The 10 Best Play Kitchens

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  • Contains a number of appliances
  • Storage space for accessories
  • Sturdy construction
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  • Includes 78 accessories
  • Interactive lights and sounds
  • Strong and durable
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  • Strong and durable construction
  • Includes a 25-piece accessory set
  • Realistic sounds and lights on appliances

Finding the perfect play toy for your child can be difficult. The best toys are educational as well as being fun. The play kitchens incorporate both of these aspects brilliantly. Top toy kitchens stimulate your child’s imagination. They allow them to explore their creativity. We take a look at some of the top toy kitchens on the market. We look at the materials they are constructed from. What is included and how interactive and realistic they are.

Size is also an important aspect when considering which toy kitchen is perfect for your child. Interactive sounds and lights and functioning doors are all aspects that add to the value of a top toy kitchen. We have taken a lot of time researching a number of different products. And after all this research we have constructed a top ten list of best toy kitchens on the market.

The wonderfully creative and stimulating world of role play is embodied in play toy kitchens. The best of these toys will bring joy to your child’s life for many years, so let’s have a look at the top ten play kitchens on offer today.

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What to Look for When Buying a Play Kitchen

Children learn through play and toy chef kitchens are one of the best educational toys you can get. Play kitchens will stimulate your child’s imagination. Play kitchens will also help to hone their fine motor skills. Improves their language skills. They also help with writing skills as most include some sort of chalkboard or writing pad. They can use this to list what they still need or note what they are cooking. Toy kitchens are perfect for pretend and imaginative play.

This that holds a number of benefits. These include developing their social, emotional, cognitive and even academic skills. Not only that but they are also one of the toys that offer a longevity that most toys do not offer.


Language Development

Pretend play is one of the best ways to develop your child’s language skills. It encourages them to express themselves and their ideas as they play this improves their vocabulary. When engaging in role-playing and pretend play with their siblings or friends, they also learn listening skills and social communication skills. They will learn even more with one of these amazing walkie-talkie devices for kids. When kids pretend play they are creating their own unique world and they learn to share this world by use of language.

They are telling a story and sharing it with others, this is a great way to develop their language skills. Your child will also learn to express themselves when pretend playing. They will express what they like and what they dislike about the story that they or their friends are telling.


When your child enters their play chef kitchen and dons their chef’s hat they enter an imaginary world that is fuelled by their own creativity. They create a wonderful world for themselves, inventing scenarios and playing out different stories, from basic mom cooking dinner to pretending to be the presenter of a cooking show. This type of play stimulates their imagination and allows them to express themselves creatively.

Social Skills

Social skills are important, learning to share their ideas and thoughts with friends or siblings is vital to your child’s development. Play kitchens teach your child to share with others, it allows for the development of teamwork and cooperation. It will also teach them that they will not always be the chef, but sometimes they will be the helper or supporter. These types of skills will stand them in good stead for their future schooling and life in general.

Organizational Skills

Toy kitchens are perfect to teach your child to organize their environment. Arranging their chef kitchen. Packing away their foods, placing their utensils in the optimal place for themselves. They generally take charge of their environment. These are just some of the ways that play toy kitchens help to develop your child’s organizational skills. This also helps to develop their independence. They know what they want, what they like and learn to organize their space according to that.


To get these great benefits out of your play kitchen you need to select the best one that offers your child the ability to explore and learn. There are a few things you need to consider when you select your toy kitchen. These include the type of material used, the size of the toy kitchen compared with the space you have available and of course the budget you are working with.


Play kitchens are available in a number of different sizes. These range from the very large to the small basic play kitchen for those with limited space. The basic small or starter chef kitchens for your toddler are simply smaller versions of the larger kitchen. They do however not the longevity or durability of the larger play kitchens have. The standard size kitchens are perfect if you are looking for a toy that is going to last your kid many years. You can even enable them to hand it down to the next generation.

If you are working with limited space, you can consider a corner kitchen that is designed to take up little space. They tuck away nicely in the corner of the playroom. We have reviewed a number of corner kitchens for you to consider. These include KidKraft Ultimate Corner Set. If space is not a problem then you can consider getting one of the larger kids play kitchens such as the Step2 Grand Walk-in.


The type of material used to construct toy kitchens varies considerably. Some are made from wood or high-quality wood products. These tend to be more durable than the play toy kitchens made from plastic. Wooden toy kitchens are very popular due to their longevity and are suitable for even the older child to play with. Plastic kitchens, on the other hand, have the advantage of being easy to clean. They are generally smaller than wooden kitchens which make them perfect for those with limited space.



Not all toy kitchens come with accessories. Some, like the Step2 Elegant Edge and the Step2 Grand Walk-in, comes with a number of accessories. These include pots, pans, utensils and play food products. Having a play kitchen set that comes with accessories may cost a little more. The upside is it will save you in the long run. You will not have to go out and buy these accessories added to the purchase of your toy kitchen.

Can you get a play kitchen with Sounds and Lights?


Yes, there is a lot of play kitchen’s include interactive sounds and lights. These include cooking sounds from the stovetops, popping sounds from popcorn makers and even sounds of water running from faucets. Most of your toy kitchens will offer doors that make clicking noises when opened or closed. There are some of the top play kitchens that include lights in the refrigerators as well as on the stove tops and ovens. The lights on the stovetop reflect the heat that is found when they are turned on.

This makes these play kitchens very realistic and adds to the fun of role-playing that plays kitchens foster. In our toy kitchen reviews, we have listed a number of both wooden and plastic toy kitchens that incorporate lights and sounds that enhance the fun of playing with them.


Play kitchens are great for your child’s development on a number of different levels. The top play kitchens have interactive features with doors that open and close. They sometimes include sounds and lights as well. Play kitchens stimulate your child’s imagination. It gives them the ability to explore their creativity as well. Not only that, they also allow your child to develop their motor skills. Improves social skills and language skills.

Having a toy kitchen also teaches them to organize and take responsibility for the arranging of their chef kitchen. Play kitchens are also toys that have a longer lifespan than most other toys. Kids loving to make belief preparing meals or baking for many years and even your older child will enjoy the make-believe world of toy kitchens. Interactive and realistic play kitchens instill a wonder in your child.

This will stimulate their imaginations allowing them to role-play. They could pretend to present a cooking show like Jamie Oliver or simply be mom or dad and prepare the family meal. A great interactive educational toy that offers longevity and value for money.

Expert Tip

When purchasing a toy for Christmas or Birthday gifts, always remember that these toys require some assembly. It may be best to assemble it and keep it covered the day before for a great reveal on the day itself.

Did you Know

The toy kitchen gained popularity in the 1950’s. Retailers used it to idealize the kitchen as the world of the housewife who was a great cook and caretaker of their family. However, times have changed and associating a toy kitchen with females or young girls is now frowned upon.