18 Best Power Ranger Toys in 2020

best overall rating
  • 12-inches tall
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Seven point articulation
premium choice rating
  • Four power pads
  • Includes six power coins and seven missiles
  • Includes black, red and Morphin Megazord
great value rating
  • Blue Ranger with Power Lance
  • Black Ranger with Power Axe
  • Unlocks imagination and stimulates creativity

Since 1993 when the Power Rangers stormed onto the scene they were a hit. Whether you love the show from the 1990s or whether you are a new recruit to the Power Rangers from the 2017 movie. These Power Ranger toys are great for die-hard fans. This group of heroes with superpowers is ready to save the world. Transforming into a team when danger appears. The Power Rangers will jump into action when Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd make their appearance.

Kids love to play with these great Power Ranger toys and fans love to collect the toys as memorabilia. We have reviewed figurines, masks, walkie-talkies, and dinozoids. Your little superhero will love any one of the fine selection of Power Ranger toys on our list.

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We have reviewed to top Power Ranger toys available on the market and have compiled a comprehensive list for you to select from.

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Buyer’s Guide

Since 1993 the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have captured the imagination of kids around the world. Their message is clear. Teamwork, personal responsibility, and keeping fit are all important. You need these things to be able to help people in need. Mophinominal adventures ensue with the best of the Power Ranger figures and toys on offer.


With 24 seasons of the iconic show as well as four movies, there a host of toys out there for Power Ranger fans. Although there are differences between the movies and TV show there are some that are very much part of both. Rita Repulsa and Goldar were also in the TV series. Themes and terms may have changed but much has stayed the same.

Kids love to pretend to play and Power Ranger figures allow them to think up new amazing adventures. They can also re-enact scenes from the movie or the TV shoes. Playing with Power Ranger toys stimulates the imagination of kids.

It allows them to use their creativity to make up their own stories. It stimulates improvement of language skills. It also helps with cognitive thinking and dexterity.

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Buyers Guide Questions

Who Makes Power Ranger Toys?

Hasbro has signed a deal to become the new Global licensee for the Power Rangers. This comes after Saban Brands who are the owners of the Power Ranger Television series, ended their agreement with the toymaker Bandai. Fisher-Price Imaginext also makes Power Ranger figurines and toys and we have reviewed some of their best offerings.


Expert Tip

Always ensure that your Power Ranger toy is age appropriate. Smaller figurines are could cause a choking hazard and be played with under supervision.

Did you know?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has aired in more than 40 markets and has produced over 700 episodes to date.