10 Best Play-Doh Sets

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Play-Doh is fantastic for young children. The moldable compound has been around for over 60 years and kept generations of children entertained and helped to stimulate many imaginations across the world. It is flexible and reusable, and there are now many kits available on the market to help kids in a variety of ways when they are playing with the compound.

It can be daunting looking at the sheer amount of products out there, but the most important thing to consider is the wants and needs of the child. Kits can be themed around various interests as well as provide certain types of educational value. Consider the child you are buying for and go from there. For more gift ideas for toddlers, we have reviewed the best gifts for 3 year old girls as well as some great gift ideas for 3 year old boys.

We consulted bloggers, experts, and customer reviews to bring you this list of the top ten Play-Doh sets for kids, currently on the market. We have also compiled a short guide on factors to think about before you go ahead and buy.

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Buyer’s Guide

Buying a Play-Doh set for children is fairly easy with the wide variety available. Officially branded products will always be better than the knock-off products due to the more than 60 years of research and development that has gone into Play-Doh products. Play dough is toxin free, and unless your child has wheat gluten allergies it is also free of most allergens.


All you need to check in terms of safety is that the accessories are made of safe plastic and are specifically designed for use with Play-Doh. This will also ensure it is easier to clean. Other than that, here are some other questions you should be asking before you commit to buying a kit.

What is the Educational Value?

The play-doh sets for kids do not always have to have educational value – but it really helps. The inbuilt creativity of Play dough toddler toys makes them excellent products for enhancing a child’s understanding of the world around them. From the basics of cooking and dentistry to phonetics and even mathematics, there are kits out there for a variety of educational scenarios.

If the child is scared of the dentist of the doctor, kits in these themes are also a great way to get them acquainted with what these professionals do and cutting down on the fear factor.  Likewise, the cooking sets give them an idea of how certain machines in the kitchen might work, and the importance of keeping them clean and using them safely.

Think about the child’s educational needs, and then see if you can find an appropriate set. This will also help you keep the gift ideas age appropriate.

Does the kit Appeal to the Child’s Interests?

Aside from the educational value to the child, you really should also look into the entertainment value. Does the kid like to watch you cook? Then one of the many cooking sets will be a perfect way to include them in this activity and help them explore their interests. There are also themed kits – like the My Little Pony kit on this list – that help kids create a variety of characters and props that can enhance their love for a particular TV show, game or another cultural item.

If you are struggling to find the right toddler toy kid for their interests, consider how well some of the bumper kits will help them make their own creations to fit their interests. They all come with great accessories and the open ended nature of these kits make them very customizable.


Does It Encourage Creativity?

The more open ended a kit, the more freedom the child has to make their own creations however they want to. Nevertheless, for younger children, the themed kits can be a great way to use their interests to stimulate their imagination and start thinking about creativity through pretend play. The themed kits also have their own accessories that can encourage other styles of the model, but these are generally designed to fit in well with them.

If the child is younger, definitely get one of the themed kits to help them to start thinking creatively – but if they’re older it might be worth getting one of the bumper kits to give them full freedom.

How much is Play-Doh Compound Actually Included?

You want to make sure you have enough Play-Doh compound included in the kit so the child can play with it for a few hours without running out and without having to destroy one model just so they can make another. Most of the themed kits come with smaller three ounce pots, but this is usually an adequate amount to use the themed kit.

They likely will not, however, be adequate for use with other kits at the same time. For the bumper kits, check that they come with the five ounce pots so the child is not restricted when using the open ended style of these kits.

Are the Accessories Varied?

This also depends on what kind of kit you buy. The more accessories – and the bigger variety between these accessories – the better. In themed kits, the accessories will likely be related to whatever the theme is – shaped molds, rollers, and stamps.

For the bumper kits, you want to make sure it has a variety of mold, stamp and cutter shapes and potentially also consider getting a variety of rollers and squeezers.


Once you know the wants and needs of the child you are buying for, getting the perfect Play-Doh set for children is easy. There is such a wide range of kits out there that there will always be something for everyone. When in doubt, buy one of the bumper sets that will give kids ultimate freedom over their corrections.


As always, try to go with officially licensed products to ensure they are safe and of the best quality possible. Play dough is a great inexpensive toddler baby toys for inspiring girls imaginations through pretend play, and once you have found the right kit it will be sure to keep them entertained for hours on end. Read more about how Play-Doh can help support early childhood skill development.

Expert Tip

Sick of replacing dried Play-Doh toddler toys? You can reinvigorate it by wrapping it in a damp cloth and placing it back in the pot – after some time the moisture will return and it can be used again.