Top 9 Best Pokemon GO Battery Packs to Keep Your Catching

Play Pokémon Go For Longer With Our Pick Of The Best Battery Packs

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, and people worldwide are becoming official Pokémon trainers and making like Ash and Misty to catch as many Pokémon as possible. Because you are unlikely to catch anything more than a Metapod in your backyard, you are going to need to venture out into the great outdoors to find that highly sought after Vaporeon. After all, the ultimate goal is to ‘catch them all’.

A common problem facing all Pokémon hunters is the small battery life of the “Poké Ball carrier” – the phone. You can be out and about searching for Charmander and you find yourself at a Pokéstop. You are just about to stock up on balls and potions and other completely necessary items when your phone goes flat.

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Luckily for you, scientists have invented a portable charger that you can carry around with you – the battery pack. They range from being the size of a credit card, to ones larger than your phone, depending on charging power. Simply pre-charge them at home, store them in your Pokébag (or backpack) and when your phone starts going flat, simply hook it up and you will get another few hours of quality Jigglypuff hunting. They are a must have for the serious Pokémon Go user, and below is an overview of the best portable battery packs on the market that every Pokémon Go trainer will deeply cherish.

It is pretty obvious why Pokémon GO is such a battery hog. The app utilizes many of the top power users on your device such as the camera, radio, graphics processors as well as the watch’s GPS. You also need a very bright screen that will help you see the outdoors more clearly and catch the little monsters. That means faster charge depletion.

Based on an experiment on Pokémon GO battery usage carried out by CNET, it was determined that the app utilizes 15% of battery charge within 30 minutes on an iPhone 6s. That does not compare very favorably with the 5% battery usage for Facebook or 0% for Sportify within the same time-frame. On some devices tab, it could even consume more! That means you will be enjoying your Pokémon for just over 3 hours before you phone goes off. Why ruin the experience?

The good Pokémon waits for no man, and until scientists find a way to let us charge our phones using trees and the atmosphere, you will be needing some sort of portable battery pack for your phone. These Pokémon GO battery chargers will charge virtually any smartphone out there and allow you to play for hours.

We have looked at factors such as the battery pack capacity, the speed of charging, design, portability as well as compatibility with multiple devices. We have also looked at price points and given you a list of reliable power packs that are still fairly affordable. We hope that you won’t have your batteries to blame next time you fail to catch Vaporeon.