16 Best PJ Masks Toys in 2020

best overall rating
  • Includes 3” Catboy poseable figure and his Cat Car
  • Collect all three hero figures and vehicles
  • Room for all three team members
premium choice rating
  • Recommended age 3+
  • Size - 6.5 x 19 x 24 inches and 11 pounds in weight
  • Includes one 3” Catboy and Cat Car model
great value rating
  • Suitable for age 3+
  • Size - 1.5 x 8 x 10.5 inches
  • 72 colorful and heavy-duty tiles

Currently, in its second season as a children’s animated series, PJ Masks has become a huge success with young viewers worldwide. With new episodes of the show starting in January of 2020, it was not surprise that interest in the three heroes grew. PJ Masks toys were designed and produced to enhance the experience of budding young heroes. ‘Time to be a Hero’ is a cry that every child can embrace and enjoy.

Now, several manufacturers added PJ Masks products that include everything from action figures to dress up sets and even furniture. The variety of choices continues to grow which means parents and children alike are sure to find something that will match their PJ Masks passions.

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From all of the options available to consumers, the sixteen items reviewed here give an excellent overview of what products are available for purchase.

View the Best Pj Masks Toys, Below.

Buyer’s Guide

Age Range

In keeping with the plot and age of the characters, PJ Masks makes the most sense for children ages 3 to 6. There are products which do expand that range like plush figures, memory games, bath toys and costumes which can be safely enjoyed by younger and older fans.

However, the chunky size and design of the toys target those who have not mastered the small motor skills needed for smaller and more intricate figures. See product information for manufacturer’s recommendation. Kids of this age may also enjoy these Pokemon toys.



Support for parents as well as activities for children is available on PJ Masks website at www.pjmasks.com. Young children can meet the main characters, play games, and watch videos. Children can also download directions for simple PJ Masks themed crafts. Kids that like to play games might also love these top-rated Minecraft toy gifts.

A companion site for Parents is accessible from the kids’ site and offers more detailed information about the characters, activities, and products available.

Game and Activity Apps

Several PJ Masks themed game and learning apps are available for newer Android and Apple devices through Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon Appstore. Descriptions for each app is available on the PJ Masks Grownup site at http://pjmasks.com/grown-ups/apps.

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Buyers Guide Questions

What are PJ Masks toys?

PJ Masks is an animated video series that is now in its second season. The second season began in January 2020 and is slated to include 52 eleven minute videos. PJ Masks toys are those toys designed and produced to complement the experience of watching the animated series.


Who makes PJ Masks Toys?

PJ Masks toys are made by companies that have obtained permission or the rights to do so from the PJ Masks franchise. The toys are based on the Disney Junior series that was first released in late 2016.

Lovers of this franchise may also enjoy the Calico Critters toys.

What are the PJ Masks Characters Names?

The PJ Masks storyline has six main characters. The three good guys are Cat Boy, Owlette and Gekko. The troublemakers are Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja.\

Expert Tip

Parents can sign up for newsletters and special offers by going to the PJ Masks website (www.pjmasks.com) The menu for these items can be reached by clicking on the Grownup button in the upper right corner of the site.

Did you know?

PJ Masks is based on the French children’s book Les Pyjamasques which roughly translates to PJ Masks.