K cameras will give you options of editing your footage post production by cropping it and recomposing your shot which is something you will not get with a 1080p camera.

Perfect Pans and Zooms

It is nearly impossible to pan smoothly with a standard video camera. It is also almost impossible to get a perfectly smooth zoom with a manual lens. However, if you are shooting with a 4K camera, you can do small pans and zooms without any effort due to the editing features of the camera. Zoom out, film a few seconds and then in post, you can add a pan or a zoom.

The benefit of the extra pixels afforded to you by using 4K will make your movements in the video look better than any footage you could take in the field. In-face thanks to 4K your finished product will be flawless.

Shooting A and B Roll Shoots Simultaneously

This feature is one of the best assets to the professional journalist who performs interviews. Often during when filming interviews, you might have up to 100 cuts and as you need to mask these cuts, you need to jump from camera to camera. When shooting in 4K and then exporting the footage into 1080p you are afforded a lot of room in post to play with and you can get a wide, medium or tight shot to change the look and avoid the “jump shot”.


In other words with a 4K camera you almost get 2 cameras in one. One for the wide shot and the other for the tight shot, both can be accomplished in post using only one 4K camera now.

4K Footage and Still Frames

Using 1080p footage and drawing a still frame from it is not really the best option as the resolution you get is so low. The still frames you can pull from the 1080p camera is not even good enough to use on the web and definitely not good enough to print. Using 4K footage not only will you be able to use the photographs on the web but you can actually print them and have a great looking image.

This is all due to the extra megapixels afforded when using 4K. 1080p used 2 million pixels per single frame and a 4K video has 8.8 million pixels and this makes all the difference when pulling still frames from your footage. The bottom line is that 4K video is revolutionizing the video recording market. It is the future of recording and easily eclipses 1080p by far and not having a 4K camera as a professional videographer or journalist can be a disadvantage in today’s 4K world.

Are 4k Cameras Worth It?

Many photographers will ask this question as 4K is for video recording and how that could ever be useful for still photography. The appeal lies in the fact that you can shoot 24, 25 or 30 eight megapixel images per second and pull out the still that captures the perfect moment. This is a great advantage to any photographer and it is only possible with 4K. Some of the best 4K cameras on the market such as the ones we have reviewed have a dedicated photo mode which will allow you to select the images you wish to save as still photographs.

It also allows you to shoot your footage in better aspect ratio formats than the panoramic format that most video is shot in. Another benefit that you get with some of the best 4K cameras is that they allow you to pre-record and then save the 30 frames prior to and after hitting the shutter button. Shooting video with the intent on pulling stills also allows you to fine tune your settings and technique to allow you to get the best out of it.

Shooting in 4K with a cutting edge 4K camera is the future of photography and getting in on the ground floor with giving you a great advantage. Having a 4K camera now is also “future proof” so if you are looking to buy a new camera today, it would seriously pay you to look at obtaining a 4K camera and we have reviewed a number of them for you to consider.

What 4k Camera Should I Buy?

Choosing the best 4K camera for yourself depends majorly on your own preferences and your needs. Like if you want a 4K camera for professional use that has the ability to shoot cinema level high-quality 4K videos then you would need to go for higher-end cameras as compared to those who do not want it to use it for such high scale and high budgeted projects.

And if you are just one of those people who like to explore new 4K cameras and all the latest technological advancements it has to offer, then what you need is the best simple 4K camcorder/camera or DSLR for normal consumers. These 4K cameras will give you much better results than any regular or conventional DSLRs while not costing you an arm and leg.

However, there is not just a specific thing or feature that ensures the best quality and result but there are a number of things about these 4K cameras that you must chew over before making the final selection. So, let’s dig a little deep into the features offered by 4K cameras.

Processing Power

Make sure the 4K camera that you are selecting has the best processing power and has at least 2 internal processors. Even though almost all of the 4K resolution cameras use pretty strong processors for extracting the videos and photos, yet it’s a good idea to go for one with multiple processors as you will get a much higher speed in such a camera.


Highest Resolution

In general, every 4K camera offers the best resolution for still shot and the highest 4K video resolution. The measurement of video resolution can be done by counting the horizontal and vertical pixels like 3840 x 2610. There are many other smaller recording resolutions available such as 450 x 540 pixels and 1920 x 1080 pixels. So, the resolution is measured as per the horizontal into vertical resolution or the overall megapixels.

Therefore, you can still have the maximum resolution of 4608 x 3456p even if it has a total of 17.0 megapixels. What matters most is the processing speed, so choose the processor wisely and make sure you get the best out of your 4K cameras.

Camera Lens

Since we are talking about 4K cameras here, one of the most important and considerable parts of these cameras is the lens. These 4K cameras usually do not come with any lens included in the package, so while you choose your lens, ensure that it is compatible with a wide variety of 4K cameras. Ensure you use only the best microfibre cleaning cloths to clean lenses with.


Sensor size also matters a lot. The bigger the size of the sensor, the better will be the outcome of your photos and videos. For those of you who don’t know what a sensor size is, it is actually the measurement of the photoreceptor arrays dimensions that result in the creation of pixels for recording and photographing. The bigger and higher-end professional 4K cameras have bigger sensor sizes as compared to the DSLRs that generally have smaller and feeble sensors.

Our advice is to go for the Full frame and micro four-thirds. Other than that, for an even greater quality experience with a much higher resolution, you can go for mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless 4K cameras are not only budget friendly but quite the killers at their job. Moreover, they usually come in pretty compact sizes too, so they are easy to carry as well.

Light Sensitivity

Broader light sensitivity results in the best outcome in poor, dark and variable light conditions. You can check the measurement of light sensitivity in the ISP setting of your cameras. Many DSLRs also offer a wide range of ISO settings that can start at as low as 50 and can go all the way up to 400,000. So, the wider the range the greater the result!

Video Formats

Make sure that your chosen 4K camera is the best and gives you the option for shooting at the maximum possible resolution at above 60 frames a second. Also, try to pick the camera that offers RAW specs, if you can’t find one like this, then other options include the MP4 format, H.264, and ACVHD. A lot of DSLRs won’t be able to exceed 30 fps at 4K resolution, so do ensure 60 fps.

Still Shots for Fast Motion

One of the most outstanding and attractive features that the majority of the 4K video cameras offer is the ability to take still shots while the object is in fast motion. Not only the high-end 4K cameras offer this benefit but even many of the DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras also have this advantage.

The separate frames from the video cameras offer a resolution of around 8.5 MP which is just perfect for taking out a single still photo. That’s why the ability to take still shots come built-in in many of the high-end professional 4K cameras so that you don’t need to depend on the photo shutter speed for clicking the perfect still shots.


Connectivity Modes

Always choose the best 4K camera that offers multiple modes of connectivity. There are a number of connectivity modes these 4K cameras may offer that include HDMI input/output, Wi-Fi, and the usual video and audio input/output. The video is best viewed either on a high def. TV or professional home theatre projector set up, as reviewed here. All of these specs hold a high importance in cameras and must be looked for while picking the right 4K camera for you.

Other Features

Other than the things described above there are a few other modes and features in cameras that also hold quite an importance and should be sought after in your 4K camera. Those features include automatic zoom modes, dual viewfinder controls, image stabilization, editing software that are all featured in your 4K camera by default.


For people with little or no background knowledge regarding 4K cameras and their technology, it can be a really difficult task to choose the one that’s best for them. However, if you are well acquainted with cameras and all their basic information, you’d still need to ponder over a few things before making a decision which you just read above. However, for more guidance, you can check here.

To sum it up, all we can say is that 4K technology has given us all a whole new perspective for shooting still photos and recording videos and this technology is definitely here to make its mark. And before we know it, these 4K cameras will completely take over and replace the ordinary and conventional HD video cameras and DSLRs.