Best PopSocket Cell Phone Holders of 2020

best overall rating
  • Supports your device at just the right angle
  • Easy to reattach and reposition
  • Reusable adhesive
premium choice rating
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Pretty and colorful
  • Reusable adhesive
great value rating
  • Discreet
  • Adhesive is reusable
  • Sticks to almost surface

What is a PopSocket you ask and you won’t be alone in asking that question? It is a gadget that you can attach to your smartphone and use it to help you to maintain your grip on the phone. Whether you are texting, taking a great selfie, taking a photo of your friends or simply want to watch a video use it as a stand. All you have to do is “pop” and expand, hence the word PopSocket. You can have one or even two PopSockets on the back of your mobile device, whether it be an iPad, iPhone or any other smartphone, as well as an e-reader and you, have the perfect grip on your device.

The usefulness of these great little gadgets does not end there. As they will stick to any surface, you can use them on your refrigerator, wall or dashboard as well as on your makeup mirror to hand your jewelry on, in fact, you can use it for any number of functions. You can also just play with your PopSockets, pop and un-pop your gadget endlessly, it can be quite addictive and a great stress reliever.

Excellent to fiddle with and even your kids will love them. You get very cheap PopSockets and they are available for all smart devices. There are many different designs to choose from. Cute ones, animal ones and ones with elegance, or go for a generic black and all of these PopSockets are available on

Here is our Review of the Top 10 Best Popsockets for 2020

Buyers Guide Questions

How do PopSockets Work?

Basically it is designed to attach to the back of any smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPod and the like. It can also attach to most other surfaces was well making it very versatile in its uses. They are designed to improve your grip on your phone by giving you something to latch onto when you hold your phone. It will adhere firmly, but can be removed and reattached on another part of your phone or another surface whenever you want to. It expands or “pops” when you need a grip or stand and will retract if not in use. If you’re looking for a prepaid plan for your phone, why not try a TracFone phone?

What are PopSockets used For?

Wow, there are so many different uses for this great little gadget that we don’t know where to start to answer this question. We will cover the top ten uses of the gadget, however you can use this versatile product for a lot more, in fact your imagination is the only obstacle as to how to use them.

  • Media Stand – They make great stands, pop them to the height you need and away you go. Use it to watch videos, take group photos or even as a bedside alarm.
  • Use while running – runners will love them as running with your phone can lead to accidental damage when it drops but now you grip it firmly and keep it secure even when out on your morning run.
  • Video Calls/Voice Calls – Mount it on your laptop and work as you talk. Being hands-free allows you to work at the same time, or you can use the stand options just by popping the PopSocket.
  • Using near wet surfaces – Keep your phone with you in the bathroom or kitchen without the chance of it getting wet. It is waterproof and will keep your phone out of harm’s way.
  • Media Grip: Designed to be great grips for your phone, hold your phone securely while you take selfies, make calls or text one handed.
  • Earp-bud Management: Wrap your earphones/ earbuds around your two gadgets and keep them tangle free.
  • Grips for larger devices: Holding large devices such as tablets and e-readers is comfortable and easy with PopSockets to latch onto.
  • Use on adventures: You can attach them to your GoPro for better grip even when underwater as they are waterproof.
  • Gaming: Turn your phone/ tablet into a joystick when you attach two at the back.
  • Play with it: It is a great for stress reliever. Beware popping these in and out can be very addictive.

How to Install PopSocket?

Four simple steps and you will have your PopSocket securely attached and ready to go. First install it at room temperature. Second, figure out where you want your PopSocket installed on your phone, tablet or smart device, and how many you want to install. Third you will need to clean the surface area of the device where you want your PopSocket installed. Lastly, you will have to peel off the backing and place it where you want it and press it down firmly for around 12 seconds. Once these simple steps are complete you are good, it is now ready for use.

Do PopSockets Stick to Cases?

They will stick to most cases, however they will not stick to silicone and they are not great to use with waterproof cases either as the adhesive might have trouble adhering itself to these types of cases.

Are PopSockets worth It?

Yes, if you have ever dropped your phone or let it slip from your hand you will know that having something to prevent this is worth every penny.


Sometimes your smart devices are just too big to hold comfortably. Now the PopSocket gives you a grip you can rely on no matter the size of your tablet or smart device. It will attach to most surfaces so you can use it for so much more than just a grip on your phone. Use it underwater with your GoPro as it is waterproof. The advanced adhesive ensures that it will not lose its grip on your phone either.

As you have seen with our reviews this great product comes in various designs and motifs. Show your support for your team, a social media app such as or you can even customise it with your own picture. Use it to manage your ear-buds keeping them neat and secure and right where you need them all the time. All in all the PopSocket is a great little gadget and you will not regret buying one of them.

Top Pick

The Leopard theme of this version is fun and will add to the look of your smart device nicely. Grip your phone as you take the most fantastic selfies that you can, or stretch out to get the whole gang in, and don’t worry about losing your grip. Great fun for kids to play with popping and un-popping it. The fun funky Hawaiian theme makes this our Top Pick.

Premium Choice

Elegant and artistic the Hamsa design on this version will add a sense of style to your phone. Great to use as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. Watch your videos hands-free or use your e-reader as it is propped up to the perfect angle. The adhesive is strong and durable and will adhere to most surfaces including phones and phone covers. Elegant design and great durability of the product makes this our Premium Choice.

Great Value

So you are looking for something that will not stand out too much. You are professional who does not want gaudy colorful designs on your phone or tablet as you work in a professional environment where it is just not acceptable, or you are just a person does not like the over-the-top styles. The Black Expanding Stand and Grip is just the one for you. It offers all the functionality of all the PopSockets but with a little less fanfare. The generic beauty of the Black: Expanding Stand and Grip makes this our Great Value pick.