10 Best Princess Toys in 2020

best overall rating
  • Dress up as 4 different princesses
  • Clothes fit sizes 4 to 6x
  • Many accessories
premium choice rating
  • 11 Disney Princesses
  • Movie-inspired dresses
  • Lots of accessories
great value rating
  • Customizable necklaces
  • 150 beads
  • 5 rubber princess pendants with 5 chains

There are so many Disney toys out there, it’s hard to decide what to get for your little one! You may even be buying princess toys for your child or someone else’s child. Should you buy a Belle or a Cinderella? A Tiana or an Ariel? In our guide, we’ve organized everything, giving you the recommended age range, the names of the Disney princesses found in each product, and the price ranges.

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Through our research into toy companies (LEGO, Hasbro, and Wonder Forge to name a few) and our examination of hundreds of customer reviews, we made a list of the 10 hottest princess-themed toys. We’ve got a little of everything in our list of princess gift ideas. Take a look at the princess dolls, games, jewelry, palaces, and other fun princess sets below.

We’ve got a little of everything in our list of princess gift ideas. Take a look at the princess dolls, games, jewelry, palaces, and other fun princess sets below.

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Princess Toys Buyer’s Guide

You’ve seen how we broke down the ten toys above into categories, so now we’ll go into a little more detail on each of them. How old can a child be until they stop enjoying a certain toy? And how old should they be to begin? Which Disney princesses are featured in these sets? And how much are you paying for these toys? Will the child get a lot of entertainment out of them for the price you paid? All these questions will be answered below.

Recommended Age

It may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if a toy is too childish, or too complicated for a certain age group. For example, the Disney Princess Activity Necklace Set was created to be simple for tiny hands, but you wouldn’t give it to a child as young as two years old. For one thing, there are too many tiny parts that could be a hazard. Secondly, little kids don’t have the fine motor skills to string together the beads that come with this set.

The manufacturer recommends the toy for kids three to ten years old, but honestly many ten-year-olds could write the toy off as too immature. Are you not sure if a child is “too old” for that doll? For clues, you can take a look at the other toys they play with. Some ten-year-olds are still comforted by simple dolls like the Disney Princess Toddler Dolls. Others are building huge towers with LEGOs, so a set of standard LEGOs with a princess theme would be great.


If you want to find a baby Disney princess toys, LEGO DUPLO has great Disney toys for toddlers, and their LEGO Juniors line is slightly more complex. All three have some cool Disney princess sets. In the toy reviews above, we’ve always noted what parts of the toys, if any, are choking hazards for young children. Often, the pairs of shoes on the dolls are the smallest pieces, ditto the jewelry that come with some sets.

In some instances, all of the pieces are a hazard. Certain LEGO sets and toys like the Wonder Forge Disney Cupcake Party Game are made up of lots of little pieces that should be kept far away from kids under three.


The official Disney princesses list is always growing. Currently, we have Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Jasmine (Aladdin), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Pocahontas, and Mulan, with recent additions Tiana (The Princess and the Frog), Rapunzel (Tangled), and Merida (Brave). Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Moana, and other characters may become official Disney princesses soon. It’s hard to keep them all straight, but a young Disney fan will correct you if you’re wrong!

If it’s convenient, you can ask the future gift recipient about their favorite Disney movies. It could give you some insight into their favorite characters. (If you’re a proud parent who’s been forced to watch Frozen 1,000 times already, ignore all this.) And if you can’t decide which princess they love most, there are plenty of sets that have several princesses featured. The Wonder Forge Disney Cupcake Party technically has no princesses, but the point is that the buildable plastic cupcakes represent them in some way.


The Townley Girl Disney Peel-Off Nail Polish Set has most of the princesses, with some princesses repeated a couple of times. The only set with all of them is the Hasbro Shimmering Dreams Collection that has eleven princess Disney dolls in one big box. If you only want to buy a select few dolls, the makers of the Disney Princess Belle Toddler Doll have also made several other Disney princess dolls.


Last but not least comes the question of value. We sorted the Disney princess merchandise we’ve talked about into low, mid, and high price ranges. The low price range features little princess toys inexpensive enough that if you buy one you might even want to buy a second or more. The mid-price Disney princess gifts may be satisfying enough that it could be the only present you have to buy, though it won’t hurt your wallet too much if you want to buy another. Last comes the high-priced toys.

For example, the Hasbro Shimmering Dreams Collection Doll is a pretty exceptional—and pricey—gift. A child won’t get bored with eleven dolls in a hurry. And the Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace is technically a mid-priced gift, though you might want to buy a few dolls since they’re sold separately! In the value section on each review, we’ve listed the accessories that come with the toy.

Sometimes it’s little pieces of furniture, or plastic foods, or little castles. Other times, it’s jewelry for your child or classic Disney crowns for the dolls. We did this so you’d get a better idea of what you’re investing in.



Does the child you’re buying for already have a lot of Disney princess dolls? Maybe they’d be overjoyed by something a little different, like the princess nail polish or make-your-own necklace sets we reviewed above. For kids with enough dexterity and patience, there are plenty of princess LEGO toys that can be a fun challenge. Above all, it’s imperative that you know the gift recipient’s favorite Disney princesses. If you’re not this child’s parent or guardian, ask around about their favorite Disney movies.

Give or take, there are about a dozen princesses Disney includes in the franchise. If the child in question has more than one favorite, there are sets like the Hasbro Shimmering Dreams Collection Doll that have every princess you can imagine.  Likewise, the Wonder Forge Disney Cupcake Party Game and the Townley Girl Disney Peel-Off Nail Polish each have several princesses to choose from.

When all is said and done, a pretty princess doll is more than just a toy to a little kid. It can serve as a role model or can be used to express creativity and imagination. Whatever toy you choose, we hope the recipient can have a magical experience!

Expert Tip

LEGO DUPLO sets contain large bricks that help kids up to three years old learn about colors, numbers, and shapes. However, LEGO Juniors toys are for kids up to age seven, followed by the standard LEGO toys for everyone else.

Did you Know

The only Disney Princess with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star is Snow White.