Top 9 Best Pomades for Thick Hair in 2018

Hair Pomades to Work Thick, Long and Curly Hair Just Fine

Some may think having a head of thick hair is a blessing, but those that actually have it know it can sometimes be more of a burden. Thick hair is notoriously difficult to manage. It’s not uncommon to spend 10 minutes applying a styling product so it looks perfect, only to glimpse in the mirror 30 minutes later to see it looking nothing like it did before. This is why it’s important to choose the right product if you want your style to last all day. Hair pomades are the perfect combination between a wax and a gel, with the firm hold of a wax, that’s easily washed out like a gel. Here are 9 of the best pomades for thick hair.

Hair Pomades For Thick Hair Buying Guide

When it comes to hair pomades for thick hair, there is really no “one-size-fits-all”. People have different kinds of hair and prefer various kinds of hairstyles. Tastes also vary differently. As with most hair care products, the best way to find the hair pomade that is best suited for you is by experimenting with a variety of products. All the nine products that we have reviewed here are different from each other in one way or another.

Hair pomade is advantageous for a number of reasons. These include the following:-

  • They hold really well and also make your hair moist and shiny.
  • Unlike gel, hair that has been styled and shaped with pomade will be flexible the whole day and will not dry our or even stick.  You will be able to comb it at any time.
  • Pomade is really good on stubborn or thick hair. It can help bring out the desired shape or hairstyle no matter how thick the hair is. You are unlikely to get the same effect when using a hair spray or even a desiccating gel.
  • Thanks to the Vaseline used in hair pomade, it offers nourishment to a scalp that is sensitive. It can help with brittle or dry scalp and helps get rid of dandruffs or scalp itching.
  • Provides excellent protection of the hair from a host of environmental factors including sunlight. It will also keep your hair moist the whole day, even in a sunny weather. You will feel like you have just washed or moistened your hair.
  • Because a host of vegetable oils are also added to most pomades, they offer extra care and nourishment to the hair. Your hair will look quite healthy and stay soft.

Read and check out if there is one that you could go with. And if you are the perfectionist who is looking for the absolute best hair pomades for thick hair, you can as well as experiment with the entire collection over the next few months.  We are not giving you a comprehensive guide on how to select that absolute precise hair pomade that is right for your hair but an indication on some of the things that you will need to look for when shopping for one. This is not definitive but will, hopefully, help you in making the right choice. Here is a look at some of the considerations that you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best hair pomades for thick hair:-

The length of hair: There are certain hair pomades for thick hair that will have a strong hold on your hair while others have a low hold or even medium hold. Low hold pomades are suited for shorter hair but if you have longer hair, choose pomades with a medium or stronger hold.

Type of your hair:- Hair is as varied as humanity itself ranging from the kinky to curly, wavy or straight hair. The type of hair will have a direct impact on the hair style you will choose and it is important to ensure you have a hair pomade product that is uniquely suited for your hair type or texture.

Hair style: Again, there are potentially hundreds or thousands of hairstyles to choose from. There is anything from slickback to quaff among others. So which one would you like to rock? It goes without saying that the hair pomade you will buy will depend directly on your preferred hairstyle.

What is hair pomade?

Unfortunately, due to the presence of so many hair products in the market today, many people, particularly the younger generation do not know what hair pomade is. It is simply a type of gel that was most probably used by your grandparents or great grandparents, if you are a millennial, or by your parents and grandparents, if you are in your 40s or 50s. Its primary function is to shape hair nicely and also add a nice shine to it. Mostly, hair pomade for thick hair is made mainly from Vaseline but it can also include other ingredients like coconut oil or even aloe vera.  Other products commonly used in pomade include beeswax. The use of microcrystalline wax in pomade improves its consistency making pomade-style hair stiffer.

Why Should I Use Hair Pomades for Thick Hair Instead of the Common Hair Gels in the Market?

Hair gels are commonly used today in styling and shaping thick hair but the main disadvantage that they have is that they dry out quickly. On the other hand, hair pomade will not dry out. It remains there until you wash it out and it will require several washes before you completely get rid of it from hour hair. There are specialty shampoos that you will use for this purpose.

Trivia: Before the advent of the gels in hair shaping and styling, hair pomade was the leading hair styling product in the decades from the 20s to the 50s. They were used by the great stars of the time including leading Hollywood stars. For some reasons, perhaps due to their advantages or out of nostalgia, hair pomade has been seeing a kind of revival with many people preferring them to the modern styling products. Apart from the fact that it is really good at styling and shaping your hair and makes your hair really shine, it will also prevent the dryness in the hair and will prevent the split ends on your hair.

How Often Should I Use Hair Pomade?

If you are just starting out, you can use the hair pomades for thick hair at least once or twice a day. However, if you have achieved the desired shade for your hair, you can resort to using them twice or thrice every week. This will help in maintaining the colour of new hair growth.

What hairstyles are best suited for hair pomade use?

Generally, hair pomades for thick hair can be used on all long and medium-length hair styles. If you want to have some of the hairstyles of the 20s to 50s, then you will best achieve these with pomade for thick hair. This is the case, for example, if you are looking to create a smooth and lustrous hair style. There are certain modern and fashionable hairstyles that are not easily shaped with a gel. For these, you will also need hair pomade. Pomade is also the best choice if you want to tame and shape very thick hair. The hair pomades we have reviewed, for example, are really perfect for thick hair. You can also use them for taming very stubborn hair to a desired hairstyle.

Although pomades are ideally suited for thick hair, you can also use them for styling normal hair; for thin hair such as when you are looking for that neat look; or simply for stubborn or “confused” hair. If you have wavy hair, you can also use pomade to create a smooth hairstyle.

So hopefully one of these hair pomades for thick hair will see an end to your days of untamed hair that refuses to stay put, and you can enjoy a hair style that lasts all day.

Find out the best way to use Hair Pomade from Robin James’s YouTube video below.