Where is the Best Place to put a PopSocket?

This is completely up to you. It depends on how you like to hold your phone and what is the most comfortable for you. Some people like to have their PopSocket placed high up on their phone and some like it a little lower on the phone, it will depend on how you like to hold your smartphone. It will also depend on the size of your phone or tablet that you are using, and the weight of the smart device you are using. It will also depend on what you are using your smartphone or tablet.

PopSocket Selfies

Taking selfies you would usually put your PopSocket lower down on your phone to be able to stretch further to the get right angle for your shot. The same goes for it you are taking group photos with your smartphone. You need to grip your phone without getting your fingers in the way of the lens to get the perfect shot.

For a video chat you might want to place your smartphone down on a flat surface and not hold in in your hand. This is where the PopSocket comes into its own. Pop it out and use it as a stand. When you place your PopSocket on your phone for this purpose, you will usually place it close to the bottom edge to get your phone to stand at a more upright angle.

How To Grip and Hold

Then you might be a person who loves to text or Whatsapping. You would normally grip your phone at the top to allow free use of your thumb for typing. If this is what you use your smartphone for then placing the PopSocket at the top of the phone is the ideal position. Grip it with your fingers and type with your thumb effortlessly.

If you are looking to use your PopSockets as media stands, then you will probably need more than one PopSockets and spread out across your phone, one at the top and one at the bottom to give the best support to your tablet as it rests comfortably. It is best to put the PopSocket closer to the edge to get the best angle for you to be able to read or watch videos hands-free.

Benefits of a PopSocket

Another benefit from using two PopSockets placed on either side of your phone is that you are afforded great ear-bud management. Take your ear-bud and wrap it between the two PopSockets to keep it neat and tidy and prevent tangling.

When using a large tablet, iPhone or other larger smart device, you can put your PopSocket in the middle of the device so that you get the grip you need as well as a large enough area to place your full palm on the back for added support.

Ultimately where you place your PopSocket will depend on what is comfortable for you, but if you find you have placed it in a way that turns out to be uncomfortable, do not worry as you can move your PopSocket around until you do find the most comfortable position for you.